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My night at the movies with corduroy-obsessed Kathy (part 2)

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My friend Kathy came prepared to cum...


As I dressed for the movies I was really nervous...I had never been with a girl the way Kathy had talked in the barn, but her fantasy--that she wanted me on my knees in the barn, eating her pussy--had gotten into my imagination, and now I wanted that too. But first we were going to meet at the movies for some entertainment (but not on the screen). I wore the same outfit I described before--my cut-off red corduroy shorts with my crotchless black tights and boots with my low cut bohemian top. I avoided looking in the mirror as I walked out because I would turn myself on and get too horny too soon. I wanted to discover what Kathy had planned for tonight's pleasures.

She was already at the movie plex when I arrived, and had bought two tickets to a really lame movie that would not have a lot of people in the auditorium. She looked hot--good enough to eat! She had a white cotton button down shirt (with the collar buttoned down) open almost to her breasts, with a simple and elegant string of pearls. She was wearing a different pair of cords...these were a light coffee or hay color and she had bought them several inches longer than she needed even with her long legs, because at her ankles, the corduroy fabric was piled and bunched up on the top of her scuffed up brown cowgirl boots. I thought to myself that if she was a guy I'd be all over her right now...then I realized I might be soon anyway! (Or maybe she'd be all over me.)

I must say the two of us looked really sexy and drew attention from guys and girls in the lobby. When we approached the concession stand I gathered up my nerve when she asked if I wanted to eat something, I said yes, but not what they're selling. She smiled and we headed for the auditorium.

We sat in the dark, back corner. With Kathy against the corner on my left .

We made small talk during the ads until finally the lights dimmed and she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You think you're really hot don't you? You really want to touch yourself right now, don't you? You're getting wet just thinking about slipping your fingers into your shorts...no one will notice where your fingers are, or notice when your hips begin to move to press against your fingers as they probe inside your slippery pussy and tease you. But don't do it. You are hot. And your pussy will get it's pleasure, but not yet. There's something I wan to give you...put your hand here..." And as she guided my right hand to the crotch of her cords, she pushed her tongue into my ear and began to nibble on my earlobe. I was getting drenched now and wanted to squirm in my seat just to get a little pressure on my aching pussy but she had my right hand reaching across my body and I couldn't move as well as I would have liked. When my fingers touched her jeans I wanted to rub her pussy through the soft fabric to get her wet too--but something startled me--she had a hard on! I didn't know what to do but I wanted to stroke the shaft like I had done to guys (I love making guys come in their jeans). Then I realized the hardness was not like a cock but hard like a dildo. Kathy told me she was wearing her double-ended strap-on under her jeans and that she wanted me to jack it like I have jacked guys until she came. I lowered her zipper and couldn't get her "cock" out of her jeans so I undid the top button and it stood up ready for action. As soon as I stroked her shaft she started squirming, but her cock needed lubrication. It was tight but I got on the floor in front of her and took her strap-on dildo into my mouth. I actually really enjoyed having it in my mouth because I have always wanted to get a little rough and aggressive when sucking on a dick and this was my chance to nibble, bite and push and pull up and down the shaft. Kathy was moaning with delight and grabbed my hair to guide my head up and down. I was so turned on that I really wanted a blast of hot jizz in my throat or on my face, but the next best thing was the juice from Kathy's puss, so I would stop sucking so I could stick my tongue in around the base of the shaft to get a taste of her juice. The harness prevented me from getting deep into her but the taste on my tongue was enough--for now. As I worked on her cock I started rubbing my fingers all over her...rubbing her cords, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples and then finally helping my mouth push and pull on her strap-on until I saw her start to buck like she had earlier that day in her saddle.

We couldn't stay in the theater. I had to get that strap-on into my pussy because I was almost blind with hungry desire. I got off my knees and straddled Kathy's leg to get some friction going through my shorts against my swollen and soaking pussy. She told me that I could only have ten strokes up her thigh...and that now matter how close I was to an orgasm, I would have to stop at ten and then we could leave. So since I could only have ten grinds on her leg, they were really slow, and as I ground my shorts against her cords I would slowly wiggle side to side also. The pleasure was exquisite and I thought I would be able to get all ten strokes but halfway through number 7 I started to lose control and pumped my hips back and forth as fast as I could. The crotch of my cut offs was positioned perfectly between my lips and my fingers rubbed my clit through the soft corduroy as it was my turn to buck like a cowgirl in a bronco. I collapsed on Kathy, smelling her hair and nibbling her neck when she said let's go.

