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My Mums Friend

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It was a hot day in the summer and my family had a swimming pool.

My mum decided to invite her friend Laura over for a barbecue because it was typical barbecue weather, Laura has two sons around my age so my mum said I can just hang around them, which I normally do at functions anyway.

Well Laura arrived at about midday but there was no one with her, it seems the boys dad had taken them to the beach or something, so Laura decided to come by herself.

Well anyway, so we started the barbecue and it was pretty hot at this time and everyone decided to go swimming, as my parents and my older sister and her boyfriend were getting ready for the pool it seems that Laura had not brought a bathing suit.

Laura just said she would swim in her underwear.

I have always been attracted to Laura and often masturbated over her, I have even masturbated in her panties when I have stayed at her place.

Well just seeing her in her underwear made me hard straight away, she has thick thighs a nice round pretty big ass and big tits, I quickly sat down next to the pool as to not embarrass myself.

Well by now I was really horny but it was too risky to go for a wank anywhere.

After the pool we had dinner which was the barbecue, then all the older adults were having some drinks, I was just inside watching t.v.

Well when it came to night time and everyone was going to bed, Laura had decided to stay over, so my parents put her in my room and put me on the couch in the lounge.

Everybody was asleep at this time and I was really really horny with a stiff erection, I needed to jack it, so I went wondering around looking for Laura's Panties and bra but saw that they had been placed in the washing machine, so I decided to just have a spy on Laura to just get me a bit hot.

I sneaked through my bedroom window quietly and hid behind my dresser, by this time I was so horny, the moonlight was coming straight through my window which made it a little bright in my room, I slowly crept over to my bed.

Then I saw the best thing I could ever imagine, Laura was sprawled out on the bed completely naked and with no covers on because it was a hot night and all. Well by then I almost came in my pants, I was so horny that just in the spur of the moment I took all my clothes off.

I stood over her and just started jacking off, I wanted to touch her so bad but thought it would be too risky, well after about a minute I was right about to cum.

I kept jacking over her then sprayed a big shot of cum right onto her face, I was so scared but so excited that I just kept wanking, I shot some more on her face, I aimed for her mouth then I shot some on her tits, this was all within about 15 seconds.

Now at this point I was really nervous, I saw Laura waking up choking on some of the cum, I thought I was going to die right then and there. I quickly tried to put my pants on but it was too late she had already seen everything.

I told her I was so so sorry and begged her not to say anything to my mum, she didn't say anything she just had a shocked look on her face, I quickly bolted out of the room and back on the couch. I didn't sleep at all that night.

The next morning I hid myself away before she left, this was about a week ago, I wonder if she has told my mum yet!



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