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My Neighbor Likes to Watch

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I am 19 and last summer while I was cleaning out our pool I noticed we had new neighbors. A young couple in their 30's had bought the house across the alley from us and the woman had long blonde hair and a nice body. I had watched from my room upstairs as Jenny had mowed the yard one day in only her bikini which allowed me to watch her tits bounce as she walked. Then when she turned and mowed away from me I was hypnotized by her gorgeous ass barely covered by her bikini bottom. Our house had a fence around it and I liked to sit back after a swim and take down my trunks and jack off while sitting in a chair near the pool. At first I was afraid to jack off very long and then as the summer went on I found myself jacking off longer and longer sometimes for 30 minutes before spraying come all over my chest.
To my suprise Jenny knocked at our fence door one day as I was cleaning out the pool. She had her bikini on and asked if I cared if she went for a swim. I told her to go ahead and as she got wet her white bikini did not hide her great tits and her perky nipples. I could also see her hairy pussy through the bikini bottoms and I began to wonder if she wore this bikini on purpose. As she got out of the pool she laid back on a chaise recliner we had and asked me if I could help her put some lotion on her because she burned easily. I was really turned on by this point and my cock began to stick straight out through my swimming trunks. Jenny laid on her stomach and I slowly began to rub some lotion on her legs. Her legs were smooth and sexy and I rubbed right up to her ass. Jenny then pulled the fabric up so I could rub some lotion on her ass cheeks. Oh my god. This woman had a hot bodya and I was getting to rub her down. I then moved to her back and she removed her top so that I had a clear access to her back. As I was rubbing lotion on her back I could see the edge of her tits and rubbed some lotion on them as well.
Jenny asked me if I liked to masturbate and I told her yes. She asked if I ever masturbated outside and I told her maybe, why did she ask. Jenny told me that over the last two weeks she had watched me masturbate while by the pool from her upstairs bedroom window. I thought she might be mad but she wasn't. She asked me if I ever watched her from my bedroom window and I told her one day I saw her mowing her yard. Jenny told me her husband always mowed the yard but that day she wanted to see if after I saw her mowing in her bikini if I would come down to the pool and jack off. Jenny stated she just barely got in the house and got upstairs that day before she saw me stretched out next to the pool masturbating. She told me after seeing me stroke my cock from a long way away she wanted to know if she could watch me jack off up close.
Jenny reached over and began to rub my cock while I finished rubbing the lotion on her back. She then flipped over and I was amazed by her nice firm tits and perky nipples. I started to spread some lotion on her tits and she began to moan as if to come. She then took my hand and put it down the front of her bikini bottoms until I could feel her hairy pussy. I took the hint and began to rub against her clit and then slip two fingers inside her pussy and rub against her wet pussy lips. Jenny clamped down on my hand and I felt her come twice. She then smiled and asked me to jack off for her.
I jerked off my trunks and began to stroke my now raging hard on in front of her. Jenny squirted some lotion on her hands and then moved over and sat next to me. She began to rub the warm lotion on my shaft and it felt heavenly. Jenny asked me if I liked to jack off while thinking of her body. I told her yes that her tits and ass always turned me on. Jenny started masssaging my balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other. The lotion was making a slurping noise as she jacked me off and I tried hard not to come to fast.
To my suprise Jenny then straddled me in the chair and slowly lowered her wet pussy on top of my throbbing cock. As she leaned back her lucious tits were bouncing right in front of my face and I leaned up to suck her nipples. I immediately felt her come again and she began to ride up and down on my cock even faster. This sexy neighbor who I barely knew was riding my hard cock with abandon and I was loving it. She asked me to reach around and spank her ass and as I did she came again. This time her pussy lips squeezed my cock so hard that I shot my hot load deep inside her warm pussy. Jenny continued to ride my cock and she took my hands and helped me knead her tits as she rode me. I was suprised when my cock stayed hard but then again I had a sexy woman riding me like a horse and I was really turned on. Jenny asked me if I wanted to get on top and I told her sure.
Jenny laid on her back and I got on top of her sexy body slipping my cock into her wet pussy. Jenny spread her legs as far as she could and as I continued to bang her she then wrapped her legs around my back. Jenny was still horny and she reached up and bit me on the neck as I was giving her every inch of my rock hard cock. I then picked her up off the chair and I was just holding on to her ass as I was fucking her harder and faster. Our naked sweaty bodies were making squishing noises as we banged together and I shot another load of come into her pussy. I was exhausted and fell down in the chair on top of Jenny. She did not offer to move and I kept my cock in her warm pussy for another five minutes until I lost my hard on and slipped out. Jenny gave me a great french kiss and got up and got dressed. She told me her husband was out of town working alot like he was today and she wanted to see me again. Who was I to tell her no?



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