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My Oh My

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the story is long but something else was even longer


I was home from college over the summer and decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood. I decided to go visit an old friend who I hadn't seen in a long time, his name's Chris. Chris and I had a little fling in sixth grade but nothing serious, nothing's serious in sixth grade. he had a baby face most of his life. nothing special. his body wasn't smokin' hot but it wasn't bad. a little flab around the stomach but thats all. back to the story. I walked up the stairs on his porch. nobody's car was in the driveway except his. the front door was open and after calling his name a few times to see if he was there I just decided to walk in. I don't normally just walk into people's houses but I did anyway. I walked towards his room which was at the back of the house. I passed the bathroom and heard the shower on. I walked into his room which had clothes all over the place. the sheets were in a messy pile on his bed. he had some cologne on his dresser so I popped the top and smelled it. it smelled amazing. I played around with the other nick nacks on his dresser. I didn't even realize that the water had shut off in the shower. I heard wet feet walk along the hardwood floors and just as I turned around Chris walked through the doorway. He only wore a towel and it was wrapped so loosely that it looked like it could fall off any minute. I almost didn't recognize him. he was completely ripped now. his pecks were rock hard, his six pack was perfect and he had the muscles that form that V shape at his pelvis which personally is the one thing that could make me wet instantly. 'hello' he said with a confused yet sexy voice. 'oh my' I said and I looked him up and down. 'you don't look like the person I remember.' I said as I smirked and gave him my sexy eyes. 'well do you like what you see?' he said as he walked over to me. he was standing so close to me that his boner brush up against my clit through my jeans. 'i love what I see.' I told him. then he said 'well this is just the preview, wait till you see the whole show.' then he pulled on the knot where his towel was held up and his towel dropped to the floor revealing his large, hard 8 incher which looked even bigger without the towel. I gasped quietly as he put his hands around my waist. I kissed him softly then he followed kissing me much more passionately. he moved his hands down my waist until they were cupping my ass. I pushed him onto his bed. he looked surprised but as I started to climb on top of him he started to smile again. we continued making out for a few minutes but it didn't last long. he pulled off my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans. I kicked off my flip flops as he unhooked my bra. my jeans were harder to get off. he sat up and I stood at the edge of his bed and slowly stripped off my jeans giving him a short lap dance as I took them off. I sat on top of him wearing only a thong. he slipped his hand down and pushed aside my underwear. he slid his finger over the hole of my soaking pussy to get my wetness on his finger. then he moved up to my clit and began to tease me which made me gasp and tense up. then he stopped and looked me in the eyes. I smiled knowing what he wanted and grabbed his cock with both hands and started jacking him off. he was rock hard and had so much pre-cum that I didn't need any lotion for it to be really enjoyable for him. I felt his cock start to twitch and his balls tensed up in my hands. I started to grind him slowly as I got hornier and hornier. he busted his load all over his chest. I pushed him down and started to lick it off. while I was doing this he shot his cum two more times. then he rolled me over and started to suck my nipples and then he kissed me all the way down to panty line.he slowly pulled off my thong revealing my completely shaved pussy. he caressed my clit and vagina with two fingers then just my clit. he took his other hand off my breast and slipped his fingers into my pussy. I was so horny that it took less than 2 minutes before my pussy started to contract and twitch around his fingers which were soaking wet. I softly started to moan. then I got louder and louder as I began to climax. just as I did I gasped loudly and came all over his hand. I let out a sigh as he slid his body over me and kissed my neck. we layed in his bed exhausted until we heard a car in the driveway. I jumped up and got dressed. he took the towel and wrapped it around himself. I said goodbye but he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him to kiss me one last time. 'just thought i'd stop by to say hello' I said. I winked as he said 'well I hope you come by again.' I answered with a simple 'sure.' as I ran out his back door and down the street to my house. later in the week I returned to find out what else my old friend can do with his manhood but thats another story for another time.



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