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My Much Larger Friend

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I have always been fascinated by big cocks, probably due to the fact that my own cock is fairly small. This obsession began in junior high school, when I first began to realize that I didn't measure up to most of the guys in the locker room. Like the other guys my age, I loved girls and took advantage of every opportunity to get naked with a girl. But I also enjoyed discreetly checking out the guys with the big cocks and secretly fantasizing about comparing my own dick to theirs. This never happened, however, until my college days.

I knew that my good friend Will had a big cock. I had seen him undressed a few times and realized very quickly that his flaccid cock was longer and thicker than my erect cock. I wanted to get a closer look and perhaps compare mine to his but I didn't suggest anything like that. I supposed I would just have to admire his big dick from afar.

All that changed during Christmas break one year. I had to take my roommate to the airport in the city where Will lived, so I told him I would be in town. He suggested that we visit a local adult video store, knowing that we both enjoyed porn. I agreed, all the time wondering what this might lead to.

When we got to the place, we went together into one of the booths and started feeding quarters into the video machine. Of course it didn't take long for both of us to start stroking our dicks, but it was dark in the booth so we really couldn't see each other. There was a bench in the booth, so we sat next to each other with our pants down to our ankles, stroking away in the dark.

Finally we ran out of quarters and the video ended, which caused the lights in the booth to come on. I wanted to pull my pants up because I was embarrassed by my small cock, but I thought what the hell and just kept stroking away, as did Will. I decided to take a peek so I glanced over to see what his cock looked like. I was absolutely stunned by what I saw in his hand. I mean, I knew my dick was small, measuring only five inches long hard and four and 1/2 inches in girth, but I felt like a little boy staring at his enormous cock. It was well over seven inches long and as thick as my wrist. But it was the huge mushroom-like head that had me mesmerized. It was the size of a large plum. I said something like, 'Wow, that's a big dick.' He said 'Yours is nice too,' but we both knew his dick dwarfed mine by comparison. We both finished jacking off right in front of each other, shooting all over the floor. I couldn't take my eyes off his massive cock. I drove back to campus somewhat shaken but also strangely exhilarated thinking about how much bigger he was than me.

About a week later Will called and asked if I wanted to come over to his apartment to exercise. I said sure, again wondering what this might lead to. When I arrived we went to his bedroom because his sister also lived there. When we were alone he said that he always exercised in the nude, and slid off his jeans, his big dick swinging freely. I nervously took off my own jeans and underwear, my little cock barely peeking out of my pubic hair. At least in the video booth I had time to get hard before he saw me. This time he saw how small I really was.

We exercised for a little while and then he started fondling his dick, which soon began to grow even larger. I did the same, desperately trying to get as big as I possibly could. His cock was huge and throbbing, and this time I was determined to get closer. So I bravely suggested, 'Let's compare our dicks.' He was only too happy to oblige.

I walked over to him and put my little cock right next to his monster, rubbing our dicks together. The comparison was humiliating. His dick was at least two inches longer than mine and nearly twice as thick. His huge dick head made nearly three of mine. There was nowhere for me to hide. I was totally humiliated but also incredibly aroused.

We quickly forgot about exercising and instead laid down on the floor and began stroking our dicks. After a few minutes he said 'Would you think I'm crazy if I tell you that I want to jack your dick?' I said, 'Only if I can jack yours.' And so my friend began jacking my little cock. I had never jacked another dick but I gave it my best effort when it was my turn. While he was easily able to handle my entire cock, I struggled trying to handle his massive dick in my hand.

Needless to say this became a regular occurrence for us over the next two years until we both graduated and moved away. We got together a couple of times even after we both married, but eventually our lives just went in different directions. I still think about my friend and his big beautiful dick, and I still fantasize about rubbing my little cock against his. I hope everyone enjoys this very true story from my younger days. I've never told anyone about it. It feels good to admit my fetish with big dick humiliation.



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