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My Night With Susan

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I love to masturbate. I found this site and it is too cool!


I love to please myself. I do it regularly and I enjoy it so much. I've had a string of male lovers in my life and I love sex with men, but there is nothing better than pleasing ones self. I, for some unknown reason, have started fantasizing about women in recent years. Not so much about falling in love with a woman, but being somewhat fascinated with pleasing my own pussy I think about what it would be like to watch another woman please herself, and possibly each of us pleasing each other. I can spend hours looking at pictures of nude woman admiring their breasts and bodies and I think the female body is beautiful.

Now I will tell a story of my first encounter last month. It was something I have fantasized about and my fantasy came true. I met a woman about six months ago who is divorced. She is fun and we started hanging out together. I'll call her Susan, but that isn't her real name. When Susan was lacking for a man on a weekend, she would always joke about going home and using her vibrator. At least that told me she also masturbated with some frequency. I started thinking about Susan and wondering if there was ever a possibility of the two of us masturbating together. I found myself thinking about her body as I masturbated.

She came over last month and we had drinks here at my house on a Saturday evening. It got quite late as we discussed men and sex and a previous husband or two. I offered her my guest bedroom for the night, but she said no, lets make it like a slumber party and I'll just sleep in bed with you! My mind immediately started thinking about possibilities.

As we went to my room she started giggling saying she hadn't brought anything to sleep in since she hadn't planned on staying the night. I offered her an old t-shirt and she said that was fine and she would just sleep in her undies. Once in my room, she quickly took off her shirt and bra while I pulled an old t-shirt from my closet.

Her breasts were really pretty. I found myself staring at them. I took my blouse and bra off and took my time hunting a t-shirt for me to wear. She then surprised me and told me I had gorgeous breasts! I asked her if she really thought so, and I stood in front of her topless as she looked at them. In an innocent way, but thrilling for me, she playfully cupped them and told me they felt nice too! Laughing as if I were playing around I cupped hers also and told her that hers felt good too.

We pulled the t-shirts on and removed out pants leaving our panties on and we climbed into bed. We laid on our sides in bed and talked as we faced each other, with the lamp light on beside the bed. We were giggling like school girls as we laid there. I was pleasantly shocked when she said that she was so horny and she was going to miss her vibrator that night. I joked and said 'you must use that thing every night.' I said, 'well I don't have an extra one for you but 'we' could use our fingers!' I purposely threw the 'we' into it.

She said 'both of us? Wow, that would be awesome!' I immediately started getting hot. I said 'Ummm. Let's be naughty and get ourselves off!' 'God, yeah,' she said. We sat upright and pulled our shirts off then we scooched out of our panties. My eyes were fixed on her pussy. I have been around nude women before briefly changing clothes at a public pool, showering after gym in high school and so on, but I had never been so close to another nude woman, nor seen another woman's pussy opened up before my eyes.

Susan laid down and spread her legs and immediately went to work with her fingers. My heart was pounding as I laid beside her and assumed the same posture. As we rubbed our pussies together side by side we stole glances at each other. Wanting a better look I asked her if I could observe her technique and I sat up and leaned down and watched her expert fingers closely. She was rubbing her clit and occasionally sliding two fingers inside her pussy with her right hand as she used the fingers of her left hand to hold her pussy open. It was so HOT! I couldn't help myself. I wanted to watch but I wanted to work my own pussy too, so I reversed my body and laying on my side I had my head near her pussy as I watched, and my pussy near her head. I raised my upper leg and started giving her a close up inside look at my pussy as I fingered and rubbed. She then told me I had a beautiful pussy! I told her hers was beautiful too.

We both masturbated like crazy as we watched each other until we both had crushing orgasms. I turned back around and laid beside her again on my side and our hands found each others breasts. We gently felt and caressed each others breasts and took each others nipples into our mouths and deliciously sucked each other.

We did that for a long time and it wasn't long before our bare pussies came together and we ground against each other, our fingers eventually finding each others clits and openings. We worked each other until we both came again.

When we woke up the next morning we winked at each other and told each other what a perfect night it had been. I have no doubt we will get together again. It was wonderful!



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