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My Nipples

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At the time I was thirteen years old and in the middle of puberty. My development was progressing nicely except for the fact that my nipples were growing out of proportion to the rest of my breasts. They were thick, big and long and what made them appear even bigger was the fact that my areolas were very puffy.

My mom got me my first training bra the year before and I wore it every day. Sometime earlier she took me to the mall to get a real bra because my nipples were poking out at the material of my training bra. Actually it was my aunt who told my mom she better consider getting me a new bra. Mom also took me to her gynecologist to look at my nipples but she said some women just have my kind of nipples.

I spent a lot of time mentally and physically focusing on my chest during that time and one day I got real frisky. It was June and quite hot. Mom was sending me to school with light cotton sleeveless dresses for coolness. Well, there was a boy who sat across from me and slightly behind me at school. He was real cute and I liked him. I decided this day that I would give him something to look at and maybe he would like me as I liked him.

I went into the girls room and took off my bra and put it into my backpack. I tested this out at home in my room and I knew you couldn't see the darkness of my nipples through the dress but you could see the bumps from my nipples poking at the front of the dress. That's what I wanted him to see. I thought that a bit later I would then put my bra back on. Then I discovered the unintended. I saw him looking under my arm through the sleeve opening right at my bare nipple. The physical sensation that ran through my body then was indescribeable. It felt like little jolts of electricity going in and around my pussy and my lower tummy.

As I watched him out of the corner of my eye I saw him staring and his mouth was partly open. I immediately moved my arm into my side to end his view of my nipple. I remember looking toward our teacher to make sure she wasn't noticing anything. She wasn't but several times I saw her looking at my chest. Once more I moved my arm forward allowing Frank to see me. Again he stared and again I got that intense feeling.

A few minutes later I excused myself from class and went to the girls room to put my bra back on. As I walked in the classroom door I noticed that my teacher immediately looked at my chest but saw no more pokey nipples. At home that day I went to my room and for the first time I masturbated. It felt wonderful. About a week later I did this again, and again I got unintended results. Not only did Frank stare but my female teacher managed to stand behind me in the aisle. I know she was looking through my sleeve opening at my nipple.

For some reason that excited me even more than Frank looking at me. Over time my nipples continued to get bigger and I had to stop doing what I had been doing because the pokiness was becoming just too obvious. I'm nineteen now and I like boys and girls equally. I've only made out with about four boys and I'm still a virgin but I just loved the reaction from those boys when they first felt my nipples. I let them feel them but that's all.

I've made out with three girls and have gone further. I have taken my top and bra off and let them play with and suck on my nipples. They sucked like hungry babies. Two of them wanted to do lots more but I said no. One of them called me a cunt teaser and said she would like to slap me but she didn't. I want to go all the way with either a guy or a girl, man or woman, but not just with anyone. I'll know when it's right. Hoped you liked my story and I hope you don't think I'm a tease like the one girl said. Oh yes, thought you might like to know that instead of wearing thick heavy bras to stop my nipples from poking out I use a strip of adhesive tape to hold them down and then I can wear a normal bra.



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