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My Mom's Friend (5)

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So I went back to Robin's house later that day...


I got home and gave my mom the flour, and told her that Robin needed me to move some stuff in the house since my friend was visiting his dad for the week. She said ok, and that dinner was at seven and not to be too late. It was still early in the afternoon, and I was still wearing the black nylons under my jeans as I walked back over. I was getting hard again, thinking about what had just happened an hour earlier when Robin gave me a handjob.

I knocked on the door and Robin answered it. She had changed into a tight shirt that showed off her boobs and a short skirt with pantyhose and high heels. She looked really hot. I could not believe this was going on, and wondered what might be happening next. Robin asked me how she looked, and I told her she looked good. She took me down to her room again and told me to strip. I was only too happy to oblige, standing there in my boxers and the hose. 'Boxers too,' she said. I dropped them, my cock hard and straight. She said that I looked like I was missing something and pulled out an outfit she had apparently prepared while I was gone.

She threw a pair of panties and a nightie on the bed and told me to get dressed. I was a little surprised, and asked her, 'You want me to put these on too?' and she just gestured to them, waiting. I didn't really have a problem with this, I happened to think wearing these things was hot and I'd been doing it with her hose since I jerked off for her the other day. I slid the panties and nightie on and she wrapped her arms around me and starting making out with me.

I was massaging my tongue with hers and she took my hands and ran them over her body. I was feeling her tits and her ass and she took my hand and pushed it up under her skirt. I was feeling her ass through her pantyhose and decided to get a little daring. I moved it closer to her pussy and she started to moan. She was grinding into my hand and exhaling on my neck.

She fell onto the bed, pulling me on to her. 'Make me come you little slut,' she said. I was happy to oblige and massaged her pussy. I reached my hand under the waistband of her pantyhose. Her silky panties were getting wet and slid easily over her pussy. I didn't really know much about making girls come. I just kept rubbing her and she was loving it. I had Robin writhing under my hand and she was digging her heels into her bed. She was lifting her shirt up and squeezing her bare breasts. She whimpered as she came to a shuddering orgasm, pushing herself into my hand.

She lay there breathing for a while, and then kissed me, pulling me back onto her. She was running her hands all over my body again, up my legs, over my ass, and up my back. She spun us around and was straddling me as she pushed the nightie up. My cock was rock hard and poking out of the waistband of the panties. She pulled it down and started stroking me. I found it so hot when she spit on her hand and ran it all over my cock. She kept calling me her slut as I felt her tits and she stroked my cock. She rubbed the head in her palm and that was more than I could take. I almost instantly came, and the cum dripped down my cock all over her hand and the panties.

Robin leaned back and started playing with herself, rubbing her fingers over her pantyhose. Still straddling me, she tasted my cum off her fingers as she rubbed with the other hand. I watched and felt my erection returning. She looked so hot masturbating on top of me. I started jerking myself off again. She started reaching her orgasm again and I came right after, just without much cum. I felt so worn out after that and we just laid together for a little while.

She told me to leave the lingerie on the bed, but that I wouldn't be leaving empty-handed. She stripped out of her panties and pantyhose and gave them to me. 'Maybe you should wear them under your clothes so your mom doesn't see,' she said.

When I got home I went into my room and took the pantyhose and panties off and jerked off again, smelling them while wearing the nylons I had from before. After that day, I went over a few more times to have fun with her. She loved to put me in lingerie, and I got more than a handjob the next time I was there. I'll try to write about some of the stuff that happened later.



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