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My One and Only High School Jerk Buddy

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The names have been changed.

In high school, I had a friend named, Zack. We were both sort of outsiders, and would hang out from time to time. Back in high school, all the guys, popular or not, have one thing that binds them all together, and that is the girls. Everybody wants to fuck the same girls.

Zack and I would stay up late talking about what we would like to do with Amy Ritchie, Courtney Turpin, and her sister Katie and how Christy Howard dressed like a slut. After such conversations, I would go home and jerk off thinking about how hot it was that he felt the same way about them as I did. Over the period of a couple months, our conversations became more and more explicit. We would look at porn while we talked and tape yearbook pictures of our local girls' heads to images that suit them so we could watch Courtney shove a dildo in her pussy...weird I know but it got us off at the time.

One night, I had rented a porno movie. Zack had never seen one before, and I had only seen a couple. Half way through, we took a break and went for a walk talking about the movie, and about which girl from our school might one day become a porn star. We got to talking about masturbation itself, and after a long pause Zack told me 'You know, if you want to do anything when we get back, it's fine with me.' I tentatively agreed. I was completely secure in my sexuality, but we agreed to sit in such a way as not to see each other's cock.

We watched the rest of the movie while jacking off together and giving each other status reports on our respective states of arousal so that we could cum at the same time. It was fun! I liked having a partner for what had so long been a solitary pursuit. For weeks after that, we would get together on weekends (preferably when our parents weren't home) to watch the porn I had rented (Zack being a couple years younger than I was, too young to do so)and jack off together. My favorite vids were of the gonzo cum shot variety

Zacks mom was a divorced mother, and was a total feminist porn hater. She once broke up with a man because she found cum stains on his sleeping bag during a camping trip. She was nice enough but really uptight. Not bad looking, though.

The day we jacked off together in her house was especially memorable to me. Something about having my cock in plain site in the living room of an attractive porno hater and watching a really filthy video on HER tv REALLY turned me on. We were jackin away when all of a sudden Zack starts telling me that he has fantasies about his mom. I didn't say anything back to him; I just let him start going into detail, about how she comes to him in the middle of the night... Wouldn't she be suprised?

Then a couple months later, we were hanging out in a field at night, both bored and horny as hell. We start talking about gay sex and about how straight we are and everything, but also how desperate. Finally we decided, well, a hand is a hand isn't it? And a mouth a mouth. A few minutes later I was sitting against a tree with my dick out. I was going first. Remember that, we still had not seen each other's dick at this point.

I closed my eyes as his hand wrapped around me. 'Oh my god, that feels good,' I said.

I won't mention what he did next since this is a 'masturbation only' site, but that felt fucking amazing. 'Just imagine Michelle Mitchell is doing it,' Zack said to me, and I did.

He said, 'Do it! She wants you to cum. Michelle wants to eat your jizz.'

It felt great but it usually takes me a long time to cum, and after awhile I told Zack he could stop if he wanted. Now it was his turn. He unzipped his pants and took his cock out. It was a bit smaller than mine and hard. I wrapped my hand around it. I was suprised at how good it felt. 'Oh well!' I thought. 'Maybe I am a little bi.' What did I care?

I slowly moved up and down his cock and Zack made no noise. I made up a scenario involving Amy Ritchie blowing him in a class room, and he came quickly. He didn't ejaculate hard though; the jizz just kind of dribbled out.

After this, we were walking over to my house when Zack mentioned that he wanted to do me again. He felt bad that I had gotten him off but he hadn't gotten me off. When we got to my room, I laid down on the floor and got my dick out again. This time he didn't waste any time jerkin me. After awhile, I warned him that I was going to cum. I grabbed my cock and shot my jizz into the air as he watched.

I enjoyed this episode, but Zack started acting weird after it, and we started hanging out less. I wasn't getting laid at the time and figured something was better than nothing, even if it was with a guy. But I guess Zack had baggage and couldn't deal with the idea that he might be gay if he liked it.

The episode repeated itself only once. We were driving around town with his mother one winter day a couple months later. While she was inside attending to an extended errand, he asked me what I thought about what we had done before. I told him I had liked it but I thought he was freaked out. He said he was too horny to care.

The windows of the car were completely frosted over so no one could see in. I took out my cock and closed my eyes. He grabbed it and started jerking. Again, he started talking about his mother.

He imagined that she was in the car with us and was just so turned on by my dick that her prissy mores were overwhelmed and she started jerking me off.

Soon, he was telling me to cum on his mom's face. Doing this in the very woman's car, made me want to explode; and I did. This time on Zack's hand.

'Sorry!' I apologized.

'It's ok,' he said wiping it off. Then I did him. I also talked about his mom. What if she came back right now and found us, and it turned her on and she wanted a three way? This time Zack came hard.

That was the last time we ever jerked off together.



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