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My New Profession

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Five years ago I lost my job as an assembler at a factory, a job that I had held for more than twenty years. My buy out package was generous and I found out that since my company had been put out of business by foreign competition, I was eligable for retraining. Since I was divorced and had buy out cash I decided to go back to school at a local community college.

After taking several general courses I signed up for a certificate programme in massage therapy, which involves taking a set of six classes as a part of my associate degree in health professions. When I graduated I took a job at a local massage business, a legitimate place which took referrals from physical therapists and physicians. Most of the clients were middle aged women.

The erotic nature of working with semi-naked women was not lost on me. I was shy and had not had much sexual experience since leaving my wife, but I never did any improper touching at work. Interestingly there were several female clients who seemed to get visibly aroused as I worked on them. A few of them asked me to take extra time massaging their most intimate areas, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. On more than one occasion a few of these ladies began to breathe in an irregular way and make subtle thrusting motions as I worked on them.

Finally one of the women who seemed the most sexual asked if I would consider making a house call. Before I could answer, she handed me a card with her phone number on it. I was conflicted by her request. I had a sense of what she wanted but worried that I could damage my reputation or lose my job if I called her.

After a few weeks of mulling about her request I called and she cheerfully invited me to come to her home on a weekend. I arrived with a portable table and a hot oil machine, and she escorted me to her bedroom. While I set my table up she took a shower and then returned to the room in a terry robe, smelling of expensive perfume.

Unlike her behaviour at my place of business, which was to lie on the table in the robe and also use a towel to cover her private places, she dropped the robe to the floor and slipped onto the table in the nude. Her 60 year old body was stunning and I noted that her pubic hair was freshly shaved. 'This time let's not be rushed,' she whispered, as I began to work on her shoulders and neck.

By the time I had reached the small of her back she was breathing heavily and moving herself against the table. As I began to work my way up her legs, her breathing changed to short shudders and her grinding motions were becoming more pronounced. When I got to her bottom, she spread her legs and whispered, 'I think you know what I need.'

The situation was so wildly erotic that I could not stop. Throwing discretion aside, I squeezed a hand full of warm oil into the space between her legs, which she was raising off the table and pressing toward me. After just a few gentle touches she shuddered, moaned aloud and clenched against my hand. Then she rocked wildly against the table surface with my fingers squeezed between her legs.

When it was over she sat up and hugged me, telling me that it was the first orgasm that she had experienced with another person since her husband left her years earlier. She invited me to have tea with her before I left and as we sat talking she said that she knew several other ladies who would enjoy my services. As I left she gave me a cheque for almost three times what I earned in a normal day of work.

That was more than a year ago. Thanks to her referrals I now have a regular client list of mostly divorced, widowed, or unhappily married women who range in age fruom 45 to 70. I gave up my regular job but now make much more as an independent 'consultant.'

Not all of the clients have orgasms when I work on them, but most are obviously enjoying the sexual nature of the contact. The sexiest of my regulars is the 70 year old. A few have asked if they can touch me when I am working on them, and usually I say yes. Usually this is limited to touching my bottom or holding my penis. Sometimes a particularly sexy client will be sure to manipulate me to an orgasm as I work on her, but not always. I have never had oral or penetration sex with any of them. Most ask about my sex life and share intimate secrets of their own masturbation practices.

Sometimes being layed off can be a really good thing!



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