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My Mom, The Chronic Masturbator

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About 8-9 months ago, my parents divorced. There wasn't anything happening on the side that caused it, they both just realized it had run its' course and decided to split up. They still talk and are friendly to this day, but even though she puts up a brave face I know my mom really doesn't like being alone. That's why this past spring I decided to move back in with her, not just to help out, but also so she has some companionship. We get along wonderfully and are very open with our conversations, much more so than when I was a teenager. She isn't afraid of asking me about my love life or me asking about hers, even though I know there isn't one outside of her own fingers. I know this because one day I asked how she was coping with the situation, and she said she was doing OK, and then told me she forgot how much she loved to masturbate. She then kind of laughed and the subject was changed, but I remembered that she said it and paid attention to it later on. I started laying awake in bed for a while, and every night at almost the same time, the TV would shut off and then her light, and a few minutes after that I could hear the distinct sounds of her pleasuring herself. The walls in our house aren't exactly like a bank vault, and I can hear the heavy breathing and every low moan until she grunts and shudders with an orgasm. There has been a couple times when I would step into the hallway and her door was cracked open and I would gently push it a little bit until I saw her solo-show first hand, laying on her belly, grinding into her hand, I'm sure getting it all warm and slippery. Sometimes I would strip naked myself when she started her nightly ritual and masturbate along with her, trying to hold out until she came. I had never realized how much she did it until there were nights when I didn't, and it dawned on me that my 51 year old mother masturbates a whole lot more than I do.

This went on and on, but the only time when it was an issue was a few weeks ago. Some storms came through our area and knocked out the power due to downed limbs, and it wasn't going to be back on for another day or so. It was really warm and there was no way we could stand it without any A/C, a fan or even getting into the freezer, so we decided to pay for a hotel room for the night. We didn't need anything fancy, and ours just had one queen size bed for us to sleep in. About 11 that night the TV was off and both of us were trying to get to sleep, but my mom kept tossing and turning. She was like this for a good 15 minutes before I asked her if anything was wrong. She said she was fine, but I knew exactly what it was. She needed to masturbate. I tried to ease into the talk, and I told her if she needed me to, I could go to the bathroom for a bit so...you know. She then said no, she wasn't going to kick her own daughter out of bed. I said it was fine and I knew how she was feeling, but she kept telling me she would get over it. I waited a few seconds before I asked her if it would make her more comfortable if I did it too. She asked me if I was being serious, and I told her I was, we are both grown women, we both masturbate and there's no reason to be ashamed of it. It took a little prodding but she eventually gave in, as long as the lights stayed off. I agreed and we both stripped off our pajamas and tossed them over by our bags and laid back down, completely naked. I didn't think about how I was going to get dressed again in the dark after that, I was just thinking about the orgasm I was about to have. I just laid there for a minute brushing my clit before I asked her if she was doing it, and she exhaled and let out a soft 'yeah'. This basically turned on the green light in my mind and I started rubbing myself harder, sliding a finger into myself, making it a real masturbation session. We were both breathing hard, wiggling around a little bit, and just letting our fingers control us. I wasn't going to hold out much longer, and when I came my legs spread apart and stiffened up, my bare foot pressing up against hers, but I couldn't help it. When I could finally relax I scooted over and let her finish, and about 5 minutes later her back arched and she let out a few soft moans before she laid back down and caught her breath. I just laid there with my hands and ankles crossed for a minute until I asked her if she felt better now, and she said she did, much better. She then pulled up the covers and rolled over, still naked. I didn't want to get up and crawl around trying to find my clothes, so I figured I would sleep naked along with her, something I don't really do, but I know she is a fan of. The next thing I knew it was morning and she was still sound asleep, and we were very naked. I laid there for a minute before I nudged her shoulder until she woke up and I told her I was going to jump in the shower, then slipped out from under the covers, one hand covering my breasts and the other covering my vagina. I tiptoed over to get some clothes and walked over to the bathroom, my naked back and butt in plain view. When I came out she was dressed and told me she called the electric company and the power was back on, so we packed up and left for home. On the way back and told me that she wanted me to know that us masturbating together like that was just a one time thing, but that she also wanted to thank me for knowing she needed it. I understood and told her I knew how she felt, and I didn't want her to suffer just because I was there.

After we got back home we both went about our day, and nothing else was said about it. Since then we have not masturbated together again; she does it in her room and I do it in mine. It was just a time when we both needed to masturbate and took care of our urges, side by side.



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