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My Mundane Sexlife Part 2

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This is for readers who prefer 'ordinary' stories


My last post didn't seem to get any response, but then, like I said, it wasn't going to be a steamy MM story. As a reward for your interest, here is the next instalment of my not very steamy, seamy sex life. It must have been about two months ago that someone in the Comments section mentioned that they preferred the ordinary stories as they were more likely to be genuine. If you are also of that opinion, then I hope that you will enjoy my story.

There is something that I should clear up from my last posting. I mentioned that it was midsummer at the end of the year. All of you alert Solo Touch readers no doubt realised that that is because I am in the southern hemisphere (I won't say which country). Maybe in a future posting I will go into more detail about my family, but this time I will tell you about my best friend Mike.

In Story 42994 I told how in the morning I had got my first pair of glasses and met Brian who introduced me to the art of wanking. While that first time will always be memorable, I can't pretend that I really enjoyed the experience. Brian was virtually a stranger to me and the feelings were all too strange to me to be really pleasureable.

At lunch that day my younger brother Bruce teased me about now being in the specs club, he had worn glasses since he was a baby. I think it was due to a stigmatism. After lunch my mother and brother went out again and my sister pushed off to see a friend. I was alone watching TV. I remember that it was a David Attenborough programme and was fairly interesting and I was enjoying the new experience of being able to see clearly when there was a knock at the door. It was my friend Mike who with a big grin on his face told me that he had come to see the new neighbourhood nerd. I gave him a friendly punch and reminded him that he couldn't hit me back because it was not done to hit boys in glasses.

I invited him in and told him that I wasn't the only new neighbourhood nerd. I told him that Brian just along the road had also that morning acquired glasses. This led to me telling Mike about how Brian had introduced me to wanking that morning and I asked Mike if he wanted me to show him how to do it. Mike looked embarrassed and at first I thought that I had damaged our friendship by talking about something unacceptable. Then it came out : about two months before Mike had been shown how to wank by a cousin. That made me cross and I angrily asked him why I, his best friend, hadn't been told about it. After all, I had told him as soon as I had made the discovery. He looked even more embarrassed and said that it was because I didn't have a foreskin and he didn't know that I could ever do it! That made me puzzled because Brian had shown me how to grip the shaft when doing the deed, so I said to Mike that he must show me how he does it and I would show him how I did it.

Mike said OK but that we would need some tissues to cum into. I went to the kitchen and tore off a few sheets of paper towel each and we went to my bedroom. We had often seen each other naked before so it wasn't a big deal to strip and being ultra horny at that age had erections in no time. We were both about the same build all round and had even been mistaken for twin brothers, but Mike's dick was uncut with even a little overhang when erect. Now you show me how you do it, then I'll show you my way, I said. Mike took his hand and with his fingers gently pinched his foreskin and moved his foreskin backwards and forwards over the tip. He started dribbling precum which I had never seen before. Mike stopped wanking and said Now you show me your way.

So I gripped my shaft about half way like I had done it with Brian and started wanking. We were sitting side by side on the edge of my bed at the time. After watching me for a minute or so Dave said Hey, maybe you can't do it my way, but I could do it your way. So we both sat side by side in companionable silence slowly pumping away. It wasn't long before, for the first time, I also started oozing precum but not as much as Mike. I could see that it wasn't piss and neither could it be cum. What is this stuff? I asked Mike. I don't know, he replied. But I get it just about every time I wank. It was only later that we discovered that it was a natural lubricant. Sitting in my own room with my best friend alongside I noticed for the first time how good it felt.

Watching Mike I noticed that several times he switched from his technique to my technique. I can't make up my mind which way feels best, they both feel great he said. After a few more minutes he said I'm nearly there. I had also noticed that the good feeling was getting better and better, but I was not sufficiently experienced to be able to guess how close I was to coming. Suddenly I erupted, the first spurt landing on my chest right between my nipples, followed by two or three more down my body until it was just dribbling out into my pubic bush. Mike then said I'm also coming, and he erupted like a volcano through his foreskin about a foot (30cm) into the air. Being more experienced than me he caught his load deftly in the paper towel without any mess. I cleaned up and we both dressed and went to watch the TV.

We were just in time though, a few minutes later my mother and my brother returned to find us innocently watching television. My brother flopped down on a chair next to me. After a minute or two he wrinkled his nose and said What's that funny smell?

What smell? I asked.

I dunnoâ he said. He moved his head closer to me and sniffed It seems to be coming from you.

Mike came to my rescue and said I was showing my new chemistry set to Dave and must have spilt something.

A chemistry set? Show me, show me!! said Bruce.

I can't now it's at my house. I'll show you another time, said Mike.

When I was seeing Mike off a while later, he said softly to me Be careful to clean up better next time, your brother seems to have a very good sense of smell.



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