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My Mother's Friend Showed Me

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Seeing this 38-year-old woman masturbate gave me so much pleasure and taught me important things for a satisfied life.


Since I was twelve years old, masturbation has become a daily routine for me. My story happened when I was sixteen. By then I was a new student at a boarding-school for boys far from home in the mountains. I was very interested in girls but apart from some petting was not very experienced in sexual matters. My mother was visiting me over the weekend and stayed in a private house of a distant friend who's name was Christine. She was a very good looking woman of 38 years, that was married to a marine captain. My mother asked me to stay with her in her friends house and so I took the guest room there for the night.

I always sleep nude and in the night I had to go for a pee and when I went over the corridor into the bathroom door, I ran into Christine wearing a short nighty. She looked at me and I noticed that she was looking at my naked body particularly at my crotch area and she seemed to enjoy what she saw and smiled at me. On the way back from the bathroom she came again out of her room but this time her nighty was a bit open in the front. I could get a short view of her beautiful breast. That made my cock semi-erect. In a lowered voice not to wake up my mother she told me, that I look like a strong young man that enjoys nature and that she likes hiking in the mountains, if I like, I should come again over the weekend, and she would show me very special places. When she left I could get a look at her butt. I noticed that she had a sexy body. Back in my room I had a full erection and I started to stroke my cock imagining her naked body and what might happen if I would except her invitation and visit her. I came quickly spurting semen on my chest and belly.

In the next two weeks I had plenty of wanking session fantasizing about Christine. Then finally the weekend came. Christine's husband was away on the seas for two months and she had planned to take me on a two day mountain trip staying overnight in a cabin. So she picked me up by the school and after a short drive we started our hiking tour into the mountains. It was a hot summer day and on our way we stopped for a rest and she took me to a hidden place with a great view. We lay in the grass. Christine wore loose fitted shorts and a pink blouse with a lot of cleavage. She lay on her back with slightly parted legs. As I talked to her, I noticed that her breasts were firm and I could see the two little bumps of her nipples on her blouse. Through one leg of her loose shorts I suddenly had a good view of part of her white panties. This look was exciting and I started to get that familiar tickling feeling in my pants and an erection was building up. I now had difficulty concentrating on the conversation with her, always trying to get a look up her shorts. She drew up her knee and started letting it swing. This movement gave me from time to time a better view into her shorts and I could clearly see how the panties were covering the fascinating form of her vulva and I could even see a few of her pubic hairs that had escaped the rubber band of the panties. That look on her crotch area made my eyes nearly pop out and my prick was now throbbing in my pants. Not being able to continue with the previous conversation I told Christine: 'I think that you are very attractive and I am enjoying the time with you very much,' she answered 'I am surprised that you are interested in the company of a much older married woman but I sure take it as a compliment from a young man and in fact, I can see your interest.' She was now looking at the little tent in the front of my shorts and smiled.

Then she asked if I would mind if she takes off her blouse to get some sun-tan. I told her that this is a good idea and quickly took off my own t-shirt and then watched as she unbuttoned her blouse. On show came a soft bra covering her lovely boobs. She then offered to put some sun-lotion on my back and I willingly agreed. While rubbing the lotion in she mentioned that I had got strong arms and shoulders. The touch of her hands was feeling so exquisite. When I returned the favor and put some lotion on her back and sides it happened that I briefly touched her breasts. That feeling on my hand was like an electric shock. My cock was starting to pulsate and producing pre-cum. Several times I felt the back of my hand lingering on her beautiful firm breasts and I noticed that her nipples responded to my touch. I could see that they got erect from the touch of my un-knowing hands. In my body now a desire was building up.

When we reclined in the grass again I made sure to lay very close to her. Looking at that beautiful woman with her erect nipples under her bra made my prick pulsate and I felt pre-cum wetting my briefs. Now I urgently needed a touch on my cock. I could not help it, I simply had to move my hand to my crotch and partly to hide the tent there, I could also give my cock a little secret squeeze. Christine must have understood my intentions and I suddenly felt her hand on top of mine as she said: 'It seems that you need some relief right now, don't hesitate to give your member the treatment he is longing for and I will see if I can help you by that.' With that she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my briefs down that were already wet from pre-cum and my cock sprang free. Then Christine placed my hand directly on my rock hard prick.

After I overcame my first shock I started to caress my member with quick strokes when Chris said: 'Take your time and enjoy the moment.' Then she placed her hand between my legs and started to crawl my balls while I pumped away. This was a new sensation for me to have a hand of a knowing woman on my balls as I masturbated. When I looked over to her she was smiling and with her free hand she pulled her bra up to relieve her sexy boobs with large upright nipples. That exciting sight made me cum right away and I shot the first strings of semen on my breast and belly when she bent over me the last shots landed on her tits. I could not remember having had a better orgasm. She smiled at me and told me that she had enjoyed very much seeing me masturbate and cumming and producing so much semen. We cleaned up and continued our tour.

