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My Messy Accident

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I read a story posted here yesterday where the poster came accidently in his living room when he hadn't intended to, and that reminded me of my accident in 7th grade. Here is my story.


Seventh grade was a time of learning and discovery, not all academic. I was in the midst of puberty, and horny as Hell most of the time. Not having had much in the way of sex education, I didn't know if other boys engaged in my favorite recreation: Masturbation. The thought of them laying in bed pleasuring themselves like I did to myself was a huge turn-on for me, and the subject of most of my masturbation fantasies. I would sit in class and look at other boys and wonder if they did it, how they did it, if it felt as good to them as it did to me, etc. I'd get hard, and by the time the day ended and I could run for home I was ready to shoot without hardly touching myself.
One day I was over at my good friend's house for the afternoon. He was the one I fantasized about the most. Something about him made me convinced he did it, too, and I could hardly contain my curiosity. Just looking at his slim, smooth body got me hard. This day he got up from what we were doing in his room and announced he would grab us a snack from the kitchen, and left. I realized my opportunity to look for evidence of him masturbating, so I started looking around. First I went to his messy bed (my mother forced me to make mine every morning, but he didn't), and lo and behold, I could see crusty stains on his sheet right about crotch level, and on his pillow. I was immediately excited, and kept looking. Next I looked in his bedside table, and there was a box of tissues, which I realized could be handy. Then I looked in his wastepaper basket, and found the mother load. It was half full of crumpled tissues, and when I took some out, I could tell what they had been used for. They were all crusty with spent semen! One, though, was still wet. I sniffed it and found the unmistakable smell of fresh semen (I sniffed my own all the time). He obviously had done it before I came over that afternoon! By the time he came back, I was about to cream in my pants, I was so excited.
I went home and masturbated several times that night in my excitement about knowing he did what I did.
The next day in school I kept thinking about it, and was hard most of the day. Our next to last class of the day was history, and pretty boring. I sat near the back of the room, and my friend sat farther up, to the side, so I could look at him while thinking about what I had found the day before. I couldn't help it. I got more and more aroused, till my penis was screaming for attention. I gave in to the temptation and touched it lightly, and it exploded, spewing cum into my underwear for one of the strongest and best orgasms I'd ever had. I was totally spent, and felt very good, but I soon realized I had a problem. I had pants full of cum, and I knew I would soon get a wet stain in my crotch. When the bell rang I dashed out to the bathroom, holding my books in front of me. I got to a stall and pulled my pants down and wiped up the sticky mess as best I could, but I was stuck with the wet stain on the front of my pants.
Then I got an idea. I went out to a sink, and some of my classmates were standing around, so I put my finger under the faucet and sprayed them. I didn't get much water on them, but was careful to get plenty on me, so the earlier stain was hidden by the water stain. A short water fight ensued, and I accomplished my goal of hiding the evidence. Still, though, I was wet, cold, and sticky down there, and the next hour of school was uncomfortable.
I learned my lesson about losing it in school! Despite temptation, I held off until I got home from then on.



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