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My Mom and I Part 2

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What happened next.


Thank you all, for the great response to my story about my Mom, and her adventure with my Rabbit Pearl. Let's continue from where I left off.

Floating back down to earth, My Mom and I were silent for a few minutes. I thought I might be embarrassed, but I was surprisingly not self concious at all about the fact that I had masturbated wildly in front of my Mother.

She looked at me, and with a grin said, 'You don't know how much I needed that. Ever since your Dad and I got divorced, I've been so horny, I almost feel like I've been jumping out of my skin!'

I was still in a wild mood, so I said, 'How about if we do a little shopping trip down to the Adult Toy store, and get you your very own Rabbit?'

I saw her eyes light up, and very soon we were browsing the wares. It was priceless to see my Mom's reaction, she'd never been in an Adult Toy store before. Glass dildos, butt plugs, anal love beads, all kinds of leather undergarments, a whole array of wild and sexy toys! I was starting to get turned on again, and we soon had a brand new Rabbit Pearl for my Mom. I could feel my pussy starting to simmer, and my nipples were getting stiff and tingly.

We got home, and with a grin, I asked Mom if she'd like to christen her new vibrator! My Mom said that before she did, could I shave her pussy? She said that seeing me all bare and smooth, had really turned her on, and she wanted to try a bare, smooth pussy region also. I took a pair of hair clipping shears, and started clipping at Mom's bush. She had kept it trimmed, so it wasn't too hard to reduce it to a well trimmed patch. I led Mom into the shower, and after applying shave gel, I carefully shaved my Mom's pubic region. I was starting to really heat up, as my Mom's pubic region was revealed little by little. Soon, her pussy was as bare and smooth as mine, and the sight of her bare, smooth pussy region in all its glory had me going. As we towelled off, I could feel my pussy aching, I was drenched, I could smell my own arousal.

Back in the bedroom, after unwrapping her Rabbit and placing it next to her, my Mom took the headboard, and propped herself up against it. I took my Rabbit, with another erotic jolt, I realized that my Mom's cream was smeared all along the length, and I was going to use it! I took the end, and propped myself up against the railing. Mom and I were directly opposite each other, we braced our feet on the bed, our legs spread apart, our toes almost touching. Seeing my Mom like that, legs spread wide, with her bare smooth pussy spread out for my eyes, like some beautiful flower, glistening and dewy wet with her desire, built my arousal up to a fever pitch. I wanted to just go crazy on my clit, but I wanted it to last more than a minute or two. With a smile of desire, I reached down, I could feel my nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened needing my touch. Both hands cupped my breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure to my hot center.

My Mom started stroking at her hard, straining nipples, I watched them grow longer as she lightly tweaked her stiff nipples. My Mom's breathing started to deepen, as she ran her hands down lower over her thighs, her hips, and belly.

My hands slid down, I ran my hands over my body, fully immersing myself in the joy of self love. My hands were everywhere, stroking my belly, hips and buttocks. My sex was aching for release, moist with the slickness of my juices, my scent reaching my nostrils and turning me on more.

I had to cum or go crazy, my Mom must have been in the same way, we both reached for our Rabbits. I placed my Rabbit right at my entrance, and pushed him in just a bit. My Mom did the same, and the buzzes of our toys filled the room, as we slid our toys up our soaking centers! My rabbit started to rotate inside me, the beads spinning, making me grunt with lust!

My Mom gasped with pleasure, as her Rabbit went to work, rotating and spinning inside her!

I was ready to explode, the idea that we were both pleasuring ourselves wantonly, in full view of each other, drove me toward orgasm! For the final push, we switched on the ears, and our throbbing clits got the stimulation they were craving! That did it, my body just started humping up and down, it was like I had no control!

I cried out 'Yes, oh fuck yes, I'm gonna cum fuck, I'm cumming, fuck, oh yes, YES!'

My voice rose to a scream, I screamed with pleasure, it felt like a supernova was going off inside of me, as I came in what felt like every part of my body!

I could hear my Mom cry out, 'Oh my God, I'm cumming yes, yes! YES!!'

My Mom let out a howl of pleasure, her body shuddering and spasming, as she gave voice to her orgasmic explosion!

I did not sleep a minute in the guest room that week, as my Mom had some catching up to do with self love, and wanted my help. If you would like to hear about our week, let me know!



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