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My Mom's Best Friend

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A story about catching my Mom's best friend. Read my other stories too. Hope you like them all and get off from reading them


My Mom has had the same best friend, Lisa, for the past ten years. Her fifteen year old daughter is like my sister. We're all very close. But that couldn't have prepared me for what happened the other day.

Lisa asked if I could come over and mow her yard. I said sure. She's divorced so she doesn't really have anyone to help her except her daughter, but she was going to be at her asshole dad's house. So she asked me. Let me describe her before I go any further. She's 41. A little on the chubby side. Kind of cute. A-cup tits and a big ass. Dark brown shoulder length hair and freckles.

Anyway I get there and she greets me in a pair of cutoffs and a tank top. We talk for a little bit and continue talking while I get the lawnmower out and put gas in it. She says she has things to do in the house and she leaves me to my work. So I'm mowing (push mower)and it's pretty hot so after a while I get thirsty. I stop the mower and go inside to get something to drink and as I'm walking down the hall to the kitchen I hear this moaning. I think maybe something has happened to Lisa. Maybe she fell or something and was seriously hurt. So I go down the hallway practicly running to where I hear the moans. They were coming from her bedroom. I throw the door open and what do I see? Lisa naked on her bed riding a dildo.

She apparently didn't hear me cause she just kept on going. Then she started to scream things like FUCK ME!!! Fuck my wet pussy. Fuck my 41 year old pussy with your 26 year old cock. Then she bent over still riding the toy, only now I could see it was right up her brown haired pussy. She took her hand and started moving the dildo in and out with her legs spread wide open. So much so I could see her butt hole. Watching and hearing all this I started to get hard. Then I happened to glance over her head and I saw taped to the headboard of her bed was a picture...OF ME!! This got me even more horny and hard.

I watched till she shuddered and let out a loud scream. I watched as white liquid poured over the dildo and onto her hand. Quickly but quietly I closed the door and ran to the bathroom. I took off my shoes, jeans, and boxers and sat down backwards on the toilet, facing the tank. I then started to jerk off like there was no tomorrow, all the while picturing that big ass going up and down on that dildo. Then I happened to glance over and see her panties on the floor. I reached over with my free hand and picked them up. I put them to my face and smelt her sweet aroma.

Finally I came and shot three or four long strings of semen into the water. Afterwards, I put my underwear, jeans and shoes on and went into the kitchen. She had got dressed and was sitting at the table, reading the paper. I said hi and told her that I had to use the bathroom and get something to drink. She said, 'Help yourself,' and continued looking at the newspaper. She either didn't know what I had seen or was just pretending. I don't know which, but since that day I have gotten off many a time to that image and that smell.



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