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My Mother-in-Law is So Hot!

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I am 30 years old. I got married to a wonderful woman a few years ago and everything is going great with our marriage. There is, however, one little item that I should mention. My wife's mother is absolutely HOT! Her name is Racine. Racine is 50 years old, but she looks more like 40 years old. She has zero body fat. She has short blonde hair and a perfect smile.
Over the years, she has always flirted with me but I didn't think anything of it. Then my wife started telling me stories about her mom's past boyfriends. I guess Racine divorced at a young age and then re-married a few times, but always seem to have a boyfriend or dated a lot of men. I figured that she used to be a wild type, but now she was re-married again to an older guy who traveled a lot.
I started having fantasies about my mother-in-law. I couldn't help myself. She was so incredibly sexy. She was thin and in good shape with a very nice ass. Her tits were not very big, but there were a few times that I noticed how big her nipples were through certain shirts. And she was always flirting with me!
Then one day, an idea popped into my head. I knew that my wife was at work, and I also knew that mother-in-law's husband was out of town and that she was home alone. I made up some excuse for being in the area one day and asked if I could stop in and visit. Racine said sure, come on by anytime.
I came over and it must have been around 10:00 am. I had on a t-shirt and sweatpants and I told Racine that I had just finished working out at a nearby health club. Racine was wearing some tight pants and her hot ass looked awesome. She was wearing a white blouse and I could see her huge nipples poking through. I think she noticed me checking out her body. I also greeted her with a huge hug and rubbed her back as we embraced.
We talked for a while, and then I asked her if I could use her shower to get cleaned up. She said sure, go right ahead. She told me to use the bathroom connected to her bedroom. I went in to the bathroom and I didn't shut the door all the way. I got undressed and just kind of started looking at my naked body in the full size mirror. I was thinking about Racine and I started touching my cock. I got so hard! My goodness...I have never been so erect in my life. I started looking through her cupboards in the bathroom. I was searching for some Vaseline. I wanted to stroke myself and masturbate so bad. I found some Vaseline and I started stroking my hard, 9-inch dick. I was feeling really good at this point.
Then for some reason, I called for Racine. I called and asked her if I could have a towel for my shower. I was standing in the bathroom, looking at my reflection in the mirror as I was masturbating. That's when Racine came up to the bathroom door with a towel. My heart was racing! I was so excited, yet so scared as to what she would say or do?! Then she pushed open the door!!
I let go of my cock. But it was standing at a perfect 45-degree angle—all 9 inches—and throbbing and glistening from the Vaseline. There was my 50-year-old mother-in-law standing there in the doorway. She stopped...and stared directly at my hard cock. Her mouth dropped open and she froze. I broke the silence by smiling and saying, 'Hi Racine,' in a really pleasant voice.
She placed her hand to her mouth and said, 'Oh my.' She started to back up and leave the bathroom as she placed the towel on the counter.
I said, 'Wait.'
And she looked away and replied, 'What are you doing, Jim?'
I said, 'How do I look?' She just took a few more steps out of the bathroom. I said, 'Racine, please come in here.'
There was a pause (that felt like it lasted for an hour). Suddenly, the door pushed back open and Racine came back into the bathroom. She had a shocked look on her face... almost a scared look. My heart was pumping 1,000 beats per second! Which was good, because my cock stayed perfectly erect. I said, 'Come here.' And she walked over slowly to me...in a trance. I said one more time, 'How do I look to you?'
She mumbled something like 'great. You look great.'
I stepped towards her and touched her shoulders. I then slid my hands down her arms. My hands met her hands and then I guided her hands to my throbbing cock. She touched me. And then she started to caress and squeeze and explore. I moaned softly and moved back against the bathroom counter. I looked up and her eyes were just fixed on my erection as she kept fondling me.
I started to lift her shirt. She let me take off her top and then I unhooked her bra. I fondled those magnificent boobs and huge erect nipples. I reached for her waistband. And then she pulled down her pants for me. We held hands and left the bathroom and went to her bedroom. We lay on her bed without even saying a word. I pulled off her panties. Wow! What an awesome pussy!! She had light brown pubic hair that formed a very nice bush. She had a unique vagina...nice big pussy lips. I started to fondle and explore. There we were on my mother-in-law's bed... both naked and both exploring each other's naked bodies!! I was in heaven. This was the most erotic moment of my entire life!!
We kissed...and massaged...and caressed...and masturbated each other. We spent a couple of hours together that day... hardly speaking any words. It was amazing. The only words she kept saying after the nervousness went away, was how huge my cock was. I guess her husband has an average-size penis. Plus he is older and he has trouble getting erect these days. She showed so much enthusiasm for my cock. She started acting like a kid in a candy store. She just couldn't get enough of me! It felt so good. And she must have climaxed 5 or 6 times that day. And boy oh boy... she was not shy about cum.
We both agreed that this would definitely have to be our secret. My goodness, if her daughter / my wife ever found out... I don't even want to think about that.
Racine and I had such passion for each other. It must have been building since the first day we met 5 years ago. We both are anxious for the next time we get a chance to do this again...and again...and again...



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