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My Number One Pick...

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I have been masturbating since I was about 7 years old. I used to put on all of my panties and dry hump a pillow. As I grew older, I got bolder and started inserting my fingers and other objects such as candles in my pussy. I also took pictures of myself and looked through Porn magazines as a turn on. These days, I usually video tape myself in a masturbation session and use that to get myself turned on. Throughout the years, I have searched for various objects to insert in my pussy for a feeling of fullness. I have tried hair brush handles, candles, screwdrivers, curling irons, slim perfume bottles, toothbrush holders, and one of my favorites- cucumbers. I recently stumbled upon an object that is quickly becoming my number one pick; the handle of a sauce brush used for outdoor grilling. I searched high and low for it. I know lots of people were wondering why I was spending so much time in the outdoor grill department at Wal-Mart! My new brush is perfect! It is wide and is shaped just like a nice dick. It has a long handle and allows me to fuck myself as deeply as I want. My favorite way to do it is to wait until my house is empty of course. I take off off my clothes except for a top so I can pull one side of the top up at a time and caress and squeeze my huge breasts. I lay back on the couch which is situated next to a wall mirror. I watch myself pull and turn my nipples and hump some pillows. I moan very loudly and spank my butt several times. Sometimes, I pull my shirt over my head and lay writhing on the couch caressing myself. I do this for about 15-20 minutes and by then, my pussy juices are flowing freely. I finger myself and stick a couple a fingers in and out of my juicy cunt. After I can't take the teasing any more, I take my grill brush handle and stick the brush part in between the cushions on the couch. The bristles grasp the fabric and holds it there securely. I face the couch and watch myself in the mirror, slowly lower my throbbing and hot pussy on the brush handle. I watch myself as I grab my titties at the same time. Alot of times, I like to insert the handle just a little bit, maybe a quarter of an inch. I shallow thrust myself nine times and on the tenth time, I sit on the handle very hard. All the way until I feel it deep in side my pussy. Then I will shallow thrust eight times and then thrust deeply twice for a total of ten strokes. I play this game until I am down to ten deep thrusts. By then, I am all worked up and really ready to fuck myself good. I get on that couch and pump and thrust my brush handle like crazy. All the time I am watching myself in the mirror sweating and really enjoying the show. I wonder if my neighbors ever hear my moaning and groaning or have ever seen me? Sometimes I leave my curtains open for the thrill of getting caught. After I ride the brush for a while, I lay back, put both legs up in the air and stick the brush handle in my swollen pussy. With my legs and pussy lips spread very wide, I really feel the handle curves in my hot cunt. I stick the handle in and out with no mercy and listen to the sound my juices make as I fuck myself. I pump myself very hard and fast until I explode and have an orgasm. I scream very loudly and lay there several minutes afterwards. It is the greatest feeling in the world and the best part about it is I can do this anytime I want and I can always masturbate without a lot of expense.



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