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My Mormon Angel

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My Mormon Angel
When I was about 14, I lived in what was admittedly a *very* unique household for the times. This was in the heyday of the 1970's (I'm 42 now), and both my parents were very progressive with respect to the sexual explorations of teenagers.
Even though neither I, nor my girlfriend at the time were of legal age of consent, both my parents strongly believed that teenagers needed to be able to explore their sexuality in a natural way, as long as one does so in a *responsible* way. I was told "You know what to do not to get a girl pregnant", and "We're trusting you to abide by that."
Are you kidding? Being the only boy I knew who had the privilege of *locking* my door and having sex with girlfriends in my bedroom (My mom was a "old hippy", even before we *had* hippies back in the 60's, and my father's more country-ish attitude whenever I had a naked girl in the privacy of own my locked room was only an old-worldly and proud "That's my boy!")...I was not about to do *anything* to screw up this arrangement!
So...My dear, pale, sweet, leggy and lovely Mormon girlfriend was first introduced to the idea of sex by yours truly, in the form of our both getting naked, and taking turns to jerk/diddle each other off every chance we got!
It was so much fun to just lay back, after having taught her how to milk a cock, and then have this tender little church-girl proudly smile when she got me off, knowing she was the cause of it! She just loved seeing me cream all over her hands...she considered it her badge of honor knowing that she'd pleased me.
And when my turn came to pleasure her, it was sublime to watch this sweet young 14-year-old girl enjoy her body's passion, singing it to the world under the touch of my skillful hand upon her pink blossom. Whenever we'd come over to my house, we'd just go straight into my bedroom, flip the lock on the door, get naked and start cuddling and fondling one another, until we'd made each other come. Then we'd just spend the rest of our time together in my room naked, watching TV, cuddling, and perhaps having a second bout of pleasure-play, if we felt up to it. And later, I'd watch her luscious hips ride away home on her bicycle.
No-one at school had any idea that this seemingly innocent young choir-singer was an avid and enthusiastic cock-milker for her boyfriend! The only complaint my mother ever had was that we *always* went like a shot into my room for sex, and that she never really got to get to *know* my girlfriend, because we'd just disappear into my room in an erotic fog, whenever I'd bring her to the house. :-)
In later years, I learned that my Angel had become quite the sexual experimenter with other guys, before she finally settled down to marry a Mormon guy and have 4 kids.
I still smile when I think about where her first sexual education came from, and how I can easily understand just *why* they'd ended up having 4 children...since her husband had obviously since benefitted from my having taught his future wife her way around a man's cock!
And I will always fondly remember...my sweet and playful Mormon Angel. -Jordan



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