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My New Digital Camera

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I wanted to make another submission and describe how I recently spent a day out and about with a raging hard on.

I have always been thrilled to walk around and carry on a day with my hard cock sticking out in front of me especially in a public situation when no one notices. In the back of my mind I had been planning out the day for a while, but it turned out to be much more thrilling than I thought.

The plan was to do some errands and bring my digital camera along and take a few pics of my hard rod in the bathroom stalls of a couple public bathrooms. The day was a Saturday when I awoke planning on getting some stuff done, when the thought entered my mind to bring the camera. I knew right away it would have to happen as my cock instantly got rock hard and stuck straight up. I got cleaned up and threw on only some baggy cargo pants, a long shirt and some thongs and headed to the first destination: a large hardware store. Once at the store I went to the bathroom and took a couple pics of the bulge in my pants and the head of my cock sticking out above the waist of my pants. I then I put the camera on movie mode and filmed me undoing the waist string of my pants, my cock springing out. It was definitely a thrill, as I could hear people coming and going out of the bathroom, while thinking that someone might accidently see in the crack of the door and notice my hard cock.

I forced my cock back behind the draw string of my pants and headed for the next stop. On my way out of the store, I stopped amongst some people and looked at the pics and video I had just taken. Man what a thrill to be looking at them with people around not knowing that they were pics of my rod. This brought the plan to a whole new level as I went from store to store getting braver each time, taking short vids of me untying the waist string of my pants and having my throbbing cock spring out or sticking it out the fly, which I now left completely unbuttoned.

There always seemed to be a shelf or something to set the camera on and with just one string I could get my cock out and in very quickly. I worked myself up to the point of taking a video right down one of the isles of a smaller local store, out in plain view if someone was to walk over. About midway through the day I went to the truck to look at the videos I had taken, and man I thought I was going to blow my load right there. It was awesome to see my 7 inch throbbing cock leaking pre cum in all these different public situations. I knew I had to take things one step further. I immediately went to a fast food joint and sat down in the corner where I knew no one could see. I sat the camera across from me and started recording as my cock sprung out when I undid the draw string. I sat there for a minute and enjoyed the situation and then reached down and felt my throbbing rod.

It was quite noisy in the restaurant so I grabbed by cock and balls by the base and swung it back and forth against my abs, making quite a noise. To my slight disappointment no one noticed, but man it still felt incredible. I turned the camera off and watched what I had just recordrd, as I sat there with my cock pressing up against the metal bottom portion of the table. The video was great and I couldn't get over how veiny my cock looked and how much it swung back and forth as it throbbed, almost two inches. I knew I didn't have much time until I blew so I forced my cock back in and left. On my way out I went through the drive thru with my cock out, and the camera on the arm rest recording the activities. However as I got closer to the window, I ended up chickening out and pulling my shirt down over my cock. I knew this would bug me, so I went back through pretending I had forgotten something this time with my cock completely uncovered, however most likely not visible to the attendant. I knew I had hit a new public high, so when I got to the window and reached for the food I lifted my hips up especially high with the head of my cock maybe 2' from sticking up over the window edge into plain view. I was getting very close now so decided to head back to the hardware store where I had started and blow my load there. Once there I walked around looking at stuff and pulling my cock out every chance I had and swinging it back and forth by the base. At one point I swung it and it hit a stack of tiles and man it felt great. I nearly came right there so I thought it would be a thrill to try to blow my load without ever stroking my rod, which I had never done before. I proceeded to sneak around the store and whip it out, which I now had down to a science, and swing it against all sorts of objects, some smooth, some rough, some clean, and some dirty while trying to record all of it. I ended up in the concrete isle, where I was swinging my throbbing cock against some smooth pails, when I knew I couldn't hold off anymore. I checked the camera while still swinging my cock and all of a sudden let fly a solid ribbon of cum which felt awesome, then two smaller ribbons and several more little pumps. The first stream landed on a stack of bricks almost waist high, then on a shelf below and the floor. I stood there thankful I had gotten away with everything and milked the last few drops. I then took a video of all the cum and headed for home grateful for my new camera.



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