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My Old Teacher, My First Lover

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I've mentioned before in this forum that I was attracted to mature women. This started when I was in my teens. Being precocious, I marched to the beat of a different drummer. While my classmates were attracted to girls our own age, I was attracted to my teachers. Why have some skinny teenybopper, when I could have (at least in my fantasies) a 6' woman who wore short-skirted suits, and showed off mile-long legs when she sat down?

When I was in junior high, there was a teacher, let's call her Joanna Thomas. Mrs. Thomas had been my teacher for a short while when I was in the fifth grade. I hadn't seen her for a few years until the eighth grade. She is about 5'1', red hair, blue eyes and a trim figure, and very shapely legs. I didn't pay much attention to girls or women until about the age of 12 when puberty started to kick in. That's when my radar for attractive women turned on. It was also the time that the miniskirt became popular, which made learning for me difficult. It's hard focusing on fractions when you had a woman's thighs in front of you on an hourly basis.

I saw Mrs. Thomas on yard duty. She was wearing a shawl, over a red dress that ended above her very nice knees and calves, and wore red high heels. She looked REAL good. I went over to say hi, and trying not to have her notice my erection. We chatted for a few minutes, my taking in her blue eyes, her pink lipsticked mouth, her perfume, gathering all of this for the hand job session I was going to have that night.

Over the next year, I saw Mrs. Thomas and always felt a rush of heat and desire. When she had lunchroom duty, she sat on the stage, her tight green dress hiked up, her shapely legs ending in patent leather heels, I found myself wanting only to look at her and wanting to touch her, to feel her lips against mine, and to have her teach me about sex.

It wasn't until I was 18 that I saw her again. I was home on leave, and looking through the items of my youth, packing them away for charity, thinking that I was grown up, even though I was still a virgin. I came across my junior high yearbook. I stared thumbing through it, and came across a picture of some students and teacher watching a softball game. There was Joanna Thomas, sitting in the bleachers, a big smile for the camera-and her dress hiked up, showing off those legs I remembered so well.

I got cotton-mouthed with desire for her. My heart pounding, I changed into my uniform, asked my dad to borrow his car, which he did readily. 'Got a date?' he asked.

'I hope so' I said as I left.

I got back to my old junior high, where it occurred to me that Mrs. Thomas might not be teaching there anymore. I went into the office, and asked where her class was, telling the secretary that I was a former student of Mrs. Thomas (the truth) and I wanted to say 'Hi' (half-truth). Fortunately, she was still at my old school. The secretary gave me directions, said it was nice to see a former student who had done well for himself, and looked so handsome in uniform.

As I reached Mrs. Thomas' class, I saw that the class was ending for the day. She was talking to a few students from behind her desk. I waited until they had left before I knocked on the door.

She looked up, and gave me a look of recognition and a huge smile. She got up, and approached me quickly, her arms outstretched for a hug. This was going better than I thought.

I felt her arms around me, squeezing me, and this being the first time I had a woman other than a family member hug me was exciting, causing my semi-hard cock to immediately become hard as a stone. I put my arms around her, feeling her firm, shapely body for the first time, and becoming cotton-mouthed again.

'X, it's so good to see you! And look at you! I feel like I should salute you!' My prick was saluting her right then. 'You look so formidable in your uniform-and very handsome.'

'You look very nice yourself, Mrs. Thomas.' She did, wearing a dark blue skirt that ended above her knees, matching high heels and a light blue blouse. She walked over to a counter and perched herself on it, her tight skirt hiking up, and crossing her legs at the ankles.

'Joanna, please, X. You're not my student anymore, and you aren't a boy. You are a very fit and tough-looking soldier. You are a man, now, and a very good-looking one, too.' Was she flirting with me? This was getting better and better than any fantasy I had about her before.

She asked about my service, and I told her about some of my experiences and she laughed at the funny things I had seen and done.

Before we knew it, it was already 4 o'clock.

'Oh! I still need to clean up before I go home. Can you stay awhile and help me, X?' I quickly agreed, recalling how much of this was part of my fantasies about Joanna.

We talked as we closed the windows, lowered the blinds, and put away supplies.

'You should have written me, X. You were one of my favorite students. I would have written back,' she put her lips into a mock pout, making them puff out a little. By this point, I wanted to kiss her so badly I almost did.

We talked some more, and she asked me the question I had feared.

'Why did you come see me today?'

What could I say? 'I've always been horny for you, Joanna. I'm a virgin, and I want you to change that'?

It never occurred to me that the reason she was 'Mrs. Thomas' was that she was married. My fantasy about her becoming my first lover was ending with that thought.

I worked up my courage and told her of my crush on her when I was younger and that the crush still existed to some extent. I said lamely that if she wanted to, I would enjoy being her friend.

She got off the counter, walked over to the door, locked it and closed it. She walked towards me.

'No, you don't want to be my friend. You want to be my lover. Don't deny it, I can see that in your eyes. Also, when we hugged, I could feel your erection. It's been a long time since I felt a hard cock. My husband and I separated several months ago, and I haven't felt like dating anyone. All of a sudden, here's this gorgeous young man who appears out of nowhere and makes me feel very sexy and desirable. Are you a virgin, X?' I nodded.

'Good. Then I can teach you the right way to please a woman. Do you at least know how to kiss?' I nodded.

'Come here then, and kiss me.' She opened her arms, and I walked into them, putting my own arms around her, leaning down, and pressing my lips to her mouth, like I had fantasized about so many times.

'MMMM. You kiss good, X. Women like a man who's a good kisser.' I blurted out that I wanted to have sex with her.

'Yes, darling, that will happen soon enough. But first, we need to work up to that. If we do it now, with you being a virgin and lacking control, it will be over in a minute, and not that good. How about if I jack you off?' I could only nod.

'Okay, unzip your pants and take down your underwear. Lean against my desk.' I did as she instructed.

'You have a nice prick, X. It's about average length, but it's nice and thick. It will feel good inside of me, but first you need to learn control. Has anyone done this for you before?' I said no.

'This is going to be so fun, honey. The last time I was with a virgin was when I was first married. I'll teach you everything, darling X. You have to promise me, though, that you won't have sex with any other woman. I don't want to catch a venereal disease and I don't like condoms.' At that point, I would do anything she asked of me.

She reached out, her slim hand wrapping around me. I moaned loudly. She smiled, 'That's right, sweetie. Enjoy it. This will be so good for you, I promise.' She began stroking me slowly. I groaned that I loved her.

'No, baby doll, that's the lust talking. You don't love me, at least right now. That may change. Right now, it's all about you and me and learning about fucking.' She continued stroking me, my breathing becoming faster, then almost a minute later, I came, squirting my come almost two feet onto the floor of the classroom.

'Oh, so good, isn't it sweetheart?' Joanna asked me. She handed me some tissues and told me to clean up myself and my come from the floor. She said she was meeting friends for dinner later, and that I should stop by later that evening, and then start my 'lessons'. We were lovers for the better part of a year until she took a job in another state. I saw her once more after that, and found she had met a guy and was engaged. She gave me one more fuck and I never saw her, my teacher and first lover, again.



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