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My Older Sister

Posted by: Author: Age: 13 at time, now 52 Posted on: 1 comments
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When I was 13 my sister was a blossoming 16-year-old high school junior and I had just graduated from elementary school. For the previous two years I had been peeping at her through a keyhole in the bathroom door whenever she took a bath. I always waited until I heard the bathtub water turned off and could hear her splashing in the tub as she sat and washed her naked body. I knew I could sneak out of my room and kneel in front of the bathroom door and watch her until she finished her bath and then dried her perky teen breasts and soft pussy hair while standing in front of the sink.

One night I got a particularly good show as she finished drying herself and then sat back down on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide open as her moist pussy faced the door and my peeping hole. I used to wear a terrycloth wrap-around shower towel that had snaps to connect the elastic waist band, but conveniently was open like a kilt and allowed me to stroke my cock as I watched my naked sister. On this night, with our parents out at a social event until after midnight, I pumped my rock hard dick as I watched as she spread her tawny pubic-hair covered pussy lips and peer down between her legs into the pink wetness of her vaginal gash.

I was breathing hard as I pumped my cock and watched in awe as I saw my teen sister examine herself in a way like I had never seen before. As she held the outer lips open with one hand, she reached over to the table beside the tub and picked up a small bottle of baby oil and proceeded to drip a few drops of the shiny clear liquid directly onto the pink pussy flesh that now began to glisten as she set the bottle down and began to slowly rub the oil into the folds of her cunt.

Now, with her legs spread wide, I watched as she rubbed her fingers in a circular motion that I still was not aware was the female version of my pumping hand as I masturbated my dick and watched as she masturbated her pussy. She eased her head back and I could only see her breasts with their now hard nipples as she began to rub and moan a low grunting sound that seemed to match the strokes of my fist as I beat my meat in synch with her now flailing fingers. As I felt the cum beginning to churn in my tightening ball sack I watched my sister move her legs together as she raised her feet up and stretching her well-shaped legs, placed them against the toilet bowl.

My cum began to shoot out of my purple headed prick with all of the energy and torridness of a typical 13-year-old boy as I watched my sisters toes begin to curl and flex, curl and flex as she must have been cumming too. As I held my still rigid cock in my hand I watched my sister sit back up on the edge of the tub and it seemed like she looked directly at the keyhole where I was viewing her nakedness. As she leaned over to pick up her bath towel I quickly beat a retreat back into my bedroom across the hallway.

Because of the extra added activity of watching my sister rub herself off, I had forgotten to use the washcloth I carried in a pocket on my wrap-around to wipe up my cum tracks. I had just gotten under my sheet in my bed when I heard the bathroom door open as my sister walked back to her room at the end of the hall.

Sometime later, as I was dozing and probably dreaming about the wonderful sight I had been fortunate enough to witness, I became aware of a voice asking me if I was sleeping. I rolled over and opened my eyes to see my sister kneeling beside my bed, silhouetted by the light coming through my partially open bedroom door. I asked her what was wrong and she just smiled and put a finger up to her lips. She eased up from the floor and sat down on the edge of my bed.

As she sat down she held up a small hand towel and I heard her in a low whisper ask me if I knew how the 'mess' got spilled in the hall by the bathroom door. As she held up the hand towel I could smell the familiar musty odor of my cum that she had wiped up on the towel. Then she swung her legs up on the bed next to my head and handed me the towel and told me to clean the 'mess' off of her feet and to make sure that I cleaned between her toes. As I sat up and took the towel from her hand I watched as she tightened the belt around her short robe. I clearly remember that I was afraid that she might tell our parents that I had been watching her through the keyhole and had jacked off all over the floor, but I took the towel and proceeded to rub the cloth over her feet and slide the material carefully between her toes.

When I had finished she asked me how many times I had watched her when she was in the bathroom. I lied and told her it was only a few times. She then smiled and told me that she thought it must have been more then a few times and probably had been a least a hundred times. I didn't argue with her and only then became aware that my cock was standing like a tent pole under the sheet. I was not the only one who was aware of my erection and I was a bit startled when I saw my sister move her hand from her lap and place her small fist around my now turgid sheet-covered cock.

Almost by instinct, I laid back down with my head on my pillow as I watched my sister pull the sheet down and off of my body and pull the snaps of my wrap-around shower towel releasing my throbbing dick from both the towel and the sheet. I felt her hand resume a grip around my cock and with a learned squeeze and stroke motion I felt my cock being masturbated by a hand that certainly seemed more experienced than my own. As I recall that night, I don't remember every word spoken, but I do remember watching with appreciation my young dick being stroked and squeezed with a rhythm and surety of my 16-year-old sister's practiced hand.

It seemed that as she began to bring me close to shooting another load on three or four occasions she would slow her jacking hand and squeeze my cock close to the reddened tip and hold it steady for a moment until she began to stroke and squeeze in a wonderful up and down and circular motion. About the fourth time I felt her slowing down I unconsciously slipped my hand on top of her wrist and began to pump her tiny wrist in a quickening pace that I knew would soon lead to my explosive release.

This time, she didn't slow down and she picked up a pace that in a few moments had the first burst of teen cum shooting straight up in the air and falling in splotches onto my belly, chest and her pumping fist and hand. After a few deep breaths, I felt her hand rubbing the cum towel over my chest and belly, and finally onto my now semi-rigid dick to sop up my wet sperm. She then moved her arm up to her face and licked the sticky cum that was dripping from her fist and fingers until her arm was also cleaned.

Then, with the same stealth that she had arrived, she raised her fingers to her now cum-covered lips and slipped out of my room as silently as she had entered. And, as the room returned to semi-darkness, so ended the first night of family pleasure that would forever remain etched in the erotic memories of my mind.



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