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My New Apartment

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I am 19 and I have been masturbating since I was about 12. I'm in college now and I have a small one-bedroom apartment near campus. Living alone gives me the chance to experiment with masturbating. While living at home, I was always so scared of being caught that I usually stuck with using my hands under the covers at night. When I moved into my apartment I was finally free to try different things.

I had a lot of ideas because my friends and I talked about masturbation and some of them were pretty creative girls! The first night in my new apartment, I masturbated more than I ever have and I did it a different way every time. My girlfriends had told me about humping things, using objects, and the waterfall technique so I tried them all. I was in heaven! I had so been missing out!

The waterfall technique was the last thing I tried. After I had humped everything I could get between my legs and inserted everything that would fit, I decided to take a shower to clean up. I turned the water on and got it to a comfortable temperature and then I got in and scooted down and put my legs up so that my vagina was under the falling water...it was great!! I came soo hard! It was freaking amazing.

I laid in the bathtub for what seemed like forever trying to regain control. Finally I got up and finished my shower...I got dressed and I had planned to go to the library to study after I ate dinner. I fixed dinner and as I was cleaning my plate off I noticed the sprayer on the sink....it peeked my curiosity and before I knew it, my pants and panties were off and I was climbing up on the sink. I got the water warm and went to town. It was amazing. I came within seconds. I was spraying the water directly on my clit and then when I came I moved it to a less sensitive area for a few seconds and then back to my clit...I came again....I did this over and over again...needless to say I never made it to the library that night. The sink sprayer is my favorite method and now I use my hairbrush handle inside me at the same time.

Now that I live alone and masturbate much more frequently (at least 3 times a day...morning, evening and before bed), I have become slightly more bold. I don't worry so much about being caught anymore. Sometimes I masturbate in my living room with the blinds open and I have taken to masturbating in the restrooms at my school...it's such a rush knowing that someone might hear me. One of my greatest fantisies is to masturbate in a public restroom using the water from the handsink water faucet...I haven't gotten up the courage to try that yet. I would most certainly get caught if I did it during the day, but I might get away with it at night... hmm... maybe that'll be another story!



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