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My Older Sister

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I learnt about masturbation and sexual pleasure from my sister who is about two and a half years older than me. From the time we were very young my mother would bathe us together. Sometimes I would take a bath with my mother so I was accustomed to seeing a woman's body naked. I never thought anything about it until we were on a family visit to my grandmother's home in Boston. When my sister and I went into the bathtub together my grandmother got quite upset telling my mother that it was not right. At the time my sister was just starting to develop and had grown a small patch of pubic hair.

For about a year, things between my sister and I were wonderful. She was going through puberty and was sharing all her secrets with me. As her body developed and she discovered her own sexuality I was allowed to follow along, not understanding it, but being able to share the experience.

Each night, we would sit in the bath tub together. I would sit at the end and she would sit leaning back against me. Often she would place her vagina under the stream of water as the tub filled, but most days she would finger herself, to climax, while telling me about which boy she had a crush on that day. At first I would get erections but never really masturbated myself. Later I learned to slide my tiny penis under my sister, between her buttocks, rubbing back and forth until I came.

Later as things progressed, she would sit facing me, taking my penis in her hands, stroking me to orgasm.

I began to masturbate outside the bathtub in my bed at night and again in the morning. My sister would come into my room and watch or masturbate me. Once she brought one of her girlfriends into my room when they were having a sleepover. Both girls took turns jerking me off with cold cream, something they had heard about from other girls at school. I know that she masturbated even more than I did.

When her periods started, things changed. We did not bathe together when she was menstruating and she was ashamed of it. Our morning sessions stopped as she now took all her time to get ready for school, selecting clothes, doing her hair and putting on make-up. We bathed together less often; then not at all. She became moody, distant and angry; in other words a typical teenage girl.

There were a few times that she allowed me into her bedroom at night, after our parents were asleep to watch her, or help her, masturbate. I recall sitting on the bed, her legs open wide as she directed me on where and how to touch her until she came. I remember having two fingers deep inside her and feeling her tighten around them over and over again. Afterwards, I would always masturbate quickly with her watching.

I began to ejaculate. My sister had been away at a horse-riding camp. The day she came back I went into her room as she was unpacking her things. I was hard as I had been masturbating, getting ready to show her what I could do. I pulled out my penis and began to stroke it and quickly came, shooting a small drop of clear semen onto her bedspread.

She was not impressed; telling me to get out, that I was gross and never to come into her room again.

I don't think we ever did anything sexual together after that day. As time went on we drifted apart as she became more rebellious to my parents, causing problems at home and doing poorly at school. I stayed as I was, somewhat of a mama's boy getting good marks and not getting in trouble. Even today, we are still not very close and don't talk much even as we live less than four miles apart.

I still like to masturbate in the bathtub.



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