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My Older Next Door Neighbor

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She's my first older woman and is it ever good!


Early last year I was living at an apartment complex. I had seen my next door neighbor a couple of times and the most we'd ever said to each other was 'hello' to each other. She was older then me and it appeared she lived alone. I figured she was in her late 40s.

The complex had a meeting one evening planning for the coming Summer. I ran across my neighbor lady and we said hello to each other again but this time we stood and started talking to each other. We ended up sitting with each other through the meeting. After the meeting we walked together back to our apartments. When we got there she invited me in for something to drink. I took her up on it and went in.

She told me to 'Make yourself at home' and I sat on the sofa. She then said 'I'll be right back. I need to get out of these heavy warm clothes and get into something lighter'. A couple of minutes later, she came back into the living room. When I saw her my mouth feel open. She stood in front of a table lamp and the material of her dress was so light that I could pretty much see thru it. And, what a sight! She had a fantastic body.

She then mixed us a drink as I sat there looking at her from behind. I was starting to get an erection from what I was looking at. She brought me the drink and sat down across from me crossing her beautiful legs. We talked and being we both lived alone we talked about how we had ended up this way. Both of us were divorced and of course both had had past relationships. Then the conversation started touching on sex and as we joked, our lack of it.

This went on and soon sex was all we were talking about. We talked about what we liked and some of our experiences. I was now hard as a rock. Talking like this and looking at that beautiful 45+ year old body across from me had me all aroused. We then got to talking about masturbation and how we both enjoyed this and relied on it to get through the days with out having sex with someone.

I had to use the rest room and stood up. She couldn't help but notice that big hard member in my pants and I saw her looking at it. It took me a while to relieve myself as my erection had to go down in order to go. I finally made it and went back to the living room. I sat down and she said 'I bet it was pretty hard to go in the condition you were in, wasn't it'? I told her 'I guess you noticed'. She said back 'how could I have missed it'.

I looked at her and I quickly became hard again. But this time as I sat there I didn't make any effert to hide it. I leaned back on the sofa and my dick literally made a little tent in my slacks. She was sitting there looking at it. Then, she got up and came over and sat next to me. I continued to sit like I was and she sat just looking at it. I was dying for her to reach over and start feeling it. I was also dying to get my hands on her too. She then looked at my face and into my eyes. She asked 'may I'? I knew what she was asking about and I answered 'please'.

She then reached over and started rubbing it. Oh, her hand sent thrills all thru my body. I then reached over and cupped one of her tits and started squeezing it lightly. She then laid over on my shoulder looking down at my dick as she rubbed it. I then reached over slipping my hand up her dress feeling her inner thigh as I went up to her pussy. I started rubbing on her pussy thru her panties. She went to purring and laid her head back some.

I then went to feeling her thighs again. They were some of the softest I'd ever hand my hand on and feeling this and her rubbing on my dick like she was I knew I wouldn't last very long. So, I told her 'we keep this up and I'm sure going to make a mess in my pants'. She said 'I'll be right back'. She returned with a wash cloth in her hand and sat back down. She then went to taking my pants off. I helped her. She then stood and pulled off her panties, raised her dress and sat back down. I went back to feeling her thighs and then playing with her pussy. She went to giving me a fantastic feeling hand job. She laid back raising her hips opening her pussy to me. She went to bucking her hips and calling out 'Aw yes. Right there. Rub right there. Aww' and her whole body shuddered. She then started concentrating on my dick. I kept my fingers deep in her pussy as she stroked my dick. before long, I too went to thrusting my hips and calling out 'Oh, I'm going to cum. Ahh yes'! and I started shooting my cum. She watched it closely as it squirted out covering me and her hand.

We finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean up some. She ended up not using the cloth and just laid there and enjoyed the cum show. I dressed and went to my apartment and slept like a baby that night. I sure needed this. This became a regular thing with us. I finally ended up getting a girlfriend and moved in with her. But, when I get the chance I still go visit my old neighbor. That body of hers is that good. Just have to have it once in a while.



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