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My Nudist Buddy

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A couple of years ago, I moved into an apartment on the fourth floor of a block, total heaven for me not being overlooked as I am a devout nudist, shedding my clothes at the drop of a hat-I love it. I also have a few nudist buddies who have also stripped with me on odd occasions previously. One particular buddy-Marty who is 24 and straight (I am gay) recently started to stay with me at weekends after splitting with his girlfriend and always shed his clothes the moment he walked through the door. He knows I am gay and has no problem in being nude with me.

Marty has a godlike physique-a perfectly developed torso, big strong arms and legs and an ample covering of body hair except round his perfect cock which he keeps trimmed. His cock is about 5 inches soft which I had not seen hard until the day in question when this story happened.

I awoke from a good nights sleep and dozed for a while when I heard Marty getting out of bed in the other bedroom. I always leave my bedroom door open in the night and the next thing I saw was Marty passing my door sporting morning wood. 'Good Morning' he said pausing, 'Got to go to the bathroom, I'm dying for a pee' smirking and glancing down at his rock hard dick. I was transfixed by the sight of it, it must have been about 8 inches and quite fat. He smirked again playfully this time as he headed for the bathroom. By this time my dick was at full mast and I longed to jack off, but I thought he will probably want to go into the lounge for a drink so resisted. I heard the toilet flush and Marty's head appeared round the door frame. 'Fancy a coffee' he said, 'ok' I replied, 'see you in a few moments'. 'Sure' he replied heading in the direction of the kitchen.

I got up, still hard and went to the bathroom to freshen up. About 10 minutes later I returned from the bathroom and headed to the lounge-still semi hard and naked as nudity between us was not an issue. I could not see Marty in the lounge so I went into the kitchen only to see Marty making the coffee and bagels still with a rock hard dick. 'Wow', I said, 'you sure are a big boy'. 'You're not too bad yourself' he replied as he looked down at my ever growing dick. 'I needed to beat off, but felt I couldn't in your place' he said. 'Hey, thats not a problem' I replied 'go and see to it now if you like'. This is when I thought I was hearing things. 'I was kinda hoping you would help me out' he said with a nervous smile-dick still hard though. 'Sure, why not' I said and led him to the lounge.

We sat on the sofa and I gently stroked his enormous cock, complimenting him on his size. He grinned and then asked if I needed help with mine. 'Go for it dude' I said and at that I felt his large right hand close around my pulsating shaft. 'Wow' he said, 'that feels good' I then quickened up my stroking as I could tell he was near to coming and sure enough, about 30 seconds later he shot five ropes of hot jizz over his hairy belly. At the sight of that, I reached the point of no return and shot the same over my belly exclaiming that it was the best ever. Marty took his hand off my now deflating cock and suggested we clean up. Mopping up with tissues he suggested a shower together which was heaven again-but that's another story. Marty has practically moved in now and is no longer sleeping in the spare room as you never know when you may need to help a buddy out!



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