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My Mundane Sex Life (Part 3)

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In my last posting I told of my second wank with my best friend Mike. The next day, Mike arrived at our house on his bike and suggested that we go for a ride somewhere. I told my mother of this and she was quite agreeable so off we went. We had only just started off when I said that we should ask Brian, the new boy in the neighbourhood (see story #42994), to come as well. Mike thought that this was a good idea so we stopped off at Brian's house to see if he wanted to come, he did, so we all set off on a road leading out of town.

We rode round for a while then Brian said he needed to stop for a pee. Mike and I joined Brian behind some bushes, with Mike standing in the middle. Out with our dicks and let fly with three streams of pee. Mike looked at our dicks (Brian and I are cut, Mike uncut) and shouted 'A cavalier* surrounded by round heads! Have at you!' and started a pee sword fight as young teenagers sometimes did when peeing. Brian and I finished peeing upon which Mike (still peeing) pronounced himself the victor. Mike looked at Brian and said 'Hey Brian, Dave tells me that you showed him how to wank yesterday'.

Brian turned to me and said 'Was it really your first time? I guessed that you weren't very experienced, but I never realised that you had never done it before'. Mike was still shaking his dick and said 'Well how about a quick wank now'.

'Sure, any time' said Brian 'How about you?' he asked me. I had already been exposed as a novice wanker, and since I didn't want to seem totally green I also said 'Sure'.

So there stood the three of us with our pants down at our knees and hard dicks in our hands. We were all about the same size (I was about six inches then) and all gently pumping away. I was the first to come and shot a good load onto the grass three or four feet away. A few minutes later Brian and Mike came at about the same time. They didn't shoot as far as me and both had smaller loads. This made me feel that I must be something of a stud until Mike and Brian said that this was their second wank of the day. They explained that an early morning wank was the best way to sort out morning woods.

That was the third wank of my life and appropriately there were three guys involved. We rode on a bit and pointed out the river to Brian and said that there was a good swimming hole nearby, but it was on the farm of our friend Craig's uncle. Craig was away at the time and we explained to Brian that we were welcome to use the swimming hole, as long as Craig was with us and had let his uncle know first, which was quite reasonable as no farmer wants streams of unknown kids invading his property. What we forgot to mention to Brian was that we always went skinny-dipping there, but that is another story if anyone is interested.

*For those unfamiliar with this bit of schoolboy terminology,

Roundhead = circumcised, cut

Cavalier = uncircumcised, uncut, intact, natural



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