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My Neighbor - Part 1

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My wife and I moved to the Mid-West a few years ago. We were both tired of the big city, so after living in an apartment while house hunting, we found a nice place in the country. After a couple of years, a couple bought some property down the road and soon had a house built.

After they were moved in, the wife and I went over with a house warming gift and introduced ourselves. They were both about ten years younger than us. They were Tom and Lacy. We all had a nice time, but I got the feeling we weren't going to be friends. I liked Lacy, who was a very attractive blonde with great features and those gravity defying breasts that get me hard just thinking about them. Tom, on the other hand, was rather short, balding, and seemed to be always complaining about something. I couldn't figure out what attracted Lacy to him. My wife said he probably had a big cock. After our little party, I figured we would probably not be seeing much of each other.

Along comes Christmas and I had two weeks off thanks to a plant shutdown. My wife had to work, so I was home alone with little to do. One day after finishing a few chores, I decided to rest and not finding much on daytime TV, decided to pop a video in the VCR and play a little.

It wasn't long before I had my cock out and stroking along with the video. I was pretty well into it when the doorbell rang. My heart stopped and I froze. Alongside our front are two thin vertical windows. As I looked at the door, I saw Lacy's face looking in one of the windows. I couldn't tell if she saw what I was doing, because there is a chair partially blocking the view. I grabbed my sweats and stood up in one motion and headed for the door. I opened it and Lacy said Hi! She had come by to drop off some Christmas cookies. I took them, thanked her, and she left. My heart was pounding, and I wondered what she had seen, and if something was going to happen. Well nothing did, for a while.

A couple of weeks later, I'm down by the road trimming some trees after an ice storm. I see Lacy's car heading my way. She drives by and waves. I'm thinking, well at least she is not pissed. A little while later, she comes back and stops. I walk over to her car and we chat for a bit. She then says 'Can I ask you a question?' I say ok. She asks 'Were you doing what I think you were doing when I came by with the cookies?' I say 'Well ah yea, I was hoping you didn't see.' 'If you're upset, I'm sorry.'

'Hell no' she says 'I was so turned on, I had to go home and do the same thing!' I say 'Cool, I figured you thought I was a pervert and Tom would too by now.' 'I didn't tell Tom, not that he would be interested.' 'All he cares about is his fucking career.' 'I'm sorry to hear that' I say, geez, what else was I going to say.

By now, I was leaning against her car, and I can see partially down her blouse. She says 'Do you do that often?' 'All the time' I say. 'God, I'd love to watch.' 'Perhaps we can watch each other' I say. 'I'd love that' she says.

An hour later, I'm just out of the shower and she is at the door. I let her in and we have a little talk. We both agree that mutual masturbation is all we want for now. We both get naked by undressing each other; and by then I'm rock hard. She smiles with approval as I sit down in my chair. She is right between my legs staring at my cock. I can see her hand playing with her pussy as I stroke myself. She starts talking in a husky voice. 'Stroke that hard cock for me, I'm so fucking wet.' I can hear her fingers squish in and out of her cunt. Her skin is flushed and her nipples are like rocks. 'Cum for me, cum for me, shoot that load all over me.' Just hearing her sexy voice has me close, so I slow a bit. She says 'Don't slow down, I want to see it, I want to see it now' I shudder and begin to spurt my cum all over her chest. She scoops some in her hands and licks them clean. I sit back and watch her finish herself. It doesn't take long before she screams and shakes. We say nothing for a few minutes. Then she says 'Wow!' We clean up, dress, and she leaves.

That was our first encounter. Since then there have been more. My wife has also joined our little club. We have all become more physical with each other. Lacy holds little hope for her and Tom in the sex dept, but at least she is happy being with us occasionally.



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