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My New Bra Really Got Him Hard

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My boyfriend had just recently gone on a trip to Europe with his family. A few days into his trip he called me. We couldn't talk long, but he told me how much he missed me and how horny he was and how he couldn't stop thinking about how much he wanted to have sex with me. He was really frustrated though because he was finding it very difficult with his family around to have any privacy in order to jerk off. I love to tease him, so I really played it up on the phone, telling him how hot he makes me and how when he gets home my wet pussy would be waiting for his hard cock. This was really putting him over the edge.

He had to go so we said good-bye. I felt a little guilty about teasing him, so I thought I'd make it up to him by buying some new sexy bra to wear for his return. I went to the mall and soon found myself trying on a bunch of bras at Victoria's Secret. Finally I found one I knew he'd love and it felt really sexy on me. It was this lacy red bra that made my 32D breast look so perfect.

The day before his return I received an unwelcome visitor. I didn't think that time of the month would start for another few days and that for sure I'd be able to fuck my boyfriend upon his return, but it showed up early. I guess that's better than late. I was really bummed out and I knew he'd be disappointed too.

I decided the day he got back that I'd still wear the bra just to show him I was thinking of him and to let him have a look at my body which I know he missed. As soon as I got to his place he was kissing me and dragging me to the bedroom, telling me how he was going to rock my world. I felt bad, but told him it wasn't going to happen. He is so understanding and though he was let down, said it was ok, we'd do it as soon as we could in a few days.

We lay on his bed cuddling and I asked about his trip. He wasn't very responsive. I could see in his eyes he was still thinking about fucking me. He looked like a sad puppy dog. I figured now was the time to show my surprise. I faced him and whispered in his ear that I had something that would cheer him up. I lifted up my shirt and exposed the new sexy red bra. His mouth just dropped and then he started to bite his lip.

'Do you like it?' I asked.

'I love it, it is soooo sexy. I missed those breasts so much.'

I told him I wanted him to touch them, to squeeze my big tits. He was very obliging. He told me how hard it was making him.

'Pull it out, let me see it' I told him. He got up, took his pants off and unleashed his beautiful erection. He knelt next to me, his cock hovering above my body.

'How did that happen?'I teased, 'was it the way my tits look in this new bra?'

'Yes' he replied, your tits make me so horny'

I looked him in the eyes and said 'I'm sorry I can't fuck you, but I'm still going to make you cum'

I grabbed his shaft and began to stroke it. With my other hand I cupped his balls and began to massage them. His balls felt so full, I don't think he'd ever gone so long without cumming. Certainly not since we began dating. The whole time I was jerking him off, he couldn't take his eyes of my chest. I took my hand from his balls, took his hand in mine and then place his hand on my right breast. He started to squeeze it again and pinch my nipple. Then with my free hand I began to rub my left breast. This really put him over the edge. He loves watching me play with myself. I could feel his cock harden as the cum worked its way up his shaft. Then it happened. He unleashed his hot, sticky cum all over my bare stomach. There was so much, he let out five or six full volleys of his man juice and his orgasm seemed to last forever.

He was so relieved to finally get it all out. It wasn't the sex we both wanted, but I'm happy he got his, and he certainly made it up to me the next time he could.



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