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My Most Intense

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Blessed or cursed with an over active sex drive since I was a kid, I still enjoy sex in every form but mostly masturbation as my wife only wants sex once a week or so. Yet, I find I need to cum three or four times a week for feeling good and my well being.

My favorite masturbation technique requires a bit of help but can be done by yourself too. I purchased a vibrator which is slightly curved and a bulb like vibrator on the end. Used basically for female 'G' spot stimulation and works great for that, I too use it for my 'G' spot, my prostate. Guys, if you've never stimulated your 'G' spot, or prostate as it's called, you are in for one special treat.

I usually don't need any special stimulation but to set the perfect stage, have a good porn movie on the TV which still gets me very excited. I then slowly stroke my cock to full erection which doesn't take long. Rub my balls with my left hand while I stroke my cock with the right. I take my time as I enjoy this so usually ten or fifteen minutes later (young guys won't last nearly this long). I then take that special vibrator, already lubed up with cream and ready to go and insert that large bulb head into my anus. Oh, a bit of discomfort for a few seconds but just the bulb and once that is in, well, plenty of room for the shaft and totally comfortable and VERY pleasurable.

I usually stop stroking my cock at this point and focus on getting that bulb on my prostate which is to the front of your body so make sure the bulb is pointing up and not down. Oh, you'll feel it for sure when you touch it. When younger, I'd often cum just by touching it but not any more.

Now slowly slide that bulb over and around massaging that magic spot without the vibrator on. Soon, you'll see pre cum dripping from your cock which will be begging for attention. Speed up as you feel the need and your desire increases or stop and let things settle down. Whatever feels best to you. Soon though, you will not be able to stop. At that point, I turn the vibrator on to any speed, grab my cock which is usually twitching in my hand and just go for it. Usually in a very short time now, I'll cum like a volcano and always a lot more volume then just regular masturbating. As I am cumming, I involuntarally tighten my anus forcing the vibrator into total contact with my prostate and into total bliss for me.

Even at my age, my first shot is usually several inches in the air followed by several smaller spurts until cum just oozes out the tip of my super sensitive cock. By now, my prostate is totally throbbing or pulsing would be a better word and yet, on occasion, I can keep working that bulb over it, get another hard erection and sometimes cum a second time in a minute or two. You may feel like you are done but keep going and I promise you'll cum again and not the volume but more intense then the first good one. After this, I need to stop as I am finished in more ways then one. Oh, I sleep well that night. Try it guys. If you are lucky like me, you'll have your lady rub your balls as you do this only making the whole experience better then ever.



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