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My Mum

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Hi y'all. Now lookit, this is a memory, but one that means a lot to me. Be kind, ok? A little background. Mom is a teacher in High School and very well educated. The house is immaculate, her standards are sky high and she expects nothing less than the best from me, my sister and everyone she comes into contact with.


So growing up was a succession of 'talks' and books. I got the usual warnings of 'All boys want is....' and of course 'Nice girls don't....' And that in my case happened when I was 13. I was an early starter and I was regular as clockwork and had a nicely developing body.

Then there was about a year of no new instructions/lectures/whatever. But Holy Shit! Things were happening to me! I felt SO fucking horny I could have fucked the planet! My clit seemed constantly to be tingly, and my tiny, fucking microscopic breasts felt hard and the nipples tingled like shit. I needed something, but what I (thought) I wanted was forbidden. Mom would have gone ape shit if I had started fucking.

So, like most girls, I heard about jilling from people at school, mainly people who I knew were talking horseshit and had never jilled in their lives, still it was a start.

Now, someone please tell me that mom's can't read minds, because I swear to God mine could!

I had my plans all made up. I would pretend to be sick and stay home and I was gonna have me a little play around and see what was what. I even had the day sorted out. It was going to be a Friday (gives me a long weekend, see?) and that was I also had Saturday to think about what happened, or didn't happen, and try again.

So we get to the Wednesday of what I called J week. (J=jilling) Mom calls me into the kitchen and sends my sister (younger by two years) out.

On the table is a box. Mom starts talking. 'Ellie, I think it's time I told you about masturbation.' And then, her usually professional, calm proper whatever, exterior just seemed to crumble away. She wasn't my mom any more, she was my friend. 'Oh.. Ellie. Your body's gonna give you SUCH pleasure! Your clit is going to rule your life for a while, and you need to know how to use this.(She took a small vibrator out of the box, popped the batteries in and turned it on and gave it to me to hold) This goes on your clit, on your nipples, it can even go inside you, but that might hurt the first time. It will give you an orgasm, guaranteed, all you need to do is find out what you like. You can fuck yourself with it (MY mom? Using the 'F' word?) you can push it in your ass (WOAH..too much too soon) but always keep it clean. You may feel like you are gonna pee, but it doesn't matter if you do. Lots of girls wet themselves the first couple times. Now, I am taking your sister out for a couple of hours.

And that was it. She left me in the house alone, and I wasted NO time with my new friend. Did I cum? You have NO fucking idea how hard or how many times. No, I didn't fuck myself with it, too scared at the time. I did make a mess though and my room smelled of sex.

When mom came back she helped me change the bed and chatted like we were best friends. Although she knew me so well, and helped me into my sex life, she never became 'my mom' again, and I miss her.

I don't have a dad as he died when I was real young. From that age until I left home, I never had my mom back, she would tell me intimate things about herself, I kinda think she had no one to talk to and I was cool with just listening to her.

One things for sure, if I ever have a daughter, I will do for her what mom did for me with one exception, I won't ever stop being a 'mom' for her.



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