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My Own Memory

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In the classroom and in the bathroom really stirred up some memories for me. I am 24 now, but this is as clear as the day it happened.


I remember feeling horny since I was 13. This was definitely a need to 'do' something if that doesn't sound too vague, rather than just feeling antsy.

I used to masturbate in bed at night, but never got the big 'O', although I got pretty close to it.

One morning, when I was 16, I remember waking up real early and that I was very wet. I showered, and got dressed for school. I got as far as bra and shirt, but then I remember quite clearly stopping. I ran through the time table for the day and then I took my shirt off and removed my bra. The shirt and tie went back on and then again, I stopped and looked at the panties I had chosen for the day. Then, like the bra, I ignored them, put my skirt on, some socks and my shoes and headed out the door.

I felt alive on every inch of my body as I walked to school knowing I was naked under my skirt. In fact, I was almost dizzy with excitement. All through the first class, I reminded myself that my pussy was right there, under my skirt with nothing covering her. In the next lesson, I made sure that as I sat down, my bare ass was on the chair. That was a total rush! I let my legs spread a little, then further. I wafted my skirt a little and I could smell my own arousal. (I hadn't really thought about the scent... and for a moment it freaked me out.) I was sitting next to my closest friend and she scribbled onto her pad...'You need to do something about that!' and she wrinkled her nose. I scribbled back...'What? You think I should take a shower?' She scribbled 'Hell, no. You need a good wank!'

The first lesson after lunch was in a lecture theatre type of room. The room takes eight classes at once and the seating is tiered. I sat myself down on the fourth row and realised that my pussy was just at head height for the visiting lecturer. For most of the hour, I tried to decide whether to flash him then I thought fuck it.. DO it. And so I let my legs drift apart as I shifted in my seat. At one point I was slouched down with my knees wide and he was staring straight up my skirt. WHAT a rush THAT was!

By now, of course, I was so horny, my clit was almost aching. When the bell went, I went to the bathroom and almost tore my skirt off. I pinched my nipples hard through my shirt. (From that moment on, I have always enjoyed a little pain.) I was jilling like crazy. I heard the next cubicle door open and shut and someone fiddling with clothing. Like the girl in the other story, I took a quick peek under the partition and saw a pair of ankles and a pair of blue panties around them. The crotch was really wet. I heard the girl pee and went back to my rubbing. I was just about as close as I usually get when I realised that the girl next door hadn't flushed or left. Then I heard a faint but unmistakable 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and I knew she had just cummed. That sent me over big time. The convulsions were totally wild and for a moment, I really thought I was going to pee myself. But instead, I got my first 'O' standing up.

Since then I learned that orgasms feel different if I am standing or lying down. (I also learned that sometimes, they CAN be strong enough to make me pee, but I also know that sometimes, even that can be sexy)

I told my best friend all about it after school that day. She laughed at me and said that she had been jilling off in school, and even in class since she was 14!

Over the next few weeks she showed me how she does it. A carefully placed ruler or pencil sometimes, other times she puts an eraser on a chair and kinda rocks around on it. One time, hell, she just stuck her hand up her skirt and even flipped it up so I could see her hand in her panties. DAMN that was horny.

Over the weeks we progressed until she would jill me off and I would jill her. We didn't consider ourselves lesbians, but I must admit that after school, we would sometimes go to her house and get naked and fool around together and it got pretty intense.

Since then, I love masturbating in public and yes, I have made sure from time to time that people can see me. My boyfriend and I do stuff in public places too. Stuff that isn't for this site, but you can guess. I have to say though, that for me, jilling off on my own in public or with my friend is the best though.



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