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My Mother in Law

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One of many incidents after I first wed.


Just a few background details, we married young as my girlfriend was pregnant and I wanted to do the decent thing, though I did and still do love her. My mother-in-law was 40 at the time and in her second unhappy marriage. I always sensed she was sexually frustrated and from time to time we would talk about sex in a general sort of way, even when my wife was there. During these chats I could tell she became aroused, she would shuffle in her chair, her face would redden and sometimes I could see her nipples become erect.

One day while my wife was still pregnant my mom-in-law and sis-in-law with her two kids came round to go shopping with my wife. After they all left I decided to put a porn vid on and have a wank as I knew they'd be gone for hours. At the time my wife was heavily pregnant and sex was rare to say the least, so any chance I got I relieved my sexual frustration. Anyway after about twenty minutes I'm well into the vid, rubbing my now rock hard cock nice and slowly, just savouring the feelings when there was a knock on the front door, I pulled on my jeans, turned off the vid and opened the door to see my mom-in-law there with my one-year-old nephew fast asleep in his pushchair.

She explained that my nephew hadn't been well and they'd agreed it was best if they didn't take him shopping and that she would wait for them at our house while they carried on. I was pissed off to say the least but said ok that's fine. I went back to the living room to remove the vid while she settled my nephew in the kitchen so as not to wake him up with the sound from the tv. She came into the living room as I was putting the vid in its sleeve, 'oh what were you watching' she asked. I mumbled something like 'nothing much, just a football game I missed in the week'. She insisted I put it back on as she didn't want to spoil my free time (understatement of the year). Well the more she insisted the more embarrassed I became, then she cottoned on to the fact I was watching a porno.

To my surprise she told me to put it on and that she didn't mind, I was nervous, embarrassed and aroused all at the same time. She settled back into the armchair and I lay on the floor in front of her leaning back on to my elbows. As we watched I knew she could see my cock twitching and getting harder in my jeans. What she didn't know was because the way the sun was shining on to the tv I could see her reflection and I could see her hand inside her blouse playing with her right tit, only gently so as I didn't hear, she presumed I was engrossed in the vid. Well let me tell you I lay there for maybe a whole hour staring at her reflection as she changed hands caressing her tits, even occasionally slipping her hand underneath her backside for a little pussy rub. My cock was fit to burst, I could actually feel the precum oozing out of my now throbbing knob.

I had to excuse myself saying I needed to got to the toilet, as I left the room I didn't close the door fully and turned to peek through the gap between the frame and door. Fucking hell, her hand was inside the waistband of her skirt and she was rubbing her pussy, this was too much and I went upstairs to the bathroom to finish myself off. Now the bathroom is directly at the top of the stairs and in my haste to come I didn't close the door and after a few minutes I heard my mom-in-law walk gently to the bottom of the stairs, she didn't think I could hear presumably. Now I knew she was listening I made sure she could hear, I reached for the soap and lathered my hands so she could hear the squelching as I wanked.

Every now and then I'd slow down and listen intently, I could actually hear her soft moans and the squelches from her pussy as she masturbated at the bottom of the stairs. By this time I'm sure we both knew we could hear each other and I just had to come. I didn't hold back, I wanked my cock a little quicker making sure the lather on my cock was squelching, and in about ten seconds I couldn't help but let out a grunt as my cock twitched and spunk shot everywhere, the first two wads reached the door almost six feet away, I thought I was never going to stop. Then I heard her moan as her orgasm hit her, she came as good as I did I think. I cleaned myself up and went downstairs, she was in the kitchen washing her hands and asked if I wanted a coffee like nothing had happened, but the flush in her face said differently. Similar things happened over nine or ten years but nothing quite so erotic and horny as this first time. God I love my mother-in-law.



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