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My New Jackin' Buddy

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A few months back I was sitting in my car at the local shopping center just enjoying the sunny day, all the gorgeous women walking by, and pulling on my big dick. Yeah, I was really having a great time, all lubed up, stroking my cock. There was just a ton of hotties walking to and from the stores, all types, thin, chubby, big tits, little perky tits, tight asses, round asses, tall ones , short ones, I like 'em all. I just love looking at sexy women while I jack off. Well, I've been car jackin' long enough to spot another jacker pretty easily, and that brings me to the story....
I'd been beatin' the meat for about an hour when I saw this guy drive by right in front of me. I immediately recognized him and his car (seen him for a long time all over the place), I know he likes to jack in the car. So I watched to see where he was going. He parked on the end of a row near the entrance to the store, got out and went inside. I saw that the space next to his driver's side was available, so I figured what the heck, I'll go park there. Now I know he's a dick whacker too, so I decide to let him 'catch' me in the act. So now I'm really excited, my dick's the full 8 1/4 inches, hard as a rock, pulsating hot meat. This is close and I get a really good look at the chicks (oh, nice tits on that one....what an ass on her....man, that one's smokin'....) when here comes the guy. I just keep on stroking as he walks up to his car door, and know he has seen me and he hesitates for a few moments unlocking his door and looks right in my passenger window. Man, I almost blew my load. Then he gets into his car and closes the door. I'm sneaking a peek over at him and I can see that he's unzipping and pulling out the pud and starting to play with it. He's getting into it now and keeps looking over trying to see my big cock going to town. This goes on for a little while and while my attention is on a super hot honey with amazing tits, the next thing I realize the guy is standing between our cars and tapping on my window. Startled, I cover myself with a hand towel and let the window down a little only to hear him say 'hey, you want to do it together? .....may as well'. So, I say 'yeah, why not?'. So, the guy ( he said his name was Dave) gets in and says 'there's a lot of good ass out here today'. And I say 'yeah, makes me want to jack off all day....I needed to beat off right now'. Dave is wearing dress pants, white shirt & tie, you know business attire. Me, a tee shirt, shoes, and a small towel over my dick (my gym shorts are on the floor). So, we're chit-chatting and eyeing the babes walking around, when I see 'ol Dave has slipped the pecker out of his pants (not a big one...but a hard one) and starts stroking it slowly. So, I pull off the towel, sitting there nude from the waist, big dick stiffening all the while and Dave goes 'man, you got a cock and a half....wow, that thing is huge'. I say 'thanks...you got a nice cock too'. So, now we're both whackin' pretty good, getting into it, when Dave says 'damn, your dick is so hard, are you gonna shoot?' No sooner had the words left his lips when I shot a long hot spurt of cum onto the speedometer and then five more long hot ones, then dribbled for a minute to two. Man, that felt good and having somebody watch, what a turn on. I hadn't even noticed he had shot a load too and was already cleaning up with a tissue. Dave said 'man, when I saw you erupt, I couldn't help but cum too...that was awesome'. Then I said 'maybe we can do it again sometime.' Dave says 'damn right...I'll be looking for you buddy.' And off he went. Ah, car jackin' with a bud, now that was fun.



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