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My New Sex Life

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I know how lame this must sound to most of the people who read these stories, but I never had a male masturbate me until almost two years ago.


I've been divorced for four years but when I was married, even then my husband never masturbated me. We had sex often enough and even oral sex which is sort of a masturbation activity. I never had vibrators or dildos and although my husband often touched my vagina to the point of arousal, never fully had me climax by it, always instigating intercouse.

2009 is when I met Steve, he's 48, also divorced and just a barrel of fun to be with. He is actually sort of crazy and wild but I enjoy being with him. We dated three times before having sex and I began seeing him regularly with no strings or commitment. One night we went back to his apartment and he handed me a gift. It was a leather case and when I opened it up it contained various size dildos, a vibrator with attachments and two butt plugs. Most of it I had no idea where or how they were used. He laughed at my embarrassment and soundly assured me I would like all of it. We made out for awhile and ended up naked in the bedroom. He retrieved the case and without saying a word of what he was doing, positioned me on my back with my legs spread wide apart. I submitted by arousal but also curiosity. For the next hour or so I was subjected to the most tantalizing sexual experience I ever had. Orgasms were numerous and almost violent. I don't know and never asked him how he learned to do all he did. I had never felt either a dildo or vibrator before and never experienced any rectal stimulation before that night. He stimulated me in ways I never thought possible. I masturbated him in between and at one point he had me insert the vibrator in him as I jerked him off.

It became a weekly event and aside from satisfying me with all those sex toys, would get me into compromising positions to administer the dildo and vibrators. What initially were humiliating positions became more exciting each time. He began using the butt plugs as he penetrated me with the different attachments of the vibrator. The first few times he used the butt plugs I didn't even know he did because he had me bent over on my elbows and knees. I knew he was doing something to my anus but I was much too aroused to protest or know what he was doing. He has admitted to me that he likes looking at my body when I am vulnerable and exposed to him. I had never in my life ever shaved my pubic hair, but now let Steve do it every week. I can see he enjoys it and that also excites me when he does it.

We do have have normal sex also but masturbation has become a big part of my life. I do think Steve has a fetish for satisfying me with sex toys and has admitted as much. I also think he likes exposing me in humiliating positions even though he knows it doesn't embarrass me anymore. It does surprise me that he likes me to penetrate him rectally with the vibrator, but I can tell he is truly aroused by it and enjoys it. He also likes me to hold his testicles when I masturbate him. When we do these things to each other I get the most benefit. He spends more time satisfying me than I do for him. He'll masturbate and stimulate me for a long time and I orgasm often. I'll then satisfy him but unlike my ex-husband he starts all over making sure I am completely satisfied, to the extreme where I can no longer climax. I can't begin to say how many times I orgasm as they seem to be continuous. I never knew what I was missing all my life.

My daughter and son know Steve and know I have been dating him for quite awhile. They both know we have sex and I have discussed it with my daughter a few times, never with my son. I have told her he masturbates me sometimes but never get into detail about the vibrators and dildos he bought me. I see my ex sometimes and we do tolerate each other because of our kids. I wonder if we would still be together if he had the tenacity and boldness Steve posesses. In all my adult years I have never been so sexually active as I am now.

While I willingly submit to the many things Steve does to stimulate me, they are much too embarrassing to tell anyone about. I know he is kind of kinky, and many times I have been reluctant to do what he asks. What I have learnt however, is that no matter what position he wants me in or how I am exposed to him, he always satisfies me to the fullest. I know the sight of me in vulnerable and somewhat degrading positions has him excited and aroused and he tells me so. It is easy for me and I like knowing how much he enjoys it and am willing to make him happy. Each time I orgasm it brings a smile to his face and the more I have the happier he seems to be. I have never been with a man so anxious to have me orgasm repeatedly. I can't believe what I have been doing and permitting Steve to do to me. All these years I never knew what I was missing but have certainly found out fast. I think I did love my ex-husband for a long time but never found out how rewarding masturbation would be. Steve has lightened up my life.



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