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My New Neighbor

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To my buddy Mr. H. who I sat across from in art class


Let me start this with a description of my self. I have red hair, blue eyes and am about 5.5 to 6 feet tall. During school I had a bit of a belly mainly from being on crutches for almost a year and a half of my life and did not want to start exercising again. Because of this I didn't have a girl friend at school but I did have an encounter with my cousin's girl friend that I hope to post later. Now I have lost most of my belly but there is still some left.

I had lived in my neighborhood for about four years. I knew almost everybody on our block. Right next to my friend's house there was one that had people moving in and out all the time, so I never really got to know the people that lived there. One day some new people moved in. They had three kids one was well let's call him Mr. Con. And although I did not know it he had two really hot older sisters. One was my age and the other was two years older. Mr. Con was thirteen and came over a lot... anyway after two weeks Mr. Con called me up and asked if I wanted to go over to the neighborhood pool.

I am on the swim team and as a result I have one of those really tight fitting Speedos. This Speedo showed off my seven and a half inch cock which I had always thought a curse but this day it turned out to be a really good thing. I put on some sunscreen and my 'kiss my ass it's Irish' shirt. Mr. Con said he was an only child so I went over expecting him to answer the door. Much was my surprise when a stunning 14-year-old answered the door. I blinked in surprise err... are you Mr. Con's girl friend I asked with a puzzled look. She laughed Mr. Con doesn't have a girl friend I am his sister. What I asked he always said he was an only child. That doesn't matter I said is he home. No she said he is in trouble with a friend's mom. I smiled did he try to scam him and his parents who were not gullible fools saw right through it and nail him. Pretty much she said is that a problem? Well yes I said I am supposed to go the pool with him. Well I'm sorry she said would you like to come in and wait for him until he gets back. Sure I said. I stepped in, their house was big but not unreasonably so. Come down to the basement that's where my room is plus it is cooler than up here.

I followed her downstairs to the basement and into her room. Her room was really big. It had a queen size bed, lots of trophies and a bunch of stuffed animals. Cool room I said. Yeah I like it she replied. Do you know when Mr. Con will be back I asked? No she said but I will go to the pool with you if you want. I replied sure excitedly. She pulled out a bikini and said turn around. So I did, ok she said. When I turned around she was in a tight 2 piece bikini that showed off her cute breasts (a B or C?) and fit nicely around her pussy. The top was a 'V' split and was open at the bottom. We swam at the pool well swam isn't really the right word, wrestled for a ball is more like it. Towards the end of our wresting match I had a hold of the ball and she jerked (forgive the pun) the ball sideways and I didn't want to let go. The result being that my hand slid under her top. Her breast was warm and soft. Oh I am so sorry I said pulling my hand out of her top it was a complete accident you turned the ball and.... She cut me off with a smile saying no it was my fault and I can tell you enjoyed it.

Let's go home she said. We can see if Mr. Con is home. When we arrived back at her house we checked around but no one was home. She took me down to her room. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower to get the chlorine from the pool off my skin. She guided me to the bathroom down the hall. The bathroom was a two parter. One held sinks and racks for the towels. And the other part held a shower and toilet. Just leave your wet clothes here and I will get you a towel. After she had left the room I stripped down and got into the shower. The shower's hot water reminded me of how warm and soft her breast had been. I pictured rubbing her nipple with my hand and caressing her body and fingering her till she orgasmed into my hand. Thinking about this got major wood going. I stepped out of the shower wishing I could jack off but knowing that would take too long. When I looked for my towel there was none and my clothes weren't there. There was a knock at the door. I heard the water stop if you want your clothes they are in my room and you will have to come and get them. I opened the door just a crack and realized with a sinking feeling that her sisters door was open and she was in there.

Hell I swore I made a mad dash to her room where I found her sitting naked on top of my clothes. You want them you have to wrestle me for them she smiled as she finished her sentence. Gladly I said for five minutes we grappled for my clothes. I was fighting a losing battle as she was a little stronger than me having played sports her whole life. Tell you what I said, having one arm across her breasts and the other coming up throught her legs trying to grab my clothes. If you give them to me I will make it worth your while. How so she asked with a smile. Well I said letting my hands cup her breasts and then letting one slide down to her pussy I rubbed her slit. She shivered with pleasure. She turned around and kissed me. I was surprised as I had never really been kissed before. She broke away and laid down at the end of her bed. I let one hand rub her clit (thank you Solo Touch for teaching me how) while my mouth licked up the inside of her leg. I began finger fucking her with 3 fingers and managed to slip a fourth one in. More, More, she gasped. After what seemed like forever I felt her orgasm around my hand. I licked up the juices as they came out. After she had cleaned up she said since you are a man of your word I owe you one. Before I could guess what she meant she stuck a hand inside of her and pulled it out dripping. She grasped my cock and began jacking. I felt her breasts and pussy which got me off. I dropped a C-6 charge (six string of cum c-6 Get it?) all over her stomach and everywhere else for that matter. We clothed ourselves and she sprayed air freshener around to mask the scent of sweat and pleasure. For the remainder of the time we made out till Mr. Con walked in on us and left laughing but by then I had to go home. She wants to go to the pool tomorrow too. That's my story and I hope to post more later. C-6 he he.



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