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My Older 'Date' Knew

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We met at a graduation party.


I was a 17 year old high school student at the time and went to a graduation party one Saturday evening with a buddy of mine. The party was at the home of the graduate and there was probably 30 kids there filling the house and back yard. In attendence was the graduate's 22 year old cousin. I was introduced to her and she and I hit it off quite well and ended up hanging out together the whole evening. She was very pretty and had a stand out body. I remember I was really feeling my oats with this 22 year old WOMAN hanging around by my side.

When the party broke up she was about to leave and I conversation turned to where my car was and I told her came with a buddy. She asked where I lived and I told her. She said this was in an area on her way to her apartment and that she'd be glad to give me a ride home. I accepted and informed my buddy. She was driving a pick up and we jumped in and away we went.

Thinking back now after it was all said and done I can't help but think that she pretty much had thought this get together out and she had lots of experience with the male sex. It wasn't long and she patted the seat besides her and told me 'why don't you move over here'. I did and was feeling so excited. When she sat down she had made sure her skirt rode up real high exposing lots of her beautiful thighs. She had also lowered her shoulder straps to the outside of her arms allowing her dress to drop lower showing more of her lovely breast. It certainly had an effect on me and i went to squirmming around trying to control that pleasure thing in my pants as it was sure rising. As she srove whe went to asking me questions about girlfriends and how far I'd gone with them, etc. In these questions she learned just how inexperianced I was having only gone as far as kissing and light over the clothes petting. I'm sure this was just what she wanted to hear and to her it would be her own thrill to be the one to 'break this boy in'.

She then asked me 'would you like to touch me'? I was so nervous I could hardly speak. She then reached over taking my left hand and laying it on her right thigh. She told me 'go ahead. Feel it'. I moved my hand all over it and the feel of her soft flesh was fantastic. She then asked for my right hand. She lowered the top of her dress exposing her right tit. She placed my hand on it and I took over squeezing it. She asked if I'd like to suck on it. I leaned over and started sucking on the nipple. I was in heaven! I then felt her right hand on my thigh rubbing it and slowing making its way up until she found my about to explode cock. She wrapped her hand around it giving it a little squeeze and started stroking it. After a few seconds of this I just couldn't take it anymore and that little wonderful tingle in me was turning quickly to a big pleasure explosion. My mouth broke from her tit and I laid my head against the seat growning loudly. I then blew right there in my slacks. It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever felt in my young life! It went on for the longest time as I felt the throb after throb each one releasing my cum. I finally came down from the orgasm and collapsed against the seat trying to get my breath back. I still had my hands on the normally forbidden places of her inner thigh and her tits. I wanted to feel this all night but knew I couldn't. I told her 'oh you feel so damn good'. She certainly knew this as she was the one who set this up. Yes: she knew what she was doing. We soon came to lighted streets again and she looked down and said to me 'look at your leg'. I looked down and said 'damn'! My cock was laying against my left thigh during the hand job and the whole top of my slacks on top this thigh was wet. I knew I had turned loose a lot of cum but I couldn't imagine it being that much.

She then took me home and I asked her for an other 'date' wanting more of this wonderful pleasure. Being a young man I was also having thoughts of this eventually leading to my getting into my very first pussy. Something all young men dream about. This night fulfilled many of my young dreams already as I had got to feel a girl's breast for the first time and had my hand up a girl's dress feeling her legs up for the first time. then there was that first hand job from a girl. I used the word girl here as this was how my dreams always went but I ended up having my first with a WOMAN! To this day I get erections just thinking about that night. Anyway, I guess she had done what she wanted to do and told me that we better not. I often wonder just how many other boys got broken in by her as she sure knew what she was doing and that evening certainly wasn't an 'accident' that just happened. What a way to get broke it!



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