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My Morning Walk

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I moved into condos on a big beautiful lake about four years ago in the southern United States. I try to walk as often as I can but I always take an earling morning walk on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm divorced and I have my own schedule and time to myself.

My loop through the streets of my complex and around part of the lake, on a path, is about a mile and I try to walk two or three loops on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Taking the path along the lake takes me past the backside of one of the buildings housing six condos. I've known for several years that Kathy lives in the third unit in that building, but I've never seen her on my morning weekend walks. The reason is probably because Kathy is a party animal 24/7. She has probably only been asleep a few hours when I'm taking my eight a.m. walk!

Kathy is 38 and she has been divorced many years, getting her lakefront condo in her divorce. She has the large rock hard breast inplants common with many of the women here on my lake, and she loves to flash them. It seems everyone on the lake has seen her flash them except me! The rap on her is that just about every single guy around her has bedded her as well as more than a few married guys. For these reasons I never even tried to date her.

This particular morning as I walked by the back of her building I hear 'Hey YOU! What 'cha doin'?' There is Kathy on her back sundeck in a robe she is clenching shut with one hand and a cup of coffee in her other hand. 'Just walking' I said. 'Want some coffee?' she asked.

'Sure, why not!' I replied. I walked up to her steps and up onto her deck and took a seat in one of her patio chairs. She fixed me a cup and she came back outside and sat down. She was still clenching the robe closed as she returned and sat. Well, folks, here in the South in the summer it can be 90 degrees at eight in the morning in the summer. After a while she said 'Whew! It's HOT' and she used both hands to flap her robe as if to send a breeze underneath it, then she just released her grip and let it hang open. She wasn't naked anyway. She was wearing one of those long t-shirts that came down halfway between her hips and her knees. That's probably what she slept in. She crossed her legs and I couldn't help notice her deep golden brown tan on her bare legs and bare feet embellished with a beautiful hot pink toe nail polish.

We talked about lake community things and gossip about who is seeing who and things like that. At one point she raised her legs straight out as if she were stretching and as if she were checking the status of her well done toenails. There was a spider crawling across one of her feet. She SHREIKED and screamed and flailed her legs in an effort to flick away the spider. When she did that she gave me a wide open view of her neatly trimmed pussy. She wasn't wearing any underwear.

The spider landed on the deck and I got up and stepped on it. 'Thank you! I HATE those damn things! She panted,' almost out of breath from her fear of spiders. I guess I had a big grin on my face. She said 'I bet I accidentally showed you something. Sorry!' she said.

I think I just kept smiling. I can't remember what I replied. About 15 minutes later I decided to play a trick on her and I looked down at her feet and I said 'SPIDER!' Again she screamed and flailed her legs, again showing me her pussy, but there was no spider. I died laughing, then she knew I was joking with her.

'You SHIT!' she said! 'Damn you!' I was beside myself laughing hysterically at her. After she settled down she said 'you just wanted another beaver peek. Didn't you!' I said 'yeah, I have to admit ... I did.' 'Well why didn't you just say so instead of scaring the CRAP out of me?' 'OK,' I said ... 'could I take another little look at your kitty?'

'Geez ... you scared the Hell out of me! OK ... how about this?' With that she looked sideways at both neighbor's back decks to make sure nobody was outside, and she opened her legs about two feet wide. Her long T was already way up above her knees. I could perfectly see her lips and neat little pussy haircut. Then she closed her legs.

'NO! Hold that a while longer! I barely saw it' I lied. Again she opened up and just continued to sit that way. 'So you're a looker are you ... you kinky perv. I didn't know you were a tad kinky' she said with a coy smile on her face. 'Ummmm. A little wider please?' I begged. Another sideways glance at the other porches and she raised each leg and placed them over each arm of the chair. OMG! A totally X-Rated wide open view of her pussy! So SWEET!

'Kathy, your pussy is beautiful!' I said. my dick was now pounding hard. I'd been sitting with a leg crossed over the other and my lap had been concealed well. She didn't know I was throbbing beneath my shorts. I was more or less facing her and I uncrossed my legs and rested my feet out on the deck and leaned back in my chair so she could see my walking shorts were bulging way up and out. I looked both ways then laid my hand on my dick and started rubbing myself through my shorts.

'I'm so FUCKING HARD' I told her. I wasn't trying to hide what I was doing at all. In fact, I was making a show of jacking myself through my pants as I looked at her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying herself too. 'We'd better go inside,' she said. We walked into the kitchen and immediately I ground my protruding rod against her mound and we made out, her big fake breasts slap up tight against my chest.

'You need some help with that' she said as she started feeling my dick through my pants. Then she took each hand and grabbed the elastic of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. Then she pulled her t-shirt up ond over her head. She had the body of a goddess. Fake or not her tits are beautiful!

As we kissed I said 'Jack me off ... I want you to jack me off. I want to cum!' We never even laid down or anything. I reached down and started running my fingers through her juicy pussy folds and up inside her as she reached down and started jacking me. Now and then we would stop kissing and separate our bodies about a foot or so and look down as she jacked and I fingered watching the action of our hands pleasing each other.

'Oh damn, I'm gonna cum!' I told her and she jacked me like crazy. I shot my cum all over her kitchen floor and her hand. This distracted the hand action I was giving her. When I had stopped pumping she said 'I need to cum too', so she laid down right there on the tile floor, spread her legs and fingered herself like crazy until she also came.

After cleaning up and dressing and some small talk I finished my walk. Now I'm one of the many other guys here on the lake who have come to know Kathy in a very personal way. She is awesome ... but as I said, not someone I would date or get serious with. Maybe fun to play with sometimes though!



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