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My Neighbor Girl & Her Stuffed Bear

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There is a girl who lives in the house next to me. She is about 10-years-old, and quite active in their backyard. They have a small pool, and a trampoline. She has an older sister, but I rarely see her. This girl, who I shall call Bambie is the cutest thing. Long brown hair, and big brown eyes. She is very friendly, and always yells 'thank you' when I toss one of their pool toys and other objects back over. Her smile will melt anyone's heart.

They also have a thing in the end of their yard that is kind of like a combination fort/jungle gym. I don't know the names of kid stuff anymore, but it's made of hard plastic, and it's very colorful. There is a platform you can climb to, and it has a slide, etc.

Bambie likes to play on this thing when she's alone, and she usually sings, which is awfully charming to hear. When I'm working in the yard/garden, I'll glance over once in awhile. If she fell out of that thing, I don't know if her folks would know about it right away. I never see them out there. She seems to be very acrobatic.

I was inside a few days ago, and from a room I have out back, I can see out to my yard, and part of theirs. Our yards go down hill a bit, so it's easy to see over in their yard. I've seen her up in this fort with a stuffed bear, and she will lean on the railing, with the stuffed bear by her waist as she kind of slowly summersaults this railing. She won't spin all the way over right away, but will put all of her weight on this bear, before going forward, and spinning over. I've seen this a few times, but didn't think anything of it. When I saw her doing this the other day, from inside, I decided to take a better look. I got my field glasses, and spied on her.

I noticed she was leaning over this railing, putting all her weight on this bear, which was even with her mid-section. At first, I thought this was just for padding, but then I noticed something different. As she got herself balanced totally on the bear, she began to wiggle her legs, then it looked like she was humping. Eventually, she would flip all the way over, get back up, and do it again. All the while singing her favorite songs.

I went about my business, and came back a half hour later. I looked out, and saw Bambie sitting on the railing this time, straddling it between her legs. Again she was holding the stuffed bear, and it looked like one of the legs of the bear was under her crotch. As she sang away, she scotched herself back and forth on this bear. I have to believe she was rubbing this bear on her pussy. Sometimes she would stop, and adjust the bear, then go back to humping it.

I've never been one to spy on little girls before, but this was awesome. I didn't know girls her age actually did things like this. I'm sure she didn't know anything more than it just felt good, and I doubt she had an orgasm. But, I'm sure she had a good time doing it. I guess she will eventually learn more about those feelings, and how to get the same results using different methods. Also, I'm sure her mom will spot her one day, and instruct her about doing these things in private.

In the meantime, this is one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed. Maybe some of the ladies here would like to tell us about doing similar things when they were very young. If you did, tell us how you progressed to full masturbation techniques.



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