We took a cab to her apartment and were all over each other like hormonal teens.

She told me she was going to fuck me but first I had to get naked and hump her leg again...she told me she had soaked and stained her cords by herself so many times that she wanted to have me get off on her pants so that she would have my stain to enjoy later. I was still so horny I didn't care what I humped, but it was turning her on so that got me hornier. As she sat on a bar stool, she extended her leg for me to start grinding against, and I got right to work, finding that the soft corduroy felt really delicious as I ground my pussy up and down her thigh. I wanted to make this last as long as possible to make the biggest mess on her cords as possible. She still had her boots in and looked really sexy...I imagined we were in a crowded bar as I took my pleasure from her. As I was grinding I noticed she was stroking her cock through her cords and she was rubbing it faster and harder and getting rough with herself. As she leaned her head back I added my fingers to my crotch and rubbed my clit as my pussy rubbed up her leg. I lost control, and screamed in delight as my dam burst and I unleashed a flood of juice as my orgasm took control of my body. Kathy's corduroy jeans were soaked with my juices and that seemed to turn her on even more. She had been rubbing herself but had not gotten off. As soon as I was satisfied she stood us up and took me to her bedroom when she had me lay on the corner of her bed with my legs spread on each side of the corner.

She opened her jeans to release her strap-on, but buttoned the top button of her cords. She said it was time for her to fuck me. And she took off her shirt, exposing her breasts which looked so sexy, naked with the pearls. She stood there with her legs spread, in her coffee colored cords and cowboy boots and the latex cock sticking out from the fly of her jeans. I didn't know if this would satisfy her, but I couldn't wait for her to stick her cock into me and start pumping it in and out. She started slowly, teasing me with the tip for a while before she slid it in all the way. I could feel to softness of her jeans against me. When she had the shaft buried inside of me she would wriggle and grind around, clearly getting pleasure herself from the other end of the strap on. I don't know how long we were going at it, but Kathy got to the point of no return before I did, but seeing her losing control nearly finished me off. What put me over the edge was her manic thrusting into me as she came and rammed her cock into me as hard and as fast as she could. I exploded again and my bucking against her pile driver was incredible. She collapsed on the bed and I was expecting to see her cock all soft--but off course it was just as stiff as before, but now it was glistening with my juice, so I rolled over to her and stoked her slippery shaft until she came again. She asked me what I wanted and I told her to dry hump me like a guy. I wanted her cock back inside of her jeans, and she had to hump me until I came. Once again, I realized how much I was enjoying the softness of the corduroy as Kathy ground her cords against me, working her boner into my lips as I rubbed my clit. I came quickly and made another nice wet stain on Kathy's jeans as I pushed my hips up against the pressure of her body on top of mine.

We fell asleep after that orgasm, and in the morning Kathy told me that we should go riding the next week. I said that sounded great, but only if it included time in the barn, because I wanted to fulfill her fantasy by kneeling down in the barn to eat her. The next week, knowing that my old red cords had been a part of her fantasy (the ones I had turned into cut-off shorts), I tried to find a new pair of red cords to wear to the barn. I found a pair of red cords that aren't as fire-engine red as my old ones, but were as close as I could find. Since Kathy likes her cords long, I bought this pair 2 inches longer in the inseam than I needed, and kind of liked how they piled up on top of my boots. I was at the barn very early and tinkered around in the barn, wondering if Kathy would really show. She did. She was in her grey cords again, and grabbed my hand and explained that she wanted to go up in the hay loft and lean against the wall as I would get on my knees to pleasure her with my tongue. We raced to the loft and I playfully pinned her against the wall. I pushed my thigh into her crotch and she opened her legs to allow me to grind against her jeans. Something about the cord-on-on cord was sensual, turning me on too. She surrendered to me and leaned back against the wall. I opened the zipper to her cords and pushed a finger inside to tease her. Fucking her in and out with my middle finger, I made her suck and lick my finger before I dropped to my knees and undid the top button to gain complete access to her pussy. (She of course--like me--didn't have any panties on.) I pushed my tongue into her and occasionally licked her clit. It didn't take long for this to bring her to orgasm, for which she had a hard time being quiet. As she came and my tongue worked on her, I buried my face into her crotch and her juice all over me. When she had caught her breath, I told Kathy to lick her juice off of my face and then to eat me until I came...she did, and I did. And now I need to come again.



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