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My Orgasm

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this is a story of one of my playful night that ended up being my best orgasm ever


That night was a nice spring night, a night after a warm day where the air is nice and cool and feels good. I was laying on my bed watching a little bit of tv in a tee shirt and a pair of loose shorts that very silky like and smooth. for some reason I began to get aroused and turned on.
I slowly slid my hand down on top of my shorts and began to lightly rub the bulge. I ran my fingers all around the contour of my stiff penis and spent a short time lightly grasping my testicles. I tickled every inch of my shaft searching for the sensitive spot and focusing on that. I could feel my heart beat increase in pace and strength and I could sense that I was breathing heavier. I could not take the teasing anymore, I was squirming in anticipation, I slid my hand onto my belly and slid it under my shorts, I could not feel the stiff penis begging to be let free through my tight underwear.
with both hands I slid off my shorts leaving my penis throbbing under my underwear. now I wanted to feel up my shaft so bad, I slid one hand under my underwear and started slowly stroking as my other hand removed the last piece of clothing. I felt very relaxed as the cool air chilled my heating up body. I looked down with a gaze at my erect cock as my hand ever so slowly moved up and down. on every stroke up I ran a few fingers through my short curly brown pubic hair, it actually felt nice since I just took a shower and it was the first time I shampoed my pubic hair.
by now I had a drop of pre-cum seeping out of the lips of the penis and I watched as it landed on my stomach. it was clear and slippery. I took a little bit on my finger and spreaded it over my cocks head. now after each sensation I was lightly moaning and enjoying every second. next I stopped stroking and just sat there. I began to purposely make my penis as hard as I could and then relax. doing this felt very good, I then started doing it quicker and quicker. that is when it felt like I was going to cum right there but my penis just kept twitching. it felt like and orgasm but not as strong, then I found out I could do it over and over. after about an hour on small orgasms I had let my cock cum.
I stroked it slowly again, when the feelings in my penis got more intense the slower my strokes went. I now could feel the semen inside of me move around as my dick started to ache, but it did not hurt it was an ache of pleasure. I could tell my cock was preparing itself for the cum that had been building up inside. I wanted this to last forever, so I stroked very slowly to make sure that I would not let myself cum just yet. I was enjoying this so much I had closed my eyes and my head was tilted back.
after a few minutes my cock decided it was time, no matter how slowly I was pleasuring myself my penis kept getting harder and harder. I could feel all the semen move toward the end, the pleasure was so great I had my back arched and my legs were twitching. then it happened I felt my penis get very very stiff, I closed my eyes tightly and moaned loudly as my began ti also twitch and I felt the semen squirt out and land on my chest. after about seven good streams I opened my eyes and saw pure white cum all over me. I was shocked because this was the first time I saw my cum in this white color, usually it was a clearish color.
I felt so good after what was my best orgasm I had ever had I did not care about cleaning up and I just fell asleep with my chest and stomach covered in my cum.
i hope that you got very hot reading about my playfulness and want to experience the same thing, I know I want to be able to have a orgasm like that again some time ;)



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