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My Own Cousin!

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My body did this to my own cousin.


Back when I was 16 my cousin came over to our house for the day. He was a year younger than me and was my dad's brother's son. He was thin and very handsome. He and I got along great. We sat around talking and listening to music. It was late morning and I then asked him if he was ready to hit the pool. We had a large swimming pool in our back yard and he had come over with his swim trunks on under his pants. He said he was ready.

I ran to my room to change into a bikini and I went through what I had and for some reason I picked the smallest skimpiest one I had and put it on. I wrapped a beach towel around me and headed out. I got out to the pool and saw my cousin wearing a small white colored tights. I glanced down and could see the bulge between his legs and in my imaginative young girl mind I pictured his soft penis wrapped around his ball sack. I then unwrapped the towel from around my body. I looked over at him and found him starring at me with him mouth open. I then went over to the pool side and splashed my foot in it testing it. I then decited that I better first put on some sun tan lotion.

I went over and sat on a cot and put it on my arms, face, belly and front of my legs. I then called Mike over (my cousin's name) and asked him if he would put some on my back and back of my legs. He said sure and came over. I layed down on my stomach and he went to spreading it on me starting with my legs. When he got to my back and shoulders he was standing right next to my head. I opened my eyes a little and what a sight! In those tights was no longer a soft penis wrapped up with a ball sack. It was now a big ragging hard cock! And in the little white swim tights he might as well not even had them on. It looked enormous to me. I had never seen an erect penis in person and I was amazed at its size. I then opened my eyes all the way looking at it and I said to Mike 'Oh my god Mike. Did I do that to you'? He looked at me and then down to where I was looking and he quickly turned around away from me apologizing to me. He turned his head to me and was all red. I told him to please stop the apologizing and that I was a bit flattered that I could do this to him. I then told him that I had never seen an erect penis in person and told him I wanted to see it and feel it. He could hardly believe what he was hearing and coming form his own cousin really got him. But he was just as excited at the prospect of having a girl look at his 'privates' as I was in looking at them. So he said OK.

We went back to the house to my bedroom. When we got there he asked if he could see me there too. I answered that was fair. So we turned from each other adn removed our bottoms. We then slowly turned around to face each other. His eyes were glued to my pussy and mine to his enormous cock. It was pointing up and I could see it throb with each heart beat. He then asked if I would also take off the top. I took it off also. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. We walked up to each other and I touched his cock and at my touch he gaspped. I proceeded to explore it all over as well as his sack. He put his right hand down to my pussy and started running his middle finger along the slip. His left hand went up to my tits feeling them. I then wrapped my hand around his cock and started stroking it. I knew about boys jerking off as girls often talked about this amoung ourselves. I gently stroked it awhile and Mike went to breathing hard and making the aaahhh sounds and went to bucking his hips. About that time he treated me to the sight of seeing a boy 'cumming off' as we girls referred to it. I was looking down and saw the whole thing. It was fantastic! Squirt after squirt of im cum shot out hitting me on my belly and thigh. I was seeing a boys cum for the first time. When he came down from the orgasm I reached down to touch his cum and feel it. It was so slick and slimmy feeling.

I wiped myself off with my towel and laid down directing Mike's fingers on my pussy as I was so excited and about to get off myself. it didn't take long and I treated Mike to his first seeing a girl 'cumming off'. He told me afterwards 'that was beautiful'. He was still hard as a rock and wanted me to touch him again but it was time for mom to get home so we quickly got our clothes back on. On later visits we would always find a place to get alone and get each other off. As we grew older we got our own boyfriends and girlfriends and this finally ended. When we get together over the years we always smile at each other and wink at each other remembering this wonderful time in our lives. I've often wondered what it would be to do this one more time just for old time sake. My body still gets that look from him as it did back at 16 years old and I will always try to ware shorts or a short dress when we are going to something that I know he'll be there as it was the rubbing on that lotion on my legs back then that got him so excited.



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