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My New Brother

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Very sad story with a happy ending!


My life changed forever that fateful July night just over 2 years ago. It was just past midnight when I was awakened by the ringing phone. All I could hear was my mom saying 'OK we'll leave first thing in the morning.' I quietly went back to my room and went to sleep.

The next morning my mom woke me up extra early and told me to hurry downstairs because she and dad had to leave and she needed to talk to me. When I sat down she proceeded to tell me about the phone call last night. All she said was that there was a family emergency and that they were going to pick up my aunt Lynn's son Jamie. She told me Jamie was going to be staying with us for a while. I had never met aunt Lynn nor Jamie so I was very confused and pissed about the whole situation. I was even madder when my dad told me I had to make room in my bedroom since that is where he was going to be sleeping! They left and I did as I was told. As I was making space I was getting madder and madder. I liked my privacy especially since I was now 14 and had discovered the joys of jerking off!

They got back to the house around mid-afternoon with Jamie in tow. I was shocked when I saw this kid. He was about 5'5' tall, extremely skinny, with a greasy unkept mop of brown hair. He was wearing a pair of nasty dirty bib overalls and a stained white t-shirt. Above all he smelled really bad! I could not believe I was suppose to share my room with him! Mom handed me a large plastic garbage bag and told me to take him upstairs, get him showered and to put his clothes in the garbage bag and take them right out to the trash. Jamie did not say a word as I led him up the stairs to the bathroom, he just stared down at the floor. We get to the bathroom and I tell him to take off his clothes and put them in the bag. I was trying not to stare but being just 14 I was curious about his body. I noticed two things about him. First he had a huge bruise on his lower back, and second he had a few hairs growing in around his penis. While he showered I went and got him some of my old clothes to wear. He dried off and put them on, still not saying a word. They were a little big on him but worked for now. We went back downstairs and mom commented on how much better he looked. Then she took us out to buy him some new clothes and an air mattress for him to sleep on. On the way home we stopped and picked up some pizzas for dinner since it was now getting late and everyone was exhausted. Jamie had still not said a word. After dinner I took him up to my-our- room, fixed up the air mattress for him, and told him it was time for bed. We stripped out of our clothes, me down to my boxers, and him down to his boxers and t-shirt. Then we laid down. Jamie had still not said a word to me despite many attempts on my part.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep I hear him crying. I look over and he is curled up in the corner shaking. I get out of bed and go over to him. I put my arm around him and ask what is wrong.

'I'm scared!' He whimpers.

'What are you afraid of?' I ask.

That is when the flood gate opened. Jamie proceeds to tell me everything that had happened to him. He told me his mom-my aunt Lynn- and her boyfriend were crystal meth addicts. And that often late at night, while really high, he would start beating his mom then come into his room and beat him too. That is how he got the bruise on his back. Then one of the neighbors called social services who came and took him away after having his mom's boyfriend arrested. I found out it was the social worker that had called the night befor telling my mom that if she didn't take him he would be put in a group home. At this point I was crying too and just pulled him in tighter trying to calm him down and comfort him. I assured him he was safe and that noone was going to hurt him here. I told him he could come lie down on my bed with me if it would help. He accepted. We climb into my bed. He wraps his arms around me like a teddy bear and buries his face in my chest. Soon he fell asleep but I was awake. After hearing all he had to say I was pissed at myself for being such a selfish ass to my parents earlier in the day. After about an hour I fell asleep too with Jamie still nestled against my body.

Over the next week Jamie began to come out of his shell. He started talking more, eating better, and generally settling into his new life. Now he would not leave my side. If I was away from him for more than 5 minutes he would become agitated and withdrawn. I guess he looked at me as his protector. I was fine with that except I had no time to myself and was getting pretty horny! Every night Jamie would sleep with me in my bed-always cuddled in close to me. One night my mom opened the door to say goodnight and Jamie just freaked. Mom started to come into the room but I waved her off and she left. The next day I explained to my mom that Jamie freaked because he was afraid that he was going to be beaten. I suggested that we put a lock on the door so he would feel safer. She reluctantly agreed.

It had now been over two weeks since I had jerked off. I was popping a bone just thinking about jacking off. Jamie had really settled in and he and I were getting along great. One night we were laying in bed. Jamie was laying on me with his hand on my chest. He gently starts rubbing it and I start getting hard, I just had to get off.

'Dude, you ever jack off?' I quietly ask.

'I used to but I don't anymore.' Jamie nervously says.

'Why not?'

I can feel Jamie's heart starting to beat faster and he was getting a bit agitated. 'I got caught once. He beat me bad for it and told me if he ever caught me doing it again that he would cut it off and make me eat it!'

'That is horrible!' I tell him. 'Well he is out of your life now so you don't have to worry about that happening. Did you like how it felt though?'


'Look Jamie, I haven't gotten off in two weeks. I am about to explode. How about we jack off together?' I plead.

'What if we get caught?'

I kind of laugh and assure him if we did get caught noone was going to cut it off and make him eat it. Besides the door was locked so nobody could come in anyway! He says 'OK!'

I throw back the blankets and pull off my boxers. Jamie follows and takes off his t-shirt and boxers. We are both sporting stiffies. He looks over at mine and comments about how much bigger and hairier mine is than his. I glance over at his and tell him mine was about that size when I was his age. I start pounding away as does Jamie with his eyes glued on my dick. It did not take long at all! Only a couple of minutes before I could feel my cum building. I came so hard and it felt so good. Finally some relief. Jamie took a little longer. I had already finished and was just watching him stroke his 4' dick to the finish. Jamie came not long after me with just a little bit of cum dribbling out but he still had a smile on his face so I know he liked it! He went to put his underwear back on but I stopped him. That night we slept naked together cuddled in close. The feeling of our naked bodies touching was amazing.

A new routine had started. Every night befor going to sleep we would jack off then sleep naked together. It was awesome watching as Jamie's dick got bigger, more hair was growing, and he was making more cum! One night he asked if he could touch mine. Of course I said yes. He reaches over and starts exploring my package. The feeling of his tiny hands playing with my hairy 6' dick was amazing. I reached over and returned the favor! Soon we are quietly jacking each other off. All too soon we both start to moan, grunt, and thrust. We both shoot big loads of boy cum. Now we jacked each other off every night befor going to sleep.

Summer was now coming to an end and school was about to begin. I was happy when mom took Jamie down to the school to get him enrolled. It meant that he wasn't going to be going back to his mom anytime soon! I prepared Jamie for school, assuring him that he would be OK and that I would always be just down the hall if he needed me. We took the air mattress out of my room since it wasn't being used because Jamie still wanted to sleep next to me. I was cool with that.

A few months passed and Jamie had really adjusted to both his new home and school. He had really turned around from the sad, smelly, skinny boy I had met back in July. He was happy! Mom and dad hired a lawyer so they could adopt Jamie. Aunt Lynn's parental rights were terminated and soon after my parents adopted Jamie! I finally had a little brother! We were both happy about being brothers. Jamie still has not fully recovered from the abuse he had suffered. Not sure if he really ever will. He still is afraid to sleep alone that is why he still sleeps with me (wink wink!)! A very strong bond has formed between us and I don't think it will ever be broken!



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