On the way our discussion focused more on sexual topics. She told me, that it is difficult to control her desires during the long periods when her husband is away and I told her that I did not have much sexual experience apart from some petting with former girlfriends. She asked me if I masturbated often and I admitted my daily sessions. She told me that this is a very good and normal thing to do.

In the evening, when we reached the cabin-lodge, she asked me if it was okay to share a room. Sure I agreed. Later when we prepared for bed I quickly undressed and slipped naked under the covers. I was so excited and did not know what to expect. Then Christine stripped and I watched as she opened her bra and let loose her beautiful breasts. At this point I was so hard I could scream. When Christine was lying beside me she told me: 'I enjoy the company of a cute young man, you can do with me whatever you want?' I was stunned.

She smiled at me and then she reached over to my crotch grabbing my throbbing prick. She began, very slowly and gently, stroking my dick up and down. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft of my rod and she ran her thumb around the knob. Soon I felt the pressure building within my scrotum. I could feel myself building to a state I had never experienced before. The pressure in my balls was growing with each of her sliding moves. Waves like electricity shot through me. Finally, I could hold myself no longer. 'I'm coming,' I gasped as my cock erupted in a hot spurt of my juices. Spasms were coming from deep in my loins.

I collapsed totally satisfied. Christine was breathing heavily. I still was overwhelmed by the exquisite feeling of my first real jack with a woman that I almost failed to realize that she obviously was not yet satisfied. I did not know how to bring a woman to an orgasm. Her beautiful breasts were just in front of my head and so I started to kiss them and to suckle on the nipples. Christine started again with moaning which encouraged me to continue treating her nipples with my lips and tongue which made them even harder. While one of her hands lay on my ass giving it a little squeeze I suddenly noticed that her other hand was moving between her legs. It was at first a slower and then a rapid shaking movement on the upper part of her pussy lips. I heard a squelching sound. Her pussy was soaked with a lot of her juices. I was fascinated by what I saw and as I stared on her busy fingers between her wet lips she asked me if I wanted to get a better look at her pussy. Sure I did. So she held her legs higher and spread them wider apart. Seeing a pussy up close for the first time I was fascinated by the amount of black curly hair she had around her lips. She said: 'I will show you something that is very important if you want to make a woman feel satisfied. With finger movements like this, a woman can be brought to the top.' She continued with the index-finger of her right hand with the shaking movements concentrating on a little knob just where the inner pussy-lips meet. It became clear to me that the little knob must be the clit I had read about in books. Her left hand now spread the wet shining pink lips wide apart. She told me: 'Take a close look and I will show you how I do it, ooohhh that feels so good.' She lay back, closed her eyes and continued vibrating her fingers over the little knob between her lips. Breathing now heavily she told me 'I do it quite often this way and after my first climax you can have a try.' The moaning became stronger and her hips began to make shaking movements towards her hand. Her nipples became hard and shades of blushing rushed over her body and face. Then her back arched and she let out a loud 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...' and pressed both hands with her fingers deep between her pussy-lips. After a little moment she had caught her breath again and she took her hand with wet fingers to her mouth and licked them. Then we cuddled up.

What I had seen was so exciting that I had a boner again that I now pressed against the leg of Christine. A moment later she took my hand and placed it on the lower part of her belly just where the pubic hair starts. I explored through the hair, working my way down until I found her clit between the wet soft lips, and pressed it the way she had treated it herself before. I went down further and took some of the wetness on my fingers and returned to her clit. She told me to start with soft motions. I began to rub in little circles, beginning with gentle pressure. Her breathing became heavier now interrupted with little moans. She obviously felt great pleasure. I had just learned from seeing her masturbate how to appropriately touch a woman's pussy. I was very excited by her growing arousal. My prick was rock hard again dripping with pre-cum and needed to be touched. I rubbed it against her leg. With my fingers I continued to caress her clit and my hand got drenched with her pussy-juice. As her body started shaking she got closer to a climax. She grabbed my throbbing penis and started rubbing it furiously. Quickly this brought me to an orgasm while my fingers were vibrating her pussy. I started to spurt my semen on her hot body when she also reached her climax which lasted so long. When it was over we both tried to catch our breath. We were happy and totally satisfied. All I could do was moan slightly. I felt so proud.

On that hiking trip with my mother's friend Christine I have learned so much for my life particularly seeing her masturbate, it gave me the important clue how a woman wants to be touched. When I rub my cock I mostly think of her and how she was treating her pussy. You too?

Thank you Christine.



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