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My Nudist Family Life Was Good

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Thank you Corey for showing me how.


When I was growing up my parents were born again nudists. They took me to our trailer at the park every summer weekend where many other families would be. I don't remember when we did not go so I must have been quite young. My parents said it should be our secret about what we do on our weekends and that nudism should be only between nudist friends.

As I grew older I started to feel more sexual as I was naked with my friends at the park. One of the girls there was quite a bad one and very sneaky too. She was 15 at the time just one year older than me. She was part of the group of friends I had. Depending on the weekend there may be five of us in total hanging together.

One weekend it was very hot and we all had just finished swimming in the pool. The nasty girl Corey said we should go for a hike up over the ridge at the back of the camp. We knew we should not venture far because even though it was just a hilly field it was not part of the camp.

Corey talked us three girls into going anyway so off we went all of us bare assed with no shoes on through the small bush and over the hill. Corey said if we kept going there was a fort we could go and see.

After about 10 minutes we came to where the fort was supposed to be. It was nothing more than some grass pushed down in a circle with some old logs on two sides. As we walked into the middle Corey said she had a surprise for us. As she talked three boys came out from behind some bushes making cat calls at us three unknowing girls and Corey as she smirked.

We all (but Corey) covered our pussies with our hands as the boys came closer. Funny we did not care about our boobs for some reason.

Corey said to us that we should relax and that they were her friends. The boys looked our ages. One boy made a smart remark about how they had been waiting for hours for the naked show to arrive. I said we should go back now but did not want to go alone. Corey said we will go soon but first she had our surprise to show us. She said the boys were going to show us how they could squirt white stuff out of their penises. I did not know what she was talking about but one other girl did say ok and she wanted to see.

I thought what is the problem with just watching so I said ok too.

Corey said to the guys to get ready and they dropped all their clothes. One boy had a huge penis and it was hard and sticking straight out and just upward a bit. I was so surprised because I had never seen a penis unless it was hanging down. I moved in for a closer look and he was happy to turn sideways for my inspection.

Corey said we should all sit down now so we all dropped to the long grass sitting cross legged and we were no longer covering ourselves. One boy asked if we had ever seen boys jacking off before. I asked what jacking off meant and he said this is what we are going to show you. Another asked if we ever did it with each other and we all said no, even though I did not know what he meant. Although I was a nudist I was quite green.

The boys started to move their penis skin up and down and the other two boys started to grow bigger. I was so interested in these penises now that they were big. I did not take my eyes off the one boy with the large penis and then I asked when the white stuff came out. He said it was almost time and then put his head back and his body started to twitch while white stuff did squirt out onto his hand and penis. Right then one other boy said me now and he did the same but made much more noise. He had a small penis but he squirted his white stuff real far and there was lots of it. The other boy kept pumping his penis but I was more interested in getting a closer look at the white stuff.

I leaned forward and the big penis boy said, it's called sperm. I had heard of sperm in health class but I did not know that's how you made it happen.

The last boy then said nothing but started moving his hand up and down real fast then the same thing happened with just small short squirts like the big guy.

Corey said to us what do you think and we all said it was great. She then asked if we wanted to try too. The other girls said yes and I did not know what to do.

They all stated rubbing their pussies and I just watched. Corey said to me it was called fingering or masturbating and it feels real nice to do it. She said I should try it too so I did.

I did it just the same as Corey was doing it because I thought she would know the best.

It did not feel good at the start but then I got a little tingle. Then I got a real nice feeling and I stopped. Corey said to keep going because the nice feeling was coming soon. She started to wiggle and smile now and said it looks like this. She had her mouth now wide open and looking at the ground as her body moved bouncing her fair sized tits up and down. She sighed and said you gotta keep going so I did. One other girl Nancy then had a nice quiet orgasm and the other one stopped masturbating. Corey said to me again to keep going and put my hand back on my pussy.

I started again and she coached me a bit until I said it is feeling real nice now. She said good but keep going. I felt it building and then wow what a feeling! I rubbed my clit to a great orgasm for the first time in my life and I thought it would never end. I ended up on my side with my body heaving and twitching beyond my control. Finally I sat up and the boys were all grinning real wide. One boy was rubbing his hard cock again but he stopped before he squirted.

Corey asked what I thought about her surprise and I said it was the best ever as did both other girls.

We then left the naked boys sitting as we went back to our camp. That was the first of many, masturbating with Corey when camping. I never masturbated with the other girls for some reason but Corey and I did it a few times almost every weekend that year.

The following year we were both back and we went on about our masturbation times again all summer long. We usually went back to the fort area for privacy. Corey got us some cucumbers one day and we used them as dildos. I could not push it in far but Corey could because she was now having sex with guys. She was pretty wild as she pumped her pussy so hard and rubbed her clit so fast. That day she squirted from her pussy while having a huge orgasm. She squirted quite a bit and at the time neither of us knew what was happening but if it felt that great it had to be good.



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