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My Neighbors Son

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After my divorce I had a few relationships that did't go well. I live alone and am happy with my job. I masturbate at least four times a week and have accumuliated several types and sizes of dildos and vibrators. I still date on occasion but rarely. My neighbor Sara has a son 19 years old who cuts my grass and does odd jobs around my house.


Jeff is a cute guy and was always polite and very helpful with fixing things around the house, since I don't have anyone else to help with maintenance. Most of the time when I needed something done he would come mostly on weekends since he works during the week. One Thursday about nine months ago I had a day off. About three in the afternoon I was on my bed masturbating and was using a vibrator in my pussy but also an anal vibrator. My house is a three bedroom ranch style (only one story) and my bedroom is in the rear of the house. The window was open, since the weather was nice and I was just enjoying myself and bringing myself to several orgasms. The noise of the vibrators were just enough that I didn't realize Jeff was outside watching me. He came over to cut my grass and had to go by my window to get the lawnmower out of the shed.

When he realized I saw him he walked away and started to mow my yard. I was really embarrassed that he caught me and couldn't make up my mind whether to say anything to him. When he was finished cutting the grass he came to the front door for me to pay him. I let him in and I know I was blushing and he had a smile from ear to ear. All the sudden I just asked him how long he was watching me. He didn't answer me right away and then just said about 10 or 15 minutes. I guess my jaw dropped and I couldn't speak after that so I paid him for mowing the lawn and he left. No one had ever watched me masturbate before and when I do I have a tendency to moan and am quite vocal. The more I thought about it I became more humiliated and avoided seeing him for a few weeks. He did come to my house a few times to clean up and do my windows but I made sure I was out and just left the key with his mother.

When I came home the one time I noticed that he was in my room and was rooting in my dresser drawers. It was obvious he was looking through my panties and I knew he must have found my vibrators and dildos. A few months passed and he was coming over most evenings to paint my woodwork. One night after he left I took a bath and as I was drying off I noticed the cans of paint and his tools and tool box was on a counter in the bath room. I didn't think much about it at first, since it had been there for a week or so since he started painting. Then it dawned on me that there was a hole in the tool box. I opened it and found an old video camera inside. I took the tape out and played it and it was a video of the bath I just took and you could clearly see me in the tub and then drying off naked. The next night I confronted him and he admitted he had four other tapes of me in the bathroom.

I was furious and embarrassed at the same time and actually started crying. I was sitting in a chair and he came over to me and knelt down and put his arms around me, with his head on my breasts and started telling me how sorry he was but that I really excited him and he couldn't stop thinking about me masturbating. I felt his hand on my breast and his face caressing me and I didn't try to stop him. I started getting aroused and he started kissing my neck and rubbing my breasts. He unbuttoned my blouse and we started undressing each other and he started to finger me as we rolled onto the floor. He had me wet and aroused in no time and I had an orgasm within minutes. I took his penis and masturbated him as he turned and continued to finger me.

We played with each other for over an hour and I must have had four or more orgasms and I know he came at least twice more. His body was so arousing I couldn't help myself. He comes over once or twice a week now and we do everything. It seems we have more fun with masturbation than intercouse and he is fascinated with my vibrators and dildos. We take turns trying different ways to satisfy each other. Sometimes I tie his hands to the bed and masturbate him as I insert a dildo or small vibrator in his anus and he makes as much noise moaning as I do. I also let him tie my hands as he masturbates me with dildos and vibrators in my vagina and anus. He said he gave me all the videos he took of me in the bath, but I'm not sure if I believe him. We can't let his mother find out about this since she is a friend of mine and would not like me doing this with her son and I know it would embarrass him also.



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