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My Nice & Naughty Nieces

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About ten years ago, my wifes two nieces came to visit for the summer. Both of them are beautiful dark skinned, dark haired angels. Both had tight nice bodies for their age. At the time the oldest was 15 and her sister was just 13. They were mischevious, and were quite willing to do about anything that was forbidden. Something very exciting happened one morning that I still masturbate to, thinking about it even after all these years.
At the time, I was not working and my wife held a full time job that supported the two of us. So I would stay home with the girls during the day. I woke up a little later than usual one day and heard the girls whispering in the guest room. I kept hearing the words dick, pussy, tits, fucking, etc.. I got out of bed and peeked through the door which was slightly warped at the top. They had found my secret stash of hard core sex magazines and were amazed at the pictures they found inside. I got so turned on by watching them look at the magazines. They started asking each other questions about sex and would they let someone do these things to themselves. You could tell that they were getting horny talking about sex.
Before I knew it, the oldest niece told her little sister to take off her pajama top. Which the younger girl did. Then the older girl took hers off too. They each reached out at the same time and held each others breasts. The oldest sister bent down and began to suck her little sisters small underdeveloped nipple. They seemed to be very comfortable with what they were doing. They both got up from the floor and pulled off their pajama bottoms standing there naked in front of each other. The younger sister picked up a lesbian magazine and asked her sister if they could do what the pictures show? Her sister said O.K. why not? My god, this was driving me so crazy! My dick was aching to be jerked. I was still in just my underwear and so I pulled them off standing in the hallway watching this incredible scene unfold right before my eyes. I wanted in there in the worse way. They layed down on the bed and began kissing each other. Soon the oldest was rubbing her sisters little snatch. The younger girls pussy had just begun to grow hair and looked so soft and fuzzy. Her sister said to lay still, she would show her how to make it feel good. She spit into her fingers and began to rub her sisters clit. Then she started to push her way into her sisters pussy. The younger girl moaned and really seemed to enjoy what was happening to her. She also spit onto her fingers and reached for her big sisters cunt. Soon they were lost in each others pussy's.
I had already started jacking off to the peep show but did'nt want to come just yet. I had a strange feeling that I could be a part of what they were doing. I watched them act out my wildest fantasies for about twenty minutes before I decided to make my move. I slowly pushed the door open, standing there naked, and they hardly seemed to notice. But suddenly they realized I was there and jumped up with cute little grins on their faces. I guess they had never seen a cock in real life. Both of them stared at my dick in apparent amazement. I must admit that my dick is fairly large and it was sticking straight up, hard as a rock. The older sister wanted to know if they were in trouble? I told them of course not, but I wanted to watch what they were doing. I did'nt have any condems so fucking them was out of the question. I did'nt need to get anybody pregnant either. I told them to lay down next to each other and I wanted to touch them. I think they were a little scared, but both did what I asked. So I layed down between them and began to rub their tits very softly. I rolled over and began to suck my older nieces tits. Her little sister was rubbing herself as she watched me. I asked my niece if she had ever had ever let anyone kiss her down there? She said no, that she had never had sex with anyone. My god ! two little beautiful virgin girls! I was in heaven. So I slowly slid down the bed and began to kiss her soft stomach and could smell the slight odor of her virgin pussy. I licked her from her asshole to the top of her little almost black bush over and over. Sucking her pussy lips and clit. I pushed my tongue in and thought I tasted blood. Sure enough, she was starting her period. I did'nt care, I lapped it up, my dick was getting harder with every swallow.
Her sister was getting tired of watching and wanted to do something too. She asked what does it taste like? I replied that I like how it tastes. I said, you try it! Her sister did'nt seem to care either. So my 13 year old niece knelt down between her sisters thighs and reluctantly began to kiss and suck on her sisters slightly blood stained pussy. This was almost to much for me to stand. At this point they had not touched my cock. But that was about to change. Without any warning, the older girl reached down and began to rub my dick. Her soft hands felt so good around my aching meat. She said that she had heard her girlfriend talk about sucking her boyfriends dick and always wandered what it would be like. I told her to do it if she wanted to. She went down on me without a second thought as her sister continued eating her out. This was just like some porno movie. I just wished that I had a camera. Anyway, she sucked it like she had experience. She was very talented. She took it all the way in her mouth. Bobbing up and down, slow then fast. All this time her sister was still sucking her sisters pussy. I was on the verge of exploding cum all over the both of them.
I told the younger niece to let me eat her now. She was very eager and jjumped up with her sisters wetness on her face and a little blood on her lips and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was so delicate. Still like a little girls. I thought that I would have to be very careful so as not to hurt her. I was suprised to see that it was extremely wet. I guess she was really excited from all this. I french kissed her and her sister, and lowered myself down to her little pussy and very gently pushed my finger into her very wet tight little gash. I did'nt wanted to make her bleed so I was careful not to push too hard. She seemed to enjoy my finger inside her, but said that it hurt just a little. I licked her pussy back and forth. Sucking her small little clit. She layed back and let me eat her and eventually began to shake and squirm. I told her to not be scared, and that she might have an orgasm and to let it happen. When it did, she actually ejaculated. White creamy liquid shot out of her and splashed me in the face, she came very hard, and loved how it felt. Her sister had never had an orgasm and was upset that her 13 year old sister got to experience it first. I had the remedy for that! The 13 year old and I both would make her cum. I got between her legs, and her sister got into the 69 position and we both went to work on her sisters cunt. Licking and sucking, fingering, blood and all, Watching these two go at It was really beautiful. They were so wrapped up in pleasuring the other. My older niece was even eating her little sister's pussy while all of this was happening. Before we knew it, My 15 year old niece was bucking and quivering, and she ejaculated too! But not as much as her sister.
We all laid there a minute and I reminded them that I had not cum yet. I wanted this to be something to remember. The 13 year old was actually more aggressive than her sister. She asked me if I would put my dick in her mouth. Sure!, no problem! She was equally as good at sucking dick as her sister. She licked my balls and sucked them as if it was so natural for her. She even pushed my legs up in the air and kissed, and licked my asshole. I kept telling her that I might shoot sperm in her mouth and she might not like it. but she kept sucking harder and harder. Finally I could'nt stand it any longer! I had to cum! I asked the 15 year old to lay flat on the bed. And let the smaller girl sit on her sisters belly with both of their pussy's and assholes facing me. I knelt down between their legs and began to tongue fuck both of their assholes and pussy's. Jerking off really fast at the same time. Right before I came, I raised up from a kneeling position and came like a volcano. Cum shot onto the face of the 13 year old and also on to the pussy of the 15 year old. I was scared that some might get into her pussy. But I guess because she was starting her period it did'nt. They were facinated with how it shot out of my dick. Both of them even wiped it from themselves and licked most all of it from each others fingers. They were so incredible.
We had several more episodes since that first time, and I of course, eventually got to fuck both of them. Our threesomes turned into a wild anal sex relationship for the rest of the summer. They both loved getting fucked hard in the ass. We talk often and they have continued their sexual relationship between each other to this day. They are both now married and even have sex together for their husbands to watch. This was a strange situation, and I realize that this sort of thing is not supposed to happen. But I am glad that it was me that got to be a part of their first sexual experience. --ANON



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