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My Mom and I

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I discovered how much my Mom needed a vibrator.


Hello, I am a 28 year old woman, and I have been reading Solo Touch for several years now. I'd like to add my story, that happened this summer.

To start out, I'm from a small farm town in the Midwest. Growing up, I was taught how to masturbate by my childhood friend, we'll call her Helen. She had been doing it since she was taught by her older sister. We'd lie side by side, stroke ourselves, and enjoy the sight of each other getting off. One time, my Mom opened the door just as we were starting to stroke at our outer pussies. I had never gotten a 'bad girl' from my Mom about what I did in private, so we just stopped for a minute while Mom apologized for not knocking, told us that dinner would be ready in a half hour, and left, so we could continue. At the dinner table, my friend seemed a bit uncomfortable, but my Mom was very cool about it, and no big deal ever came about it. She didn't want to warp my mind with nonsense about masturbation being sinful, and let me know that she was glad that I had discovered masturbation, and how healthy, normal and enjoyable it is. After high school, my friend and I parted, since we were going to different colleges. I missed our fun times together, but that's life. I went to a large university, got my degree, and am living in a medium sized city in the west.

My masturbation habits went from fingers through my years with my friend, to a dildo and then a rabbit pearl vibrator. If you've never tried a rabbit, you should. Those rotating beads, and the clit tickler ears will make you cum like crazy!

I masturbate every night, it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable than using drugs to make you sleepy. After climax, I drift right off. On weekends, I usually masturbate two or three times a day.

My Mom, who is 49, came to visit me for two weeks during the summer. For 49, My Mom is amazing, she looks like she could be 20 years younger, and more than a few people have assumed we were sisters. If there's a fountain of youth somewhere, my Mom has found it.

She also keeps herself in good shape. I was pleased to learn that she had become very health concious, like myself, and I could have someone to go to the gym with me. At 5 feet 8 inches tall, and 135 pounds, my Mom has an awesome body. I'm an inch taller and 5 pounds heavier than my Mom, and am proud of the way I've been able to keep my shape as good as it was when I graduated high school ten years ago.

I picked her up at the airport, and insisted that she take my room, with the queen sized bed, I would sleep in the guest room with the double bed. I moved her into my room, and got a call from work! I was tempted to ignore it, but, being the person I am, I answered, and went into work. I left Mom alone, and fortunately, the work only lasted three hours. I made a mental note to NOT answer the phone anymore, and headed home. On the way home, I suddenly realized something. Since I masturbate every night, my rabbit is on top of the nightstand, right next to my bedside lamp! Even though my Mom was cool about masturbation, I didn't want her seeing her daughter's favorite sex toy on display!

Pulling up at home, I went in, and Mom was not downstairs. I headed upstairs, and heard muffled grunts and a buzzing sound coming from my room. Oh, she had found my toy, and was using it! I had to look, I opened the door a bit, and peeked in. My Mom was stretched out on the bed, completely naked, her legs spread wide, my rabbit vibrator teasing the outside of her labia, rimming her vaginal lips, drawing a grunt of pleasure from her! She did this over and over, her nipples were enormous and stuck out stiff and hard, like the pink pencil erasers I used in school. She got up on her knees, bunched the pillows underneath her, propped my rabbit up, and pushed him just inside her creamy center. Mom was free to bring her hands up, she cupped her breasts, her fingers stroking and lightly tweaking at her hard, aching nipples. Her moans of pleasure as she did this were driving me wild, my panties were soaked! As Mom continues to caress her body, she pushed down slowly on the rabbit, impaling herself inch by inch. Finally, with a grunt, she took in the last bit, and my entire rabbit was stuffed snugly up her!

Watching my Mom do herself that close to me, I couldn't stand it! I stripped naked, and entered the bedroom. My Mom was surprised to see me, but I encouraged her, egging her on!

'Yeah Mom, go for it! Fuck yourself with my vibrator! Watch me, and do it!' I hissed.

At the side of the bed, my Mom no more than two feet away, I pulled up the rocking chair that is at my bedside. Just before I sat down, I took the remote control! I sat down, and draped my legs over the chair arms! The knowledge that I was about to masturbate in front of my Mom was almost too much! I reached down, Mom's eyes grew wide when she saw my bald pubic region! Recovering from the surprise. Mom started to hump at the rabbit, the spinning pearls going. I parted my lips, and dipped my fingers into my wetness. Spreading it over my labia lips, I started to stroke at my clit hood, I couldn't believe the intensity of the feeling! I knew I wouldn't last long, so, with a smile of desire, I switched on the ears!

Mom let out a gasp, and she started using very unladylike language!

'Fuck, oh yes, fuck me, damn, I can't beleive how fucking great it feels, make me cum, make me cum!!, she cried.

My Mom started to twitch wildly, her whole body spasming! Shaking amd shuddering, she let out a shriek as she came!

Watching my Mom explode just shoved me to a wrenching climax, my cries of orgasm joined hers, as my pussy exploded! She collapsed on her back on the bed, spent, while my satisfied body just went limp in the rocker.

Let me know if you would like to hear what happens next.



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