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My Nurse

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I like to ice skate. Once I had a nasty slip and cartwheeled into the barriers at the side, breaking both my legs and an arm! It wasn't that painful, but I was in traction at hospital for a good six weeks! On my third day in there, the matron switched my nurse from a friendly middle-aged woman to a slightly nerdish looking Silver Band-type twenty-one-year old blonde, and at first I wasn't impressed. However by her third shift that evening I'd told her the story of my life, and she'd weeded out of me the fact that I preferred girls to guys, although had never had much experience.

She was called to her pager to attend A and E for twenty minutes, but when she came back that evening, she seemed even more friendly and interesting. However I couldn't help noticing she was sitting a little awkwardly. I asked her what was up, and for once she seemed less bold and more shy! She blushed and told me she was a little turned on as she was a horny sort of girl, and told me that she often had to escape to the loo as being horny in a nine-hour shift would take it's toll. I laughed in sympathy, telling her I loved a good play after a hard day in school, but having half your body covered in plaster meant you were literally in limbo for ages. She giggled saying 'Well, at least we're two of a kind!,' and leant back a little on her chair, still blatantly aroused.

'Hey, listen Cassie, if you wanna... you know, get off... feel free! I'll shut my eyes!' I said, chuckling, and Cassie grinned but told me it wouldn't be right, subjecting a teenager to views of another woman masturbating. I reminded her it would actually turn me on, and she changed her argument; 'It'd hardly be fair then!.'

Fun though this flirting was, I was beginning to get a little wet, so decided what the hell I'm stuck here anyway, let's see if I can get my first fun off someone else. 'We could still do each other,' I said, tailing off what was in my eyes mysteriously. As she was about to reply I cut her off 'I mean, you can come up here on the bed, I'll play with you, and you, well, you can do whatever, to me!'. It sounded good in my head, but it came out rather nervy in reality! Still, she stood up and went to my cubicle door and pulled the blind and switched the lock to 'sleeping, do not disturb', meaning I was dozing on tranquilizers. Obviously this wasn't the case, but it was her lunch break so no-one would be any the wiser.

She unzipped her uniform and stood before me in nothing but tights, knickers, and a bra. 'Oh... get rid of it all!' I giggled, too horny to care what I was saying. Two minutes later she was naked before me. In hospital in the traction ward I was in, all we would wear is a soft cotton gown; underwear was near impossible what with the casts and the pulleys. With my one working arm I rucked this up past my pert 28a breasts, and gestured for Cassie to come on up onto the bed. Happily, she obliged. It was clear we were both highly inexperienced as she gingerly lay down alongside of me! We both started caressing each others breasts, my nipples were rock-hard from the excitement of the moment. For a good twenty-five minutes we gently played with each others pussies then finger-fucked each other and must have had at least four incredible orgasms each. Until that day we were both virgins; now we have an insatiable appetite for masturbating, climaxing!

It's nine weeks later now and I'm walking again, only with plaster casts on both shins and with the help of crutches. My left arm has fully healed, so I can masturbate as I could before, but I am still staying in hospital on another ward until I have the casts removed; it was my decision to stay.

Why? Cassie had been promoted to Head Nurse in the orthopaedic unit, and had less and more flexible hours. We share moments together twice a day, often more!

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