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My One Time With Sheri

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For my first 15 and a 1/2 years I lived on a dairy farm in the midwest. Not many kids on our road but like Mike in my linked story Sheri was a great friend, living two miles down the road toward town. We'd known each other since we were tots. Since there weren't any other girls close by she had no choice but to play with other boys and would rough and tumble with us, a real tomboy. Short hair, jeans, t-shirts, no problem getting muddy, great at baseball, football, etc.

When she started to mature she kind of backed off playing with us and let her hair grow and wore dresses to school more often. Her breasts swelled nicely for her short stature and I remember when I noticed she started wearing bras, making them stand up and out. When at home she still wore t-shirts and jeans, in the summer just short shorts (daisy dukes) and tank tops, braless, or a bikini top.

I started to mature at about the same time and wondered at her changes. I noticed how her nipples poked at her shirt, how she started shaving her legs and armpits, and seeing glimpses of her panties when she bent over as her shorts barely covered her butt. It fueled my imagination as to what she looked like naked when I'd jo at night. But I never thought to ask for a peek, we were too much like siblings and cousins. The most we'd ever done was show each other our pubes. She asked me once if I had any hair 'down there' so I pushed my pants and briefs down far enough so she could see it and she did the same for me. Fairly tame but gave me an instant boner. Other than that and her seeing me in my briefs once, we never had any kind of sexual play.

Enough for the setup and on to the good stuff.

To make some spending cash for my vacation with my family I got jobs around Sheri's farm, the last being painting their small stable. I figured on one day but it took two. To make it worse there was a heatwave and the midwest humidity was close to unbearable. The first day, I started just after my chores at home and knocked off in the early evening. Covered in sweat and paint I went behind the stable to clean up and hose off. Thinking nobody would see I stripped naked, held the hose over my head and let the cool water run down my body. Sheri picked this time to come see what I was up to and I heard a gasp as she came around the corner of the stable. Startled, I froze for a few seconds, giving her a view of my naked body. Then, for whatever reason, I dropped the hose and charged her yelling 'aaarrrrrrggg' with my arms over my head. She squealed and ran for the house. I quickly dressed and went to her house to tell them I'd finish the next day. Her mom asked what the yelling was about and Sheri and I just played it off as nothing, just playing around.

The next day I started just as early, finishing in the mid afternoon. Sheri suggested I shower in the house and then, if I wanted, swim in their pool. (one of those above ground round ones, about four feet deep with a deck around about half of it, level with the top edge) Sounded like a nice way to end the day. Besides, she had on this light yellow bikini that drove me crazy. When it was wet it turned mildly transparent and I could see the darker color of her areolas and her patch of pubes. I quickly agreed, took a shower and only put my cutoffs back on, no briefs. I hated swimming with underwear on.

Sheri was already swimming when I got out. We swam for a while, talking about this n that. Nothing out of the ordinary. I got out after a while and lay on the deck with my legs bent at the knees with Sheri still in the water up at the edge of the pool. The subject of her seeing me naked the day before came up and I got red in the face. She said I shouldn't be embarrassed and she was glad she'd caught me, she'd never seen a naked guy before other than her younger cousin that she babysat. I told her it would be the last time she'd ever see my dick and she laughed saying 'Oh really' kind of slyly and chuckling. Confused I asked what she meant by that and she told me the way I was sitting with my legs spread she could see right up the leg of my cutoffs and see my balls and dick. Again embarrassed I closed my legs and sat up.

She asked if she could see it again, since she already had but I didn't want to in case her parents caught us. She told me they had gone to town to get groceries or something while I was in the shower. (I'd wondered why it was so quiet in the house but didn't give it much of a thought) I figured what the hell, and I said if I did she'd have to let me see her naked too, which she didn't even hesitate to agree to as long as I went first.

It took a bit to get my nerve up but I scooted closer to the pool so she could get a better look and leaned back on my elbows and spread my legs. She just looked for a while, then asked if she could touch it which I said yes to. I figured she'd reach up the open leg of my shorts but she put her hand on the outside over my cock and rubbed and squeezed lightly making it grow, the head sticking out the leg. I just had to let it out so I stood and dropped my shorts. Letting her see all of me, boner sticking straight out.

I said fairs fair, it was her turn. She got out and first undid her top letting me see her boobs for real. Her areolas were darker and larger than I'd imagined and her nipples were straight out. Then she pulled off her bottoms revealing a bush perfectly triangular to her torso. I said I wanted to see it all so she sat and spread her legs so I could get a full view. Oh man I was in heaven, my dick twitching up and down with every heartbeat. Her pussylips were full and larger than I imagined and her clit was poking out a bit.

I asked if I could touch it which she said yes as long as I didn't stick my fingers in her. I got down between her legs and felt my first pussy. Nice and warm, soft, her pubes a bit wirey, her twitching as I ran a finger over her clit. She had me move so she could reach my dick and we explored for a while. I didn't know girls got wet and liked the way she slicked up. She told me to just rub around her clit without touching it, it was too sensitive. While I did this she cupped my balls, gently feeling each one, kneaded my cock and rubbed the pre cum coming out the top.

She told me to lay on my back with my hands behind my head wanting to try something. She straddled me, pushing my cock against my stomach and started to rock against me sliding up and down my shaft. It felt wonderful and all this action made me buck a bit. I knew there was no way I could hold out and warned her I was about to blow. She rocked faster and I blew all over myself, some hitting my chin. A minute or so later, when I was about to tell her to stop since I was so sensitive she shuddered and let out little squeals as she came.

I couldn't believe we'd done this and wanted to do it all over again. She rolled off and we just lay there for a few minutes. Then awkwardness set in and she quickly dressed and I rolled into the pool to clean off, dressing in minutes and leaving when she gave me the cold shoulder.

Things were quiet between us for a week or so but got back to normal. We never talked about what happened and never had an experience like that together again. I still wonder if she jilled to the memory of that afternoon like I did.



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