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My Mother in Law's Hidden Assets

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Older ladies are the best.


I just had to write about this one. If you had one word to describe my mother-in-law the word would be prude. She is a great mother-in-law and an even better grandmother but I never knew she took such care in trying to hide her assets. What I mean by this is her huge boobs. I always thought that she was rather lacking in that department. My wife has big ones and of course that means nothing genetically, but my sister-in-laws are all well endowed too.

One time this last summer the in-laws were over visiting my kids. It was a humid day and my mother-in-law decided to go in the pool. When she walked out of the house in her bathing suit I could have sworn I was seeing things. Even though it was a one piece which I expected, she all of a sudden had a great pair of juggs that were bouncing in the sunlight. I asked my wife what the deal was and she said mom always hides her big boobs under a sports bra and a light jacket. I was intrigued to put it mildly.

My mother-in-law got in the shallow end of the pool up to the level of her boobs while holding my daughter. This seemed to push them together and gave her incredible cleavage. I was starting to get a little hard underwater. I never knew she was keeping this secret from me all these years. My mother-in-law is certainly no spring chicken. She is 68-years-old about five foot six, has greyish white hair cut short and swept back, sharp facial features (glasses), and a slender frame with a great ass. The idea that she was carrying such big boobs on her small frame was giving me the urge to jerk off right there in the pool.

I think the thing that was really exciting to me was her personality. She was a tight ass conservative, went to church every Sunday and even sang in the church choir. She never smoked, drank, and hardly ever swore. She was never nasty to anyone or said anything bad about anyone. She had five kids and they all thought the world of her including me. The thought of doing something naughty with her coupled with all this made me even harder.

When it was finally time for her to get out of the pool I had a great idea. Why don't I try to peek in on her when she's changing so I can literally see her letting it all hang out. I quickly ran up the stairs to the bathroom where she and my father-in-law were staying for the weekend. In the bathroom is a small closet that contains the hot water heater. It's only about a foot and a half wide and hardly any space, but it does have those wooden shutters to see out of. Perfect for me. I opened the door and stuffed myself in with little or no room to spare. I can tell you I was already getting hard picturing her naked. I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out in anticipation of what was ahead.

About a minute later in walks my mother-in-law. She had no clue I was in there with her and she began to take off her bathing suit. She undid one strap and then the other and pulled her suit down to reveal her enormous boobs. I couldn't fathom I was looking at my mother-in-law naked, and how sexy she really looked. I couldn't take it. I had to start jerking off right there in the closet. It was so cramped my cock was practically touching the other wall and I'm not hung by any stretch of the imagination. I thought the show was over but it only had just begun. She had large light pink areolas that seemed to get lighter and then blend into her surrounding boob flesh. Her nipples were about at the level of her belly button. Her boobs were almost long and tubular shaped.

I always thought and still think older woman are much sexier than younger ones any day of the week. I love renting porn movies of mature ladies in their 50s, 60s, or even older, having sex and teaching the younger guy's how it's done. They beat the the hell out of the barbie doll looking porn stars in their 20s. Fake boobs, collagen injections in their lips and a bad bleach job. The older gals never have any pretence, and have flaws like we all do. That's what makes them so sexy because they are so real and down to earth, just like my mother-in-law.

As soon as my mother-in-law took her suit off she took both nipples between her index finger and thumb and gently pulled upward to peel her boobs away from her chest. This got me stroking faster and faster. What happened next totally blew my mind. She cups both her hands around her boobs and starts to jiggle them side to side. I think this was getting the both of us excited. She leans backward into the wall, bends a little, licks her middle finger and began swirling it around her clit. I couldn't take anymore and I shot a huge load againist the wall and could hear my smaller spurts making a splattering sound when they hit the floor. After I came she was still going at it and it didn't take long for me to get hard again. My sexy conservative church going mother-in-law masturbating in my bathroom. I must admit she was the last one I ever figured would masturbate, but I was dead wrong. When she was about to climax she put her hand over her mouth and let out a muffled aaahhhhh. She came and then looked like she was trying to catch her breath. She turned on the shower, stepped in and soaped up her granny boobs and worked her finger into her ass and began to masturbate again. I didn't take as long as her to cum and shot another load all over the wall. This woman was real horny indeed. She shut the shower off after she was done she wrapped her gorgeous body in her robe and walked out like nothing happened.

I was amazed at what I saw. That night I had sex with my wife three times thinking of my mother-in-law in the shower, and her wrapping her big boobs around my hard cock. The fact dawned on me that sexy older ladies still like to have as much fun as everyone else. Ever since that time she still manages to squish those nice boobs under her sports bra and then hide them under a frumpy jacket. I still have many great jerk off sessions thinking of her and her hidden assets.



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