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My New Friend Sue

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Hi, I'm a long time reader. This is my first story sent in. It was because of this story that I first found Solo Touch. Afer this weekend with Sue I wanted to read about women masturbating together and Solo Touch popped up. I've been reading ever since but never got the nerve to send a story in until now. Please enjoy.

This was a very special time I had three years ago. Not planned, plus I never would have dreamed I would even allow it to happen, until it did. It just came to be and it felt so natural.


I was attending a seminar one weekend about two hours from our home. Once I arrived at the hotel I was one of many waiting to check in. While in line I began talking to another lady going to that same seminar. Her name for the story is Sue.

Sue and I had about 20 minutes to talk. We found we had many things in common from our like of the outdoors and being very active to our workouts. We were both happy the hotel had both a pool and a well equiped gym. No need to tell you all about our body sizes and breasts. I'll just say we both are quite fine for not being 18 any more.

As we got to the desk I was first and the clerk told me she did not see my room booked. After a moment Sue said to me that if I was comfortable I could stay in her room. I accepted and we soon went to check in.

Later that afternoon once the seminar day ended we went back to the room to freshen up. Sue said she had planned to work out after but now did not feel up to it. I agreed and asked what did she want to do. We ended up going downstairs for a glass of wine, then a whirlpool.

During our whirlpool we had it all to ourselves. We talked while looking out at the city lights. I learned Sue was single after five years of marriage and she did not have a man at the time. I explained I was happily married but had no kids yet (or now).

We talked about men and sex going back to when we were in school. Sue said she was glad she learned years ago that she did not need a man to keep her happy then went on to say she learned in school how to orgasm better by herself than any of her men have been able to do since.

We were both having such a nice time almost like we were long lost friends catching up on the past. Sue liked talking about men and sex. I'm a very sexual person so it was fine with me too. A short time before we got out of the whirpool Sue was still talking about men and she moved her body over beside me hanging onto the pools edge. She was talking about a man she met after her break up then she started to talk more softly. She smiled and stopped her story to say the jets were very warm and did a nice job of stimulating her. I then realized she meant stimulating her clit. She bobbed up and down a few times then asked if I ever tried whirlpool jets before. I smiled and said yes and I have one in my house that has helped me to many orgasms. Right then Sue said these exact words very softly almost in a whisper. 'Oh my God. I'm going to have one right now'. She wrinkled up her nose then opened her mouth wide and stopped breathing then took deep breaths while her body moved around like a wind up toy on the jet.

She stopped and said she was so sorry and that was not a polite thing to do in front of her new friend. I knew she was searching for me to say something positive about it so I told her it was fine with me and fun to watch. I said I was glad I was not the only one who enjoyed my orgasms so much.

Sue asked if I wanted to go to dinner. We decided to go back to our room to get ready then leave. We got to the room then once inside Sue flopped on her bed saying she felt so good that night. She rolled onto her back looking at me asking again if I was OK with what she had done in the whirlpool. I told her I was ok for sure and not to worry. She then smiled propping herself up and asked if I would be ok with her doing it again now. I just said yes, I did not mind at all. What else could I say and plus deep down I wanted to see her masturbate.

Sue went over to her suitcase and dug out a vibrator. She quickly went back to the bed then dropped off her robe and wet suit underneath. She lay on her bed saying she needed to climax right now. I had still not sat down because I was stunned by what was about to happen. Sue laid back on the bed and twisted her vibrator on to start humming away and I just sat down to watch. I had not seen a woman vibrate herself ever before other than in movies. I once masturbated with my best friend from school but it was long ago and in the dark.

I was delighted to see Sue kept her pussy shaved nicely with just a bit or hair on top. My husband likes zero hair so I'm bald as an egg and now I'd never go back to having pussy hair again.

This was such a joy to watch and to see if she did it like me. Sue was buzzing at her clit then stopped for a moment and hugged her knees to her chest. She asked again if I was really ok and I told her I was very interested to see how she masturbated herself and how she would orgasm. Sue smiled saying 'good', then opened her legs again to go back working on her clit.

She slowly slid the vibrator around her clit and after a while stopped in one spot saying she was going to cum. I watched as her tight tummy started to move up and down then she brought her head forward off the bed and her legs lifted straight up and stiffened out. As she kept up at the same spot on her clit she finally gasped for air then I watched her go through her orgasm from start to finish. I was amazed at how interested I was in seeing Sue masturbate herself to orgasm. Once she was done I told her how wonderful it was to watch and share that with her. Sue's body was still jerking every few seconds from the orgasm she just had. She said she usually has about four or five orgasms before she feels content but said she would stop now if I wanted to get going to dinner. I told her we had lots of time and she should not rush on my account. As soon as I said that she put the vibrator back to her body rolling it down and onto her clit again. She only moved it around for about a minute then I could see she was on her way to another orgasm. I asked her if she was always that quick to orgasm and she admitted she was extra turned on by my watching her so it heightened her ability to orgasm. Then she had another orgasm while I watched again. I was feeling very wet myself and thought I would be doing nothing wrong if I shared my own orgasm with Sue and masturbated with her. I knew I would regret it forever if I did not do it right then.

As Sue was still enjoying the after shocks of her orgasm I dropped my robe and suit too. I propped pillows against the headboard then sat against them. Sue said she was so glad I was going to join her. She asked if I wanted to use her vibe. I said I was good with my fingers and she should continue while I watched again.

Now there I was naked watching Sue buzz away at her clit. I wet my fingers then rubbed circles on my clit while Sue rocked her hips against the vibrator. I was surprised when my orgasm came within such a short time. I started to rub a bit faster while watching Sue again. I was about to orgasm so I made sure to let Sue know. I breathed harder and harder then when I came I made sure to hold nothng back. I had a wonderful orgasm and it felt so great rubbing my clit while Sue watched me.

Once I finished Sue said she enjoyed watching me quite a bit and hoped I would have more for her. I said I too like a few orgasms each time I masturbated and I was not about to stop yet.

We both had a few more orgasms while enjoying each others visual and sounds. It was very easy for me to orgasm that night. We ended up going to eat very late.

After we came back to the room I called my husband. As I talked on the phone we had our phone sex that we would often do. It was so much more exciting for me to be masturbating on the phone with him while Sue watched me. Sue did not masturbate while I was on the phone. She just sat and watched me. It felt so highly erotic! After I was done she then masturbated herself again for a while and I too joined in for part of it, then watched her for a few more orgasms.

The next morning we both wanted to do it just one more time together so it was another long masturbation session together for about an hour then we had to get going.

I took Sue's info and we said we would get together with my husband and her when dating but that has not happened yet. I don't think we ever will be together again. It was one time that we both just fell into and enjoyed it to the max.